There are few, but not impossible, job possibilities for kids. 

Certain States and countries may have a greater minimum employment age than another.

There are a few exceptions, though, and there are alternative ways to earn some extra money aside from the typical job market.

Do you need some insight on the Best jobs for 10-year-olds to make money? This article enriches the best jobs  kids can do to earn both offline and online. Let's go 

Plant and animal sitter.

Does your 10-year-old already provide exceptional care for the household pets and the indoor and outdoor plants?

If so, they might be ideal for caring for pets and plants.

Your child can offer to feed the animals and water the plants when the neighbors are away on vacation or business.

Keep in mind to have them put on fees for services like pet grooming and walking animals.

Start a nursery for plants.

A 10-year-old could run a "plant daycare," but it would be too much labor for them to put up a dog or cat kennel.

Many people would be prepared to leave their home plants with your child, much like they drop off pets to be cared for while they are gone. People who are occasionally apprehensive about having strangers in their homes will find this work concept particularly appealing.

Additionally, since 10-year-olds sometimes have restricted transportation, it is simpler for the plants to come to them.

Lawn work

Many people are uncomfortable letting a 10-year-old mow the lawn for safety reasons.

However, they will gladly pay them to rake leaves, pick up dog waste, and pull weeds.

For tasks like moving a wheelbarrow, trimming a hedge, and digging holes for new plants, some people will even pay gardening assistance.

A lawn care company is a terrific way to get kids outside and put in a little sweat equity.

Thorough cleaning

When was the last time you gave the inside of your refrigerator a good cleaning?

What about the cabinet where your pots and pans are kept? Since you became a mom, has the pantry seen a dishrag?

Give your ten-year-old a sponge and the assignment to clean that forgotten area if they need extra help around the house.

A local gardener

Community gardens are located in some neighborhoods. 

See if your 10-year-old can assist. Maybe they're seeking for helpers to water or weed the garden.

 It's a wonderful chance to learn about plants and how to take care of them and also earn some money. 

Tech assistance

Many older people find today's technology confusing. As a result, companies squander a lot of money on high-priced IT expenses for straightforward issues that a 10-year-old on average could resolve in 30 minutes.

Let your 10-year-old put their years spent in front of a screen to good use by providing straightforward tech help.

Common issues include smartphone issues, Netflix not working on the TV, and printers not communicating with computers.

A 10-year-old who is digitally savvy may swiftly assist with app installation and setup, provide basic social media guidance, and teach baby boomers how to find their favorite podcasts.


Many times, older people miss hearing stories.

There are podcasts and audiobooks, sure, but they just can't compare to human interaction.

If your child enjoys reading, consider placing an ad as a reader at a nearby retirement community or assisted care facility.

While giving the 10-year-old some money and a sense of accomplishment, it will make an older person happy.

If you're lucky, some of their clients might end up telling your youngster some of their own stories.

Distribute flyers or samples

Many local company owners want assistance when handing out promotional brochures or product samples.

Find out if there are any future job fairs or business seminars in your region by contacting the local chamber of commerce.

wash the vehicle (s)

It can take a lot of work to wash the family car(s) both inside and out. 

Talk with the 10-year-old first about what has to be done, how it should be done, and how much you are willing to pay.

Inform them that putting sponges or rags on the ground may attract grit, which will harm the paint.

The first time they try it, you might even need to do the task alongside them. However, they'll soon be able to handle it expertly.

Work on household chores and errands in the area.

Children who are old enough to assist with household chores and yard maintenance can receive payment.

Families can, for instance, put a monetary value on chores like cleaning the house, vacuuming, folding laundry, and picking weeds.

Ask your friends and neighbors if they know of any possibilities to watch children, wash pets, and other things.

Sell yours  items locally or online

Unwanted furniture, books, toys, clothes, and other items can all be quickly sold for cash.

 Kids can plan a garage or yard sale or sell goods online or through apps.

 Children 10 years old and older can use OfferUp with parental supervision.

Kids who enjoy being creative can also sell their artwork, jewelry, T-shirts, and other crafts online. 

Lemonade stand

Lacking any goods to sell? Set up a traditional lemonade stand (most states require a permit, so check local laws first).

 Educate people on a talent

Share your interests and skills with others so they can learn them.

 For instance, you may conduct a coding class or teach music, food, or art.


Advantage of kids having jobs

Some of the benefits of kids having jobs include:

  • Building a life's worth of savings: For the year 2021, minors may contribute up to $6,000 of their earnings to a retirement account, such as a Roth IRA.

 That makes it possible for kids to begin investing and begin saving for their retirement early enough. 

  • Increases tenacity:

 Kids who work may also learn that work is a time exchange and that businesses and occupations can be difficult.

Young people have the opportunity to learn grit and endurance when they are presented with challenging circumstances, like losing a client or getting fired.

  • Gain assurance:

Aside from making new friends, gaining independence and self-assurance, and having fun, taking a job gives kids other key advantages. 

Kids and  teenagers can manage their own finances through work by determining whether to save, spend, or give their earnings.

  • It's helps kid grow responsible


How much should a 10 years be paid for a job

The amount that 10-year-olds should be paid for their job is not predetermined. Instead, the choice of how much to pay their child for a given work rests with the parent or guardian.

When determining wages, it's important to take into account the task's difficulty, how long it will take to accomplish, and the child's level of experience.

In general, 10-year-olds should be paid less than an adult would, but still enough so that they find the experience of working rewarding.


Should kids with jobs open bank accounts?

Children can be given control over a bank or savings account that parents can open for them. 

Teenagers ages 13 to 17 are often eligible for kid checking accounts, while minors under 17 are eligible for kid savings accounts. 

Try a debit card for kids if you want your child to learn how to manage their savings and expenditures.

 Young workers can deposit funds, set savings objectives, and spend some of their hard-earned money on online or in-store purchases using a debit card for kids.


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