You need a cosy pair of underwear if you want a restful night of unbroken sleep. You feel uncomfortable if they are extremely tight or loose, which keeps you up at night. Therefore, you should spend money on the best underwear for sleeping, explicitly designed to keep you dry and comfy.

For great hygiene, these underwear contain lightweight materials like cotton or a nylon blend to reduce chafing. Textiles also reduce irritability and stop the spread of illnesses. A second skin-like pair of seamless pants is always an option.

Additionally, these underwear promote vaginal wellness. Finding the ideal one can be difficult because there are so many different colours, sizes, and patterns on the market.

The Best Underwear For Sleeping Is…

The ideal clothing for sleeping is generally regarded as boy shorts and soft underwear. It is preferable to use underwear made of moisture-wicking material, which absorbs sweat, improves comfort, and reduces irritations. Such underwears are excellent for sleeping since they are soothing on the skin, can prevent infections, and can lower the risk of allergies.

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1. Fruit Of The Loom’s Beyond Soft Women’s Underwear

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 1
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 10

These Fruit Of The Loom pants, which live up to their promise of being beyond soft, are daily necessities. The underwear is soft and lays flat against the skin. It is made of cotton and polyester, two materials that are both incredibly calming and lightweight.

The washing process doesn't cause any shrinkage or colour fading, though. This underwear will last you for a very long time and won't leave any panty lines thanks to its sturdy and long-lasting fabric and all-cotton lining.


1. It fits well

2. Full protection

3. Not ridden up

4. Hardly any stitching

5. Convenient waistband


1. maybe slight crotch bagginess

2. UMMISS Women’s Underwear

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 2
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 11

These high-waist briefs are the epitome of convenience and fashion. These women's underwear is stretchy and fits exactly around the waist because they are made with a cotton and spandex blend.

They not only act as muffin top control belly tuckers, but they also have a double-layer cotton crotch that makes it simpler to put on sanitary pads.

Wearing the garment all night is possible thanks to the fabric's adequate breathability. These carefully woven panties are perfect for postpartum mothers as well as anyone who have hip issues.


1. The cloth is soft and stretchy.

2. Does not slide down and has a nice appearance.

3. Commodious elastic fastening


1. possibly not accurate to size

3. EVARI Women’s Boyshort Panties

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 3
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 12

These boyshorts from EVARI are a great option for nightwear because it's hard to find the perfect cotton pants that feel comfy and make bedtime a breeze. These underwear are incredibly cosy thanks to a blend of elastane and breathable cotton.

The fabric is extremely permeable and the elastic waistband maintains its tight fit without constricting your skin. The shorts' hypoallergenic construction and lack of front or back seams and stitching are yet another plus.


1. Smooth and ethereal

2. There are no panty lines.

3. No intrusive tags

4. No seams or stitches


1. Some people might find the legs to be a little short.

4. LALESTE Seamless Underwear

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 4
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 13

The focus of this premium underwear is on comfort and style. They are perfect for extended periods because they are made of nylon and spandex. The underwear is made without seams and is incredibly smooth and silky. They not only calm your body down but also help with skin allergies. The full-coverage underwear boasts fantastic moisture-wicking capabilities. The underwear is more comfortable due to the double-wide waistband.


1. A large leg opening

2. Deodorant technology introduced

3. Absorbing undergarments

4. No bunching or rolling


1. Possibly a little less breathable

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5. Molasus Cotton Boxer Shorts

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 5
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 14

This underwear is made with superior cotton and spandex and is ideal for preventing skin irritation. It is constructed of stretchy material that is kind to the body and improves the quality of your sleep. Because there are no reinforced seams, abrasion and panty lines are prevented.

The underwear has a superb elastic closure that ensures a snug fit. The fabric is hypoallergenic and sweat-wicking. The underwear's gusseted crotch makes it perfect for loosening up your movements and relaxing your body.


1. Do not roll up

2. Unisex style

3. Tight waistband

4. Ecologically sound and sustainable


1. Possibly a little snug around the thighs

6. Wealurre Seamless Underwear

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 6
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 15

These underwear are smooth and extremely light thanks to their ultra-thin nylon construction. These seamless bikini bottoms are very gentle on the skin and stretchable. These pants fit you perfectly and enhance your form.

The likelihood of skin irritation is decreased thanks to the superior cotton lining. The wide, permeable crotch provides additional security and improves your sleep. These underwear are excellent for sleeping, exercising, and relaxing all together.


1. Soft as silk

2. Full-coverage

3. Not a roll-down

4. Crotch with two layers


1. Looser-than-normal leg holes

7. Reebok Women’s Seamless Boyshort Panties

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 7
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 16

This pair from Reebok is the best option if you're looking for stylish and protective underwear. The panties' nylon-spandex blend fabric has good stretchability, and their seamless construction and premium materials make them feel smooth against the skin. The non-irritating pair, which comes in a variety of colours and patterns, is the ideal addition to your everyday necessities.


1. Tag-free

2. Simple to clean

3. Decreases ride up

4. Stops chafing

5. Commodious hipster style


1. A little pricey

8. Wirarpa High-waisted Underwear

8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 8
8 Best Sleeping Underwear 2022 (Women) 17

It is such a comfort to put on a pair of soft, flexible underwear. These underwear are a terrific option if you want the utmost comfort that calms your senses and unwinds your body. The waistline is reinforced by a double layer of cloth, which also resists rolling or bunching.

This high-rise underwear is perfect for providing stomach support, which also aids in preventing muffin tops. These pants, which are made of cotton and spandex, are incredibly breathable and aid in wicking away sweat. They are especially appropriate for bedtime because of their unbelievable comfort.


1. Not a ride-up

2. Soft as butter fabric

3. Crotch with two layers

4. Absolutely snug

5. No binding or sagging

6. Provides security at night


1. Leg openings may be a little loose for some people.

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However, the dampness is kept near to your genitals when you are wearing underwear. This enables the growth of bacteria and yeast, which can result in infections and other issues. Going naked before the night could be a fantastic and healthy decision if you frequently get yeast infections, vaginal infections, or vaginal irritation.

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