Craving a sun-kissed glow? The high-tech self-tanners make tanned people more attractive and healthier looking. However, whether it provides a long life is still a mystery for most individuals.

According to a recent report of World Health Statistics, women are expected to live an average of five years longer than men with the best tanning solutions products. The data also portrays that the global average difference between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is around 9 years.

Is Tanning Safe?

Various studies have linked overexposure to UV light with skin cancer, particularly from tanning beds. However, controlling people’s desire for bronze has proved difficult a few years back.

However, the advent of self-tanning solutions gave people a safe, fast, and relatively inexpensive way to get tan year-round.

As for sun protection, 80% of women said that they were very careful to protect their skin from sun exposure compared with 20% of men. In addition, more women than men said that they purchase quality self-tanning products from the leading tanning products suppliers. In addition, they also use sunscreen and try various home remedies to safeguard their self-tanned skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Women try to stay in the shade when outside for a long period; it reduces the risk of various skin problems and other harmful, life-threatening diseases. However, in men, there is a higher risk of harmful skin diseases.

Effect of Sunless Tanning Solutions

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Unlike sun-tanning, you don’t have to depend on the weather or spend various days or hours in a tanning booth. Sunless tanning solutions provide comprehensive control when it comes to the shade that you prefer. The foremost benefit of using the best sunless tanning solutions products is that they are safe to be used.

To get effective results, it’s better to expose your body to the sun but ensure that you don’t exceed the sun exposure limit. After all, overexposing your skin to the harmful rays of the sun leads to various side effects, including sunburn, dry skin, patches, and pimples. Moreover, in some cases, women have also reported daytime sleepiness, mild nausea, and fatigue.

For instance, Nasal tanning spray contains a peptide called Melanotan that helps stimulate natural melanin production in the skin. Nevertheless, even with the fairest skin, you will be able to get your desired tan with a hassle-free procedure.

Effective Ways to Prolong your Tan

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Here are certain things you can do to keep your new glow from fading:-

  1. Keeps yourself hydrated: Drinking a lot of water prolongs the life of your cells. Doesn’t matter whether you’re drinking hot or cold water; it works wonders for your skin, hair, and nails. In addition, it will also flush out the toxins and help your skin glow.
  2. Avoid swimming in hot water: You may enjoy a hot shower, baths, and hot tubs, but your

sunless tanners won’t. Hot water can dry out and shed your skin. Therefore, it’s better to avoid unnecessary shedding and flaking by avoiding swimming in hot water.

  1. Moisturize before applying self-tanner: Exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells before applying the best tanning solutions products. It smooth’s your skin and creates an even surface for self-tanners. However, you should avoid moisturizers with concentrated oil like coconut oil.
  2. Use dark clothing: Pastel blues and pinks help complement the warm hues in your skin. It will give your tan a perfect boost. However, if you have olive skin with dark hair, wearing black clothes can help you bring out your golden and glamorous stones.

Choosing the Right Tanning Products Suppliers

If you want to make your tan stay longer without any major side effects, it’s important to purchase quality tanning products from the right tanning products suppliers. Here we’re rolling up the top factors you should consider:-

  1. From how long they are dealing in this business?
  2. Go through the reviews of their previous clients to ensure you’re choosing a genuine dealer.
  3. Check out whether they are licensed or not.
  4. Avoid self-tanners made from too many chemicals as they might destroy your skin in the long run.
  5. Choose a self-tanning product that matches your skin tone blend well.

The Bottom Line

Tanning in the sun or using a tanning bed takes a major toll on your skin. However, sunless tanning is the healthiest alternative for your skin. When you choose your self-tanning products from the top tanning products suppliers, you will be able to get your desired tan without any side effects.


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