To recover faster after a C-section involves enduring some pain and ignoring some long-standing advice as given by some people – doctors and relatives – to help you deal with the recovery phase of a C-section.

Thee days, it is quite common to want to get up and get on with our daily lives after an ordeal, especially now that one has to put in hours of work to make ends meet. Therefore, you may be willing to recover faster after a C-section so as to make ends meet. Whatever your reason might be, care must be taken in this endeavor.

In this article, you will get to know what to do to help you recover faster after a C-section. You might be yet to undergo the surgery but are considering it, you will know what it entails and what you need to do after the surgery for your baby’s and your good.

What is C-section?

Naturally, a child is brought into this world through the vagina; this type of birth is called a Vagina birth. However, the assisted type of birth that involves undergoing surgical procedures is called Cesarean Section, C-Section for short.

C-section is the type of delivery that involves surgical procedure such that incision is made in the lower abdomen and uterus to deliver a child in accordance to the mother’s choice, medical condition or other complications attached to child delivery.

C-section is a major surgery and one of the most popular surgical operations in hospitals across the world. It is done due to some reasons, some of them are highlighted below.

Why C-section?

C-section being an alternative way for birthing children, it is employed by mother, sometimes on the advice of a doctor or by choice. Here are some of the reasons why mothers-to-be consider having their babies through a cesarean section

  1. Choice

Some women have no desire to go through the pains of labor. They are scared of the uncertainty and complications that may arise from delivering their child through the vagina. They, therefore, opt for C-section.

  1. Stalled labor

When labor has been going on for a long time and it is not progressing, the doctor might resort to carrying out an operation, with the consent of the appropriate individuals. A stalled labor may be shown in the consistent contraction but cervix not opening as wide as it should.

  1. Concern for baby

The baby’s vitals are usually monitored when its time for them to be delivered. If the health care provider notices a change in your baby’s heartbeat that may signal a cause for alarm, he or she might opt for a C-section as an option.

  1. Placenta problem

If there is Placenta previa, a C-section has to be done.

  1. Health concern

The health of the mother pertaining to her cardiovascular or mental system is usually the decider in this case. If it is noticed to be fragile for the stress of vaginal birth, a C-section is done.

  1. Obstruction

Any form of obstruction that may make the passage of your baby through the birth canal more difficult than it should would prompt a call for C-section. Obstructions such as hydrocephalus – a condition where your baby has an unusually large head, fibroid, or pelvic fracture.

  1. Multiple births

  2. If you’re carrying more than one child in your uterus and the health care provider sees reason to opt for C-section.
  3. Previous C-section

If you had your previous baby through cesarean section, there is a likelihood you will birth the next through the same procedure.

What Happens After a C-section?

During the surgical procedure, the mother is prepared by administering anesthesia to kill the nerves in that area. This is why some mothers are awake during the procedure and feel nothing while it is going on. This also affords them the chance to carry their baby ones they are retrieved.

When the incision has been made in the lower abdomen, through the muscles and the uterus, the baby and the placenta is retrieved. The cut is stitched back in place and dressed. After this procedure, the mother is taken to a recovery room where he is allowed to rest and breastfeed her baby.

In this room, recovery begins with the body flushing out uterine tissue, blood, and mucus, just as it does after a vaginal birth. However, one thing that doesn’t happen after vaginal births that sure happens after a C-section is the C-section pain. It occurs after the anesthesia has worn off and it can be a real spoiler.

Effective Ways to Recover Faster After a C-section

After the C-section, recovery begins. Recovery in this case does not only mean waiting for your body to get back to its usual self, but also waiting for your cut to heal and allow your body regain its strength. There are so many things that could go wrong after a child delivery. With C-section, one of them is the infection of the cut. To hasten your recovery, avoid that.

Without further ado, here are some effective ways to recover faster after a C-section.

  1. Rest

The importance of rest after giving birth to a baby cannot be overstated. Your body has just done something amazing, grown another human. As it is said when someone has a vagina birth, sleep when your child sleeps. It will help you recover faster from the birth of your child.

Also, avoid any strenuous activities. You just had a major surgery, take things easy and don’t lift anything heavier than your baby. Stick to this instruction, and you’ll recover faster after a C-section.

  1. Gentle exercise

Although it is advised that you avoid anything strenuous, getting out of bed and walking leisurely around is okay. One of the ways to get over the tiredness that envelopes you while in bed is to get involved in little activities like walking. Do not try to do more than your body can, you’re still recovering, so keep it simple and light.

While engaging in little activities, you’re telling your body to hasten its healing process, and in response, it will recover faster after a C-section.

  1. Treat your wound well

One of the effective ways to recover faster after a C-section is to treat your wounds well. You do not want to remain in bed for long, therefore, don’t do anything that will make you remain there. One of the things that can slow down your recovery is infecting your cut. Avoid touching it unnecessarily, clean it regularly, and keep it covered.

The cut should heal between 7 to 10 days. If it doesn’t, call your doctor.

  1. Prevent Blood clots

There is a possibility that you might have blood clots, as it is a risk in many surgeries. You will be given injections at specific times for a week or more, depending on your chance of having blood clot.

You can administer the injection yourself or have a family member do it for you. If neither can, a health care provider can help. Failure to do this can cause setback in your quest to recover faster after a C-section.

  1. Eat Healthy

Your diet is an important factor in helping you recover faster after a C-section. You need foods that are low in carbs but high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This is because the invasive surgery will destabilize your bowel movement and to reset it, you need foods that are friendly to your digestive system and aid your healing at the same time.

  1. Keep Hydrated

The more water you drink, the more your body flushes out the unneeded materials. The first step to recovery is the flow of blood of blood, mucus and other materials out of your body. Once this begins, the body is notified of the absence of your baby in the body and the need to restore to normal.

Drink lots of water to make the flow easier and ease the C-section pain and afterpains. As an essential tip to recover faster after a C-section, drinking lots of water also improves your scar healing.

  1. Treat your Skin right

Your skin has been stretched, especially from the second trimester till the day you put to bed. One of the ways to recover faster after C-section is to help your skin bounce back. Although drinking water will do a lot of good, you can add topical ointments that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

These two nutrients will help nourish your skin by ridding it of toxins and improve the collagen and elastin it has. They will also help you erase stretch marks from your skin.


Giving birth to a child is a big deal, doing so through a major surgery – Cesarean section – is another big deal. It is important that you take your rest as needed after your surgery, and at the same time get involved in little activities. Avoid strenuous activities, drink lots of water and eat the right foods.

In no time, say in about 6 to 8 weeks, you will be as good as you once were, as long as you follows these tips to help you recover faster from a C-section.

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