A pregnancy test is always accurate as long as you follow the step by step guide. You may get positive test results correctly. Although, a negative result may become less suitable for you if you don't follow the correct instructions. The result may not be suitable for you if you: 
  • Take the test early
  • You don't follow the instructions.

Also, some drugs can affect the result.

How to Carry out a pregnancy test?

When you become fertile, your body system will start to produce more and more pregnancy hormones known as chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Home pregnancy tests detect a sudden increase of HCG in your urine. Source

As soon as you missed your period you can carry out the test. You should not carry out the test earlier on because you won't get it accurately.

Check the instruction to see if you can do it at any time of the day.

The best way to go about it is to do the test early in the morning that's when your urine we have the highest level of hormone. Anything apart from this may not be accurate.

Don't drink or take too much fluid before you perform the test because it will reduce the level of HCG in your urine.

Positive pregnancy test results

Get in touch with your obstetrics and gynecologist nursing or doctor as soon as you get a positive result. Your doctor may not repeat this because the home pregnancy test is always accurate.

If you want to find out when your baby is due, you can use our pregnancy due date calculator.

Negative pregnancy test results

You may not be pregnant if you get negative results. But, you cant rely on the outcome. For instance,  if you do the pregnancy test before you missed your first period you may be pregnant is just that there is not enough HCG in your body system to give a positive result

Pregnancy tests vary in their sensitivity (how soon they can detect HCG and what level of HCG needs to be present). You can find information on how sensitive your test is on the package you bought.

If you are in doubt about the negative result, what a few days and try again. Also, speak with the appropriate health care provider after you get a negative result the second time and you haven't seen your menstrual period.


Some medicines can cause you to get a positive result even if you are not pregnant. These include:

  • promethazine – to cure allergies conditions.
  • medicines used to treat Parkinson's disease
  • If you take anti-anxiety medicines like diazepam
  • antipsychotics medicines such as clozapine
  • diuretics (medicines that double the amount of urine your body released.) – used to treat heart failure,
  • anticonvulsants (medicines that prevent seizures or fits) – used to treat conditions such as epilepsy
  • medicines used for infertility

If you have taken any kind of drugs check the leaflet that comes with it and see if this can affect your pregnancy test results. You can also ask a pharmacist.

Early miscarriage

If your result is positive the first time you carried out the home pregnancy test and later on you start to see your menstrual period or you test the result again and is negative, it's possible you've had an early miscarriage. Speak to your Gynecologist or midwife for medical advice.

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