For many parents, the joy of raising a child is priceless, but in surrogacy, several professionals and services are required to make that happen. This causes many intended parents to ask, “How much does surrogacy cost?”

Several variables influence the overall cost of surrogacy. Intended parents must understand the numerous services necessary during the surrogacy process to have an accurate sense of total surrogacy expenses.

Overall surrogacy cost is usually determined by surrogacy expenses, which are variables and factors like the surrogacy’s program fee, surrogate compensation/reimbursement for expenses, and additional professional services, including medical costs.

Today, Bornfertilelady will help you find information on the many services involved in each of these divisions, how they may affect the overall cost of surrogacy, and the typical total surrogacy cost with some of the world's largest surrogacy agencies and specialists.

In this article, you will find additional details about each of these expenses, as well as the services you will receive in exchange, with our surrogacy cost breakdown.

Read on.


Breakdown of how much does surrogacy cost

how much does surrogacy cost - Bornfertilelady

Surrogacy prices may run anywhere from $80,000 to far over $200,000. If you're wondering, "That's a wide range! How can I learn how much it costs to get a surrogate baby? "You are not alone. 

To get an idea of how much does surrogacy cost, it's crucial to understand everything that goes into a surrogacy trip, so that the expenses represent all you'll need along your trip.

Surrogacy costs are classified into the following five categories;

  • Insurance: Insurance for surrogacy is an essential component of the surrogacy procedure. Prospective parents will need to have surrogate pregnancy insurance in place. Some surrogate insurance plans will cover surrogacy; nonetheless, prospective parents should consult with their attorneys to thoroughly analyze coverage. Surrogacy insurance covers 16 percent of your overall surrogacy expenditures.
  • Legal, screening, and surrogate support: These fees include your surrogate's legal counsel, along with all screening charges and ongoing assistance. These expenses account for around 14% of your overall surrogate expenditures.
  • Surrogate mother expenditures: The cost of your surrogate's basic salary, plus the extra perks and protection provided to her and her family, accounts for around 41 percent of your overall surrogacy costs.
  • Parental legal rights: These fees include the preparation of pre/post orders and the extra work required to have prospective parents identified on the baby's birth certificate. These legal fees account for 6% of your overall expenditures.
  • Agency fees: The agency cost varies from one agency to the next. Your agency fee includes the administration of your whole trip, as well as intended parent legal expenses and all medical billing and accounting charges. Your agency fee accounts for 23% of your overall surrogacy expenditures.

Frequently, these expenditures do not include IVF charges, which are paid directly to the fertility clinic.


How much does surrogacy cost?

how much does surrogacy cost - Bornfertilelady

How much does surrogacy cost is split down as follows;

  • Services for professionals: Social and legal work assistance are among the professional options available to your surrogate. Before even being approved for the surrogacy program, each surrogate candidate is meticulously scrutinized by experienced specialists at surrogacy agencies. Prospective parents will also cover the costs of independent legal advice and life insurance for their surrogates.
  • Other Surrogate Expenditures: Surrogate agencies gather an average price of expenditures for your travel, including compensation for unforeseen charges. These fees include both conventional surrogate expenses (such as travel and missed pay, a monthly stipend, maternity apparel, and so forth) and covering for unexpected expenses that may develop throughout the voyage.
  • Base compensation: A surrogate mother's basic pay is between $30,000 and $40,000, depending on where the gestational carrier is situated, if she has insurance, and whether she is a seasoned surrogate (seasoned surrogate mothers usually have a larger base payment). In addition to her standard salary, surrogacy pay includes rewards and perks for hitting particular milestones, traveling, and other activities during her trip.

Every surrogacy situation is unique, and several elements might influence the final costs and pricing. Surrogacy costs may vary from 90,000-130,000 dollars on average, depending on the circumstances. 

Surrogates are in great demand in regions like California, hence the fee may be somewhat higher. Legal criteria and the pricing of additional services may also differ from one state to the next. 

Surrogacy costs do not differ much across big urban areas such as Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

In other places, depending on several factors, including the surrogate’s experience and circumstances and the course of her pregnancy, the total average cost of surrogacy typically starts at around $95,000 (depending on the area you are in and the medium you use to obtain the surrogacy), not including medical costs. 

While the cost of surrogacy can be high, there are several financing and fundraising options available to hopeful intended parents.


A word from Bornfertilelady

When discussing your surrogacy expenses with your surrogacy expert, keep an eye out for cheap estimations, recurring fees, hidden expenditures, and reduced services. 

These are warning signals, and prospective parents should carefully research agencies and choose one that is honest about their surrogacy charges and services.

As you've seen, predicting varied surrogacy prices and providing an average total surrogacy cost may be challenging. 

Surrogacy rates and professional quotations are not always obvious, and it is critical that you thoroughly grasp a professional's price structure and services before agreeing to work with them. 

With diligent investigation, you might locate a surrogacy specialist who is financially suitable for you.

All right, guys, that is it for now for how much does surrogacy cost? I hope Bornfertilelady answered any questions you had concerning how much does surrogacy cost.

You can always check our FAQs section below to know more about how much does surrogacy cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions on how much does surrogacy cost

Why does surrogacy cost so much?

Many specialists with expertise in surrogacy and egg donation are involved in the surrogacy journey, including an understanding of surrogacy legislation and agreements, as well as the IVF procedure. 

Because the surrogacy procedure may be complicated, intending parents should have a strong team of specialists guiding them through the process. 

Prospective parents will pay for the expertise of specialists or agencies in this ever-changing area. All of these affect surrogacy expenses, making it expensive.


What does the agency fee for surrogacy cover?

If you use a surrogate agency, you must pay a surrogate agency charge. Many components of your surrogate journey are covered by the agency charge, including:

  • Account management you can trust
  • Insurance
  • Screening and matching with a surrogate mother or gestational carrier, as well as an egg donor
  • Legal assistance
  • Management of the complete travel, from beginning to end 
  • Journey assistance

Managing a surrogacy process and all of the moving elements may be time-demanding, which is why so many prospective parents choose and pay a surrogacy organization to manage all of the logistics.


Can I make surrogacy less expensive by doing it independently without using a surrogacy agency?

Intended Parents who are asking how to finance surrogacy and want to save money on surrogacy may choose to go on an independent surrogacy adventure, in which case they will have to be responsible for choosing their surrogate mother, organizing the surrogacy procedure, and their trip, working with local monitoring clinics and IVF clinics, as well as finding their attorneys to manage legal surrogacy agreements.

Please keep in mind that taking an autonomous path does not always imply a cost reduction, and most times it doesn’t end well for both parties involved, either due to a disagreement or unprofessionalism of the surrogate mother.

But if you use a reputable and good surrogacy agency, all that is avoided, as they have already established the grounds rules, and professionals who are trained well are only used for surrogacy contracts.


How can I reduce the overall surrogacy cost?

While you are unlikely to discover big savings on surrogacy, certain strategies exist to make your surrogacy journey less expensive. First, consult with many fertility clinics. 

Working with a good surrogacy agency will provide you accessibility to a special, bargained cost, but each clinic is unique and offers a range of services. 

Finding the most affordable alternative with the best reproductive services for you might result in considerable savings. Second, check whether a family member or friend is willing to serve as your surrogate.


Will my insurance plan cover any surrogacy agreement or contract I have made?

Surrogacy may be reimbursed by your surrogacy mother's health insurance in certain cases. Good surrogacy agencies are meticulous in screening for and approving individuals whose maternity insurance would cover a surrogate pregnancy in full. 

When surrogates are underinsured, surrogacy agencies may arrange for top-notch, surrogacy-specific health insurance for your surrogate. 

In other words, the surrogate agency you work with will make certain that your whole surrogacy adventure is financially secure and covered by high-quality health insurance.


How much does surrogacy cost if you use someone you know or a friend?

Surrogacy fees may be lower if a member of the family or acquaintance is used.


Can surrogacy be done for free?

Some intended parents locate a friend or family member to serve as their surrogate for free, but there are costs connected with the experts involved and the procedure itself.


How much does the gestational carrier or surrogate mother get paid?

Surrogates are given a basic salary of $35,000-$45,000, with extra pay and perks totaling $55,000-$65,000+.


How long does the whole surrogacy process take?

The duration of the procedure is determined by various variables, including the time it takes to find a surrogate and whether or not the intended parents already have embryos.


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