As a brand that would alter the rules of the game and the way men (or people) perceive and speak about underwear, BN3TH began as a business philosophy.

Previously known as MyPakage, It contemplated the future of the business and asked what brand name would best capture the essence of the company's culture and that of its clients while also being true to themselves as individuals.

A moniker that made it possible for them to share tales of ordinary individuals who go above and beyond every day.

Founder Of  BN3TH (My Package Company)

The business, which has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, was started more than seven years ago by Dustin Bigney and Dez Price as MyPakage.

It is now available online and in many of the continents' largest stores, including North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

What Does BN3TH Stand For

BN3TH encourages you to live life to the fullest by celebrating it.

How should BN3TH be pronounced?

The correct spelling is BN3TH, which sounds like "beneath" or "bee-neath," or "bnTH."

Is BN3TH A Reliable Brand?

They keep providing high-calibre goods that stand up to their reputation. Although BN3TH is known for its boxer briefs, the company also sells a wide range of other kinds of men's underwear.

To allow you to move with complete confidence, every product has been thoughtfully developed with comfort, support, and breathability.

What Others Say


The biggest surprise was these. I didn't think these could possibly work. They function because the design is so straightforward. Your lads should enter between the two obstacles 

when you have placed them on. Even though there is plenty of space for them to hang out, everyone remains in line and nothing attaches to your leg thanks to the barricades.

Instead of using a hole or flap in front, I like to pull everything over the top when I have to go. They are really effective in that way. And when you put your trash back, it fits perfectly in its original location.

There are no openings to put your shaft through, so your trash hangs out like it would in the wild. The most comfortable ones for sleeping are these.

Everyone is kept in line by the barriers without rubbing or binding. Morning wood happens without any pain. When worn, these appear to be regular boxer briefs. My fave, and I'll be purchasing more. They are pricey, therefore I'm deducting one star. 4 stars.


Sincerely, I believed that these would be the ones. Although they have a good idea, there just isn't enough space for everyone to hang out. The pouch is simply inadequate.

The twins are able to roam freely because the bag is too small for them. Little to no ball control is present. They are really unpleasant because the bottom of the pouch rides up on your sack and/or shaft.

These can work for you if you have a smaller package. Don't try to sleep in these. Purchase a pair of standard boxer briefs if you must.

If they supplied greater bag sizes, they might be able to improve these, however, right now they do not work.


Really comfortable material. An adequate-sized pouch in front holds the product and fits around the legs well. You might not be able to fit it all in if you are on the larger side.

Some things have a tendency to fully retract, which is unpleasant and may be the effect of the keyhole being cut so low.

However, these look amazing, feel fantastic, and are in no way constrictive. Overall, I'm pleased with the purchase.

Just like Obviously did with their Anatomax brand, I wish they would create a line with larger pouches. I'll gradually replace the majority of my underpants with items like this.

Pouches are excellent at letting the boys breathe while keeping the rest of the garment snug enough around your thighs and butt to prevent them from riding up as regular boxers do.

Despite supporting everything, they seem nearly like nothing is even wearing them. I just got them, so I'll update you when wear and tear develops. I'll also have to wait and see if the pouch problem resolves itself over time.

WeekEND Boxer Brief Collection from MyPakage

My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 1
My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 6

These combine sophistication, sexiness, dressiness, comfort, and style. Because, hey, it is a WeekEnd boxer, after all, I debuted them on a Saturday.

I was rather busy running about all day, and after taking care of my family's needs, I had an hour and a half window to myself.

Running out the door, I completed a quick 10.5 miles with my dog, Moab. This was a really decent first test as I didn't bother putting on my expensive running shorts.

I'm not kidding when I say that I forgot what I was wearing. I'm running in Denver in the middle of January, and the weather is 55 degrees, sunny, and wind-free.

I remembered that I had worn these pairs as my baselayers as I jumped into the shower. Nothing should rub or chafe. Absolutely no bouncing. not a single thing!

Although they weren't designed for running, these WeekEND boxer briefs performed admirably.

WeekDAY Boxer Brief Collection by MyPakage

My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 2
My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 7

Out of this quad squad, the MyPakage WeekDAY is a fantastic all-around choice and will probably be my go-to selection. The comfort is outstanding in the first place.

A superb fit is made possible by Keyhole Comfort Technology. No matter what you're wearing—khakis, slacks, or jeans—you'll feel more confident and have an extra spring in your step.

There will be a few more of these in my collection for sure. Funny how I am now talking about my collection of underwear.

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MyPakage PRO Undergarment

My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 3
My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 8

For temperatures that drop below 30 degrees, the PRO Base Layer is ideal, especially when you take the wind chill produced by moving at a speed of 20 or more mph into account.

I am able to ride here along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado pretty much the entire winter.

Although there are a few days with snow and ice that impede that, a ride is typically an excellent alternative because our sunshine burns that off.

But the wind will blow regardless, and this PRO Base Layer did a superb job of keeping my legs toasty. They also offered a tiny bit of compression, which helped blood flow and ultimately improved my performance so that I could keep up with those quick young guns.

These have also been used with my wind and waterproof pants for skiing. My ski trousers are not insulated, so the PRO Base Layer provided the ideal amount of warmth to keep me cosy on Copper Mountain's extremely windy slopes.

WeekDAY Base Layer from MyPakage (Bootcut)

My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 4
My Package Underwear Reviews 2022 | What Others Say 9

This thinness makes for a fantastic complement to the form-fitting footwear. A precise glove-like...boot-like fit is made possible by the absence of an extra base layer.

An excellent day at Solitude Mountain was made possible by a business trip to Salt Lake City. Since there had been little snowfall recently, all of the groomers had been densely packed.

This entails numerous quick, sweeping turns that require me to really lean into my boots. This time, there were no sore shins, and it's the little things that count.

What materials are used in BN3TH underwear?

The fabric used to make MyPakage underwear is shrink-free, breathable, and moisture-absorbing. 

The majority of the models are made of 95% modal and 5% spandex. A form of rayon called modal is created by spinning regenerated cellulose, in this instance frequently derived from beech trees.

Fabrics are 100% Responsible Wool Standard. Hence, everything is sustainable and traceable.

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I'm not sure whether this has ever been said, but wearing this underwear genuinely makes you feel confident. The fit around the legs is extremely comfortable, to begin with. No matter what you are doing—running, doing yoga's downward dog, or just sitting at your desk at work—the fabric moves with you and doesn't ride up (at least not on me). Extra fabric and cotton that are pushed and pulled in all directions are no longer used.

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