Vitamma Prenatal Multi

Vitamma Prenatal Multi

Sure, you’d probably rather be shopping for shoes or a new purse, but prenatal vitamin shopping is life-altering. Your child needs you to choose the most comprehensive prenatal vitamin to take, even if it may cost as much as a pair of shoes each month. Yes, you may have to sacrifice a new pair of shoes every once in a while to make sure your baby gets adequate nutrition! To start with, Vitamma Prenatal Multi has nothing on the top rated prenatal vitamins. With only 13 vitamins and minerals, Vitamma Prenatal Multi looks like a boring cupcake with hardly any sprinkles. It’s simply not good judgement to take a prenatal vitamin that doesn’t give you anything of true value.

Vitamma Prenatal Multi Ingredients

Vitamin A (4000 IU), Vitamin C (1000 IU), Vitamin D3 (400 IU), Vitamin E (30 IU), Vitamin B1/Thiamin (1.8 mg), Vitamin B2/Riboflavin (1.7 mg), Vitamin B3/Niacin (20 mg), Vitamin B6 (2.6 mg), Folic Acid (800 mcg), Vitamin B12 (8 mcg), Calcium (200 mg), Iron (28 mg), Zinc (25 mg).

Essential Ingredients To Look For In A Prenatal Vitamin

What do you look for when you go shoe shopping? Is it the color or the heel? What about the size and comfort? You should have the same kind of formula when you are sifting through potential prenatal vitamins. Even though it’s not as fun, the process is very similar. Looking at the vitamins and minerals, you should keep your eye out for Calcium, Iron, and Folic Acid. If any one of these ingredients is missing, then it’s bye-bye prenatal vitamin. The next thing to find on the label of prenatal vitamin is high-quality ingredients. If you don’t see any CoQ10, Probiotics, DHA, Inositol, or Choline then this prenatal vitamin is not worth your time.

Essential Ingredients Found In Vitamma Prenatal Multi

Knowing that there are only 13 vitamins and minerals in Vitamma Prenatal Multi tells me that there aren’t going to be many essential ingredients. Just as I suspected, Vitamma Prenatal Multi is only equipped with some Folic Acid, Iron, and Calcium. It’s kind of a mystery as to why there is a statement saying that Vitamma Prenatal Multi contains fish ingredients when there is no DHA.

Essential Ingredients Not Found In Vitamma Prenatal Multi

Do you think you would buy those really adorable red stilettos if you found out how cheaply made they were? I doubt it. You don’t want to fall flat on your face the second day you wear them because one of the heels snaps off. The same thing goes for prenatal vitamins. In the case of Vitamma Prenatal Multi, it could be considered a cheaply made stiletto heel. Your baby won’t get enough nutrition, and you will encounter some major life-threatening problems if your diet isn’t complete either. So, what aren’t you getting if you take Vitamma Prenatal Multi? Probably some of the most important ingredients you need, really. There’s no CoQ10, Probiotics, DHA, Inositol, or Choline. As I said before, if these ingredients are missing, you should say goodbye to the prenatal vitamin.

Overall Rating of Vitamma Prenatal Multi

Since there is nothing going for Vitamma Prenatal Multi, you have to move on with your search. Vitamins and minerals are great, but your baby and you need more than that.

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