Finally, you're holding your new baby in your arms. You've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and you want to sing from the mountain peaks. You may also consider sending a birth announcement, which is a more traditional form of communication.

But the issue now is how to make a top-notch surrogate pregnancy announcement that will blow whoever hears or reads the announcement away.

You've seen surrogate pregnancy announcements before. They often include a photo of the new baby as well as pertinent "stats" (baby's weight, time of birth, length, and so on). Announcements may be digital, but they are commonly delivered on fine paper to friends and family through the good old-fashioned postal service.

Recently, an increasing number of intended parents have asked for advice on how to appropriately do a surrogate pregnancy announcement. Isn't it wonderful? We had a few ideas and wanted to share them with the rest of the world.


Top 7 Ways to make a Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement

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Many Intended Parents are eager to spread the news once they find out that their surrogate is pregnant and the baby is reportedly healthy, but breaking the news, especially to loved ones can be an equally exciting and terrifying experience.

Here are some ways to share that you're expecting through a surrogate mother or do a surrogate pregnancy announcement;

1. Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement Photos

Photo announcements are a popular method to express happy news. A picture is worth a thousand words, whether you're sending it in the mail or posting it on social media.

You may ask your gestational carrier to be in the picture if you have a solid connection with her and distance isn't a problem. If she agrees to appear in your picture announcement, there are numerous creative methods to convey the good news!

One suggestion is to take a photo with the Intended Parents in which the surrogate's baby belly is the center focus. A short note announcing your pregnancy is adequate, or you could let the image speak for itself.

Another option is to have the intended parents and surrogate stand near each other, each carrying a charming and witty placard that describes the arrangement. Some sign alternatives can be seen below;

surrogate pregnancy announcement - Bornfertilelady surrogate pregnancy announcement - Bornfertilelady

The picture announcement allows you to share your vital news uniquely and amusingly.

2. Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement Videos

Making a film montage of your experience so far is another visual option for announcing your surrogacy pregnancy. Ultrasounds, visits with your surrogate, and even a tour of the baby's nursery may all be included.

You may share merely a video of ultrasound for a simpler message, which many medical practitioners will share with intended parents.

Here is a link to a good Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement Video that you can watch and see how others did their own Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement Video;

3. Surrogacy pregnancy Announcement Reveal Party

You may also surprise a large group of friends and family members at once by throwing a party. Gather your unknowing loved ones for a casual get-together, then surprise them with the news, to make the occasion unforgettable.

If you enjoy the concept of an event but want to postpone it until later in the pregnancy, you may share the news with your surrogate baby shower guests.

4. Make use of a vintage news format for your Surrogacy Pregnancy Announcement

If you don't want to make a pictorial announcement, you could want to communicate your message in writing. Create a "newspaper" blurb to share your expanding family's news.

Newspaper announcements used to be the most popular means to spread the word about engagements, marriages, and births. There is a choice of fonts and layouts available to help you select the right design for your important announcement.

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5. Surrogacy Pregnancy Announcements Gifts

If your announcement falls near a gift-giving holiday like a birthday, you may capitalize on this chance by "gifting" it. A framed ultrasound is very appealing to expectant grandparents; adorable "auntie of the year" or "best uncle" presents may also be a nice surprise for those family members. You might add an emotional touch by having your surrogate write a letter to your family in which she discusses herself and your journey together.

6. Have an Intimate Sit-Down Discussion

Speaking with your loved ones in person is an excellent method to discuss all of the details of your surrogacy experience and answer any concerns they may have.

First, decide who you want to inform and make time to chat with them. Make sure the chat takes place somewhere comfortable for you, such as your house, a café, a park, or a favorite restaurant.

Making a casual one-on-one setting to deliver the news is a low-stress and private way to inform family and friends about your journey. When you share your journey with others you care about, you will be supported through the highs and lows till the ultimate delight of bringing home your infant.

7. Wait till after the baby is born.

Some families may opt to wait until after the baby is born to share the wonderful news.

There are several methods to highlight your adorable newborn and the sheer pleasure of motherhood. Whatever way you select, be sure to add a thank you to the surrogate who made the birth possible.

Always begin with a photograph of your darling infant. Some parents prefer to include information such as birth weight, length, and time of delivery. Others want personal messages and loving remarks about their baby's appearance.

Whatever you select, in conclusion, you may simply write a beautiful and short note about the surrogate to express your thanks. I have already given you ideas on how to do this earlier on in this article – Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement Section. You can check there to have an idea.

Examples include:

  • "This was made possible by our surrogate Jane Doe,"
  • "Both the baby and the surrogate are doing well," and "Special gratitude to our surrogate."

Alright, that is it. Find an idea that resonates with what you have in mind or works for you, and prepare to bask in the love and support of everyone with whom you share your joyful baby news!


Is including the surrogate mother necessary when making your surrogate pregnancy announcement?

surrogate pregnancy announcement - Bornfertilelady

Before we get carried away, we'd want to clarify that putting your gestational surrogate on your baby's birth announcement is not a "requirement." You've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and you are free to deliver the news any way you see appropriate. You should not feel obligated to include this.

We're sure you've shown your appreciation and respect for your surrogate in a variety of ways. So, if you like to maintain things more conventional in this area, that is OK! You should not feel bad about your choice.

If you want to put your surrogate's involvement "front and center," consider saying something like, "Our baby boy was delivered into our arms by our lovely surrogate, Jane Smith."

This removes any question about how much you value your surrogate and her role in assisting you in establishing a family.

Finally, there is no correct or incorrect way to mention your surrogate mother or gestational carrier (GC). We are certain that she will appreciate any gesture you choose. Because each match has a unique bond, let your prior encounters guide you.

A word of advice: If you are concerned about what your very traditional thorough Great-Uncle Patrick and  Great-Aunt Sally may ponder due to you including your surrogate in the birth announcement, I suggest selecting a design with a big photo of your kid. 

When there's a gorgeous new baby to look at, Great-Uncle Patrick and Great-Aunt Sally are unlikely to see the tiny print indicating your surrogate or that you got the baby through surrogacy. Dope, right?


Final words from Bornfertilelady

We hope you find the suggestions above useful and have fun crafting your birth announcement. We utilized paperless post designs, but Minted and Etsy are great sites to purchase for birth announcements.

Although certain parts of surrogacy vary from typical pregnancy, they both share the elation that comes with the announcement that you're pregnant. We hope these suggestions help you arrange your surrogacy announcement!

We aim to continue including ideas and examples of how to effectively present a top-notch surrogate pregnancy announcement and properly incorporate your surrogate in your baby shower invitation if you want to. Keep an eye on our blog and stay tuned.

All right, guys, that is it for now for the surrogate pregnancy announcements. I hope Bornfertilelady answered any questions you had concerning surrogate pregnancy announcements.

And always remember that Bornfertilelady is one of the best health sites out there that genuinely care for expecting parents – including intended parents and surrogate mothers (pregnant and delivered), and you can find valuable information on all things about surrogacy and prenatal care on this site.

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