Are you looking for the best deep fryer for making crispy donuts, crisp and golden fries to your liking or the frying recipes you will find in your favourite cookbook? Great developments appeared on the fryer market in 2020, transforming this device, deemed to be unhealthy, into a pleasure machine, capable of frying without having to use a lot of oil.

From the classic fryer to the hot air fryer, you will find in this comparison 5 innovative, reliable and perfect models to enjoy (in moderation…!) The best fried preparations. To help you choose, we offer you a final buying guide that will allow you to acquire the best fryer to equip your kitchen.

Why trust us?

Pregnancyvitamins strives with each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the product best suited to your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No product in our selection is sponsored.

How did we choose the fryers for this comparison?

The fryer is a household appliance that will accompany you for many years. How many of us still have a deep fryer from 20 or 30 years ago ?! To do this, it must be chosen with care and we have relied on specific points to establish this comparison.

First, we took into account the opinions of kitchen experts, who test the latest innovations in food preparation equipment, and who know better than anyone what makes an efficient machine. Then, the feedback from mothers who frequently prepare rounds of fries or nuggets for their little ones was very useful, as was the opinion of more generic customers, who occasionally use fryers to have fun.

It is essential that in use, the fryer is as efficient and functional as what the manufacturers advertise and reviews, tests and comments from different users are a great way to find out what it really is.

By combining these different elements and taking into account the following specificities, we have selected 5 quality fryers capable of appealing to most consumers.

  • the technology used: classic, oil-free or semi-professional, the best fryer will depend on your type of use. However, each of its characteristics has its advantages and disadvantages and with the devices selected, you will not have any bad surprises, regardless of the technology chosen.
  • The right size tank: neither too big (it's painful to clean) nor too small (because you will have to do more than one round if you are more than one), the best fryer will have a medium-sized tank.
  • Ease of cleaning: for this comparison, special attention was paid to the ease of cleaning the fryers, which is often a problematic point. Between emptying the oil and washing the interior, it is sometimes an ordeal, which you will avoid with the models presented here.
  • The options: between the possibilities of controlling the cooking via a window, of monitoring the frying time with the timer or the temperature of the oil via a thermostat, a quality fryer will be equipped with different functions that will make your life easier.
  • The price: so that everyone can get the fryer of their dreams, we wanted to choose affordable models, in a fairly wide price range but always taking into account the quality / price ratio of the device.

All you have to do is discover the 5 models of fryers that we review in this comparison, in order to make your choice. If the fashion is healthy cooking , there is no harm in indulging yourself from time to time with a batch of crispy fries, vegetable tempura or cod fritters that will make your taste buds travel. Some recipes can only be done in the deep fryer, so don't be shy about your pleasure!

Pro Tefal FR804000 - The best deep fryer in all categories

1. Pro Tefal FR804000 - The best deep fryer in all categories

> The best choice.

  • The oil filtration system, allowing it to be reused many times
  • The large capacity of its tank
  • The very practical inspection window
  • Adjustable timer and thermostat
  • Very easy to clean
  • Cumbersome
  • No indicator light indicating that it is on

Tefal is a benchmark brand in household appliances and offers, with its pro fryer model FR804000, a tool that is as functional as it is efficient for making superb frying.

With a power of 2300 watts and a capacity of 3.5L which can make 1.2kg of fries, it comes in the form of an imposing steel device, with its dimensions of 48 x 40.5 x 36 cm and a weight of 5 kilos. It will therefore require space to store it, but it will delight large families.

This fryer has a control window, which allows you to see the progress of the cooking, which quickly becomes essential so as not to have to worry about burning your preparations. In addition, its adjustable thermostat and digital timer to define a precise frying time, are a great help. There is no longer any need to constantly monitor the machine, as with the deep fryers of the past.

Best of all, this Tefal deep fryer uses an innovative automatic oil filtration system, which stores a proposed oil for future use. Convenient, it saves money by reusing the oil many times. The latter is stored in an airtight box which will save you the dreaded chore of oil transfer.

On the maintenance side, it's all good, with cleaning facilitated by the complete disassembly of the device and the possibility of putting the components in the dishwasher. We appreciate the thermo-insulating handle, which eliminates the risk of burns as well as its non-slip feet which gives it perfect stability on your worktop.

Finally, some work has been done on the odor, and it is much less odorous than most models on the market, which means that your walls will not be imbued with an unpleasant smell of oil after each use.

Verdict - The Tefal FR804000 fryer is hands down the best fryer in all categories, with a divine result and great ease of use and its oil filtering system that will make you want to use it as often as possible. An excellent choice, for those who like to feast!

2. Tefal Actifry Original FZ7100 - The best hot air fryer

> The best hot air fryer.

  • A single spoonful of oil is enough for 1 kg of frying!
  • Removable LCD screen
  • Its effective anti-odour system
  • Easy to clean
  • A little noisy
  • No timer to finish cooking automatically

The Tefal Actifry Original FZ7100 is a small fryer with a capacity of 1 liter, which only requires 1 teaspoon of oil to make 1 kg of fry. An interesting technological advance which makes it possible to devour the frying without overdoing the fat.

The technology used here is called Actifry and it is a hot air circulation system that will fry your food with a minimum of oil. Easy to use, thanks in particular to an LLCD screen displaying the cooking time, without however serving as a timer. You will have to monitor the progress of this cooking yourself, via the transparent window. Note that you can remove this small screen to keep it on you, in order to control the remaining time without having to wait in front of the device. It is very ingenious!

The Actifry fryer from Tefal, with a power of 1300 watts, is quite compact (39.8 x 39.8 x 24.5 cm) and weighs almost 5 kilos. In terms of size, it is therefore very reasonable and it can sit on your workbench without hindering, for frequent use. It is also relatively modern in terms of design, not to denote among your devices.

Its capacity is perfect for a frying tour of 4 people, and the fact that it emits very little odor will allow young and old alike to be feasted as often as desired, without constraint. You can put it in the dishwasher to clean it, by removing it easily.

Among the most appreciable points we have its mixing arm which makes the frying uniform automatically, as well as the icons drawn on the machine which shows, for each food, the cooking time required for each and the appropriate dosage. Too bad it makes a little noise while operating, because that is its only flaw.

Verdict - Here is the best hot air fryer in this review, which will allow those who do not want to use too much fat to indulge themselves, healthily. The result is optimal and its quality finishes make this device more than recommendable!

3. Seb FF160800 Simply One - The fryer at the best value for money

> The best value for money choice.

  • Very nice design
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage
  • The fries are delicious!
  • Its effective anti-odour system
  • It's a low price!
  • No automatic thermostat
  • The fixed tank
  • A timer is missing

The SEB brand, another benchmark in the kitchen appliance market, offers with this FF160800 Simply One model a pretty fryer with an interesting design. Black, it is very elegant and will give your kitchen a certain cachet.

After visual observations, we can see that this fryer with a power of 1900 watts, with a featherweight of 2.5 kilos and reduced dimensions of 37.8 x 34.6 x 28.4 cm, is an object designed not to not in the kitchen. You can store it easily and you can even leave it out, worry-free.

It has a capacity of 2 liters of oil, which allows you to fry about 1.2 kilos of fries or almost 1 kg of nuggets or donuts. It is ideal for serving 4 to 5 people without having to redo the cooking.

Its lid with control window allows you to monitor the cooking and the thermostat with its indicator light will help you adjust the temperature so as not to miss your recipes. Practical, it is also solid, thanks to its fixed aluminum tub and its removable baskets and lids, which you can put in the dishwasher when you want to wash them.

It filters the oil, which allows it to be reused several times, and has an indicator light that shows whether it is active or not, as well as a cover lock button for increased safety during use.

The result ? Crispy and tasty fries, which will delight the most greedy.

Verdict - Minimizing odors and ensuring crispy frying, this SEB deep fryer is the fryer with the best value for money, and which only fishes through its fixed bowl which makes it less easy to clean than other models. If you ignore this detail, it's a choice you won't regret.

4. Aigostar Ushas 30HEZ - The best cheap fryer

  • Its 3 liter oil tank

  • Beautiful finishes, which make it very functional

  • Powerful, for rapid heating

  • Its effective anti-odor system

  • Its very low price!

  • Outdated design

  • Manual cleaning

  • Steam builds up on the heat control knob while cooking

This stainless steel fryer from the Aigostar brand is an inexpensive model, which proves that you can get quality without necessarily spending a fortune.

With its conventional design - close to what can be found in restaurants, but in a reduced model - this fryer surprises with its power (2200 watts) and its large tank, which allows you to fry the necessary amount of food without hindrance. for at least 4 people. Small (40.5 x 22.7 x 24.7 cm) and not too heavy (2.9 kg), it is also sturdy with a stainless steel coating.

To fry efficiently, in addition to relying on its power, you will have a thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature with precision, between 130 ° C and 190 ° C, in order to adapt your choice to the food to be fried: fries, chicken, fish fritters , samossa… Let your imagination run wild! Moreover, the anti-odor system works well and reduces the emission of bad odors in your home and it also allows you not to mix the latter, when you go from frying fish to chips or vegetables! The anti-odor filter is accompanied by a smoke filter, for even more comfort.

We can salute its non-stick coating which avoids any problem of food that sticks to the bottom of the fryer, and its thermo-insulating handle which guarantees a grip without risk of burns. To avoid splashing, a filter with a transparent window is placed on the frying basket and you can monitor your cooking without difficulty. In terms of practicality, let's add the non-slip feet and the compartment for storing the power cord, which saves significant space.

Cleaning, manual, is done its too much trouble with the different parts of the fryer coming off.

Verdict - Without being a tech freak, this Ushas fryer from Aigostar does exactly what it was designed to do. The fried foods are delicious, it heats and cooks food quickly and can feed 4 people in a single batch. Top, for such a small price!


5. Tristar FR-6980 Mini Fryer - The best small oil-free fryer

  • No oil!

  • Compact model convenient to store and transport

  • No smell

  • No risk of burns

  • Lack of crisp

  • Cooking a bit long for some foods

  • The fries must be stirred during cooking 

Fancy an oil-free mini fryer? The model FR-6980 from Tristar is made for you! This little device looks like a Nespresso coffee maker and that's a good point, because it will be able to sit in your kitchen without staining.

With a capacity of 2 liters (but it is also available in tanks of 3.2 liters, 3.5 liters, 4.5 liters and 5.2 liters), it is compact (25 x 25 x 30 cm) and light (2.8 kg) and can even accompany you while traveling, if you are camping or traveling in a motorhome.

With a power of only 1000 watts, it takes a few minutes to heat up, but its high-speed air convection system allows even cooking of all the food you place in its basket. It accepts fries, fish, meats because it can cook / roast the components of your recipes. The result is tasty, with non-greasy products which - although they may find it difficult to satisfy heavy fans of classic fried foods - will appeal to those who want to eat healthier.

Easy to use, with its adjustable timer up to 30 minutes and a thermostat that can be oscillated between 80 ⁰C to 200 ° C, it is also very safe to use because it is equipped with a cool touch to avoid burns, non-slip foot and overheating protection coating.

In order for your fries to cook ideally, however, it will be necessary to stir them from time to time because the fryer does not do this automatically. Likewise, it will be better to favor thin fries over thicker versions, for faster cooking.

Verdict - Although imperfect, especially because of a slight lack of power specific to this kind of mini model, here we have the best small fryers on the market, which will delight those who want to consume less oil without necessarily having to worry about it. deprive of the delicacies of fried products.


6. The Moulinex AM300830 Super Uno deep fryer

  • Easy to use

  • Robust

  • Anti-odor cassette

  • Mini price

  • Electrical contactors not sufficiently protected

When you love good fries, you always need a deep fryer. If SEB remains the specialist and very often offers new models, Moulinex is not left out and also develops  robust ,  efficient  and  rather complete devices . The Black Super Uno is one of these devices.

Design of this Moulinex Super Uno fryer

The first impression is that this fryer is a bit heavy when you take it out of the box, but nothing too bad. It returns in return a  very good feeling of  robustness , and one immediately feels that one is dealing with a product  of  very good quality . The assembly is really impeccable, the finishes also, and I find that the design is rather successful for a rectangular fryer.

On the top of the fryer there is  a large window  that allows us to easily control the cooking of our fries, and a little further,  an evacuation grid  is equipped with an anti-odor cassette. The front face is of course placed the handle which will be used to raise the basket, and just below, we find the control panel. There is only a thermostat and an on / off button here. There is no timer, but that's what brings down the price of the device, some will prefer to save money and watch their watch for the time being.

Capacity, power and use

It only takes 2 liters of oil  to operate this fryer. This is really appreciable, especially since it is possible to prepare  1.4 kg of fresh fries, and 1 kg of frozen fries . It is therefore not really greedy in oil and it is a considerable asset when choosing a fryer. For the Food capacity, for chicken or fish for example, the manufacturer indicates 0.70 kg.

The preheating time is particularly short  thanks to the 1800 watts of the fryer. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to reach the maximum temperature and start cooking the fries.

To raise the basket, we use the handle which is mechanical. The blockage is impeccable, there is really no risk of the basket falling back into the oil and projecting the boiling liquid.

Regarding the anti-odor cassette, it really works very well and  the odors are therefore perfectly contained . It is also possible to  reassemble the basket without opening the fryer , this also makes it possible not to let the smell of fried food escape each time it is opened. It's a real plus that I find particularly practical and pleasant.

For the quality of cooking, there is absolutely nothing to say, the fries cook perfectly according to the indications, and they are perfectly crispy.

The interview

All parts of the fryer are removable , and most will fit in the dishwasher without any problem. However, the tank must be washed manually, and with care. Indeed, the electrical contactors are welded to the back of the latter and improper handling could damage them. So you have to be a little careful, and it's not really practical. The anti-odor cassette regenerates after 40 uses, you just need to put it in the dishwasher.


The Moulinex Super Uno is a very good, robust fryer which should be kept for many years. It is very easy to use and really complete. We particularly like its anti-odor cassette which works very well and especially the fact of being able to reassemble the basket without opening the lid. It is therefore a very good fryer, which is also sold at an unbeatable price. There is little reason to miss out if you are looking for a high-performance, inexpensive device.


7. The Moulinex AF123111 Classic Uno M White fryer

  • Big capacity

  • Good cooking quality

  • Heat-resistant walls for guaranteed safety

  • Electric fryer

  • No timer

The Moulinex AF123111 fryer aims to  make you taste good fries , if you are addicted like most people. So whether you prefer them cut into sticks, twists, wavy or whether you prefer them fresh or frozen, you will need a good frying machine to cook your sliced ​​potatoes.

This is why this electric fryer will be essential to you, if it eventually succeeds in convincing you of its ability to  bring you complete satisfaction  in your slightest requirements in this area. To help you make the right decision, we have tested the Moulinex AF123111 for you so that you have as much information as possible at your disposal.

Design and handling of this Moulinex fryer

In terms of physical appearance, the Moulinex AF123111 electric oil bath fryer has  a correct and nice design . With a white color, which guarantees it a place of choice in any decor, and thanks to  its great compactness , you will not have to suffer from any clutter on its part. Indeed, the device slides and is easily stored with its dimensions of 34.6 cm x 32.4 cm x 28 cm. In addition, this frying machine enjoys a certain  robustness , despite a coating of plastic materials. Aside from that, this electric fryer has a number of options that make it ergonomic and comfortable to handle.

Thus, to limit as much as possible odor or smoke emanations during cooking, the user can count on  a permanent metal anti-odor filter . In addition, to facilitate access to the tank, the lid is opened  automatically . It should also be noted the presence of an "On / Off" button assisted by an indicator light to easily turn the appliance on and off, not to mention the  control window  which allows you to keep an eye on your fries all along. the cooking. In addition, apart from the aluminum tub which is fixed, the other  removable elements  are all dishwasher-safe.

Performances and Use of this Moulinex

All you have to do is connect the Moulinex AF123111 to an electrical outlet to benefit from its  1600 watts of heating power . So, once the oil is hot, all you need to do is dip your fresh or frozen potatoes in it to obtain delicious ,  crispy  and  nicely browned fries  , however you cut them. In addition, if you want to accompany them with other foods, this fryer from Moulinex allows you to  fry fish ,  meat ,  chicken , etc. And, it is precisely to promote cooking adapted to each type of dish, that a thermostat is within easy reach to allow you to set the right temperature, with a maximum margin of 190 ° C.

Also, if you are wondering, know that the Moulinex AF123111 electric oil bath fryer is very easy to use and works very well. The only thing we can fault it might be for not having a timer, in order to allow better control of cooking times.


With its capacity of 1 kg, the Moulinex AF123111 fryer offers you the possibility, at any time, of having a small “  fries party  ” for 3 or 4 people, with family or friends. The good thing is that the appliance gives you  good cooking quality  which inevitably reflects on  the  taste ,  texture  and all the little details that give your beloved slices of potatoes a pleasant flavor.

And, since safety must be essential in any action, the manufacturer has thought of integrating  heat-resistant walls into the device to prevent you from burning yourself . Moreover, if you are looking for an electric fryer in oil bath that is simple both in terms of design and everything else, and above all that does its job well, the Moulinex AF123111 will suit you perfectly.

Buying guide: everything you need to know about a deep fryer before buying one

To choose the right fryer, it is important to analyze certain criteria, which will help you choose the model that truly meets your needs and the one that will offer you the best fried foods. Here are the most important points.

What is a deep fryer?

A deep fryer is a small kitchen appliance that is used to cook various types of food, from fries to chicken thighs to Japanese tempura. A deep fryer is filled with frying oil (sunflower, rapeseed, palm, others), then heated to a certain temperature. Once the oil is hot enough (boiling), fresh or frozen food is placed in the fryer basket, which is then lowered into the fryer. After just a few minutes, your food is fried, ready to eat and all with a lovely golden color. New to the art of frying?  Find out here how to make French fries with a deep fryer.
Home fryers are similar to those found in restaurants, only with a smaller size and more convenient for your kitchen

Oil or hot air fryer

First and foremost, you need to determine the type of fryer you are interested in. In this comparison, we presented you with classic oil fryers, often inexpensive and capable of making all the crisp and crunchy of a good frying. A good example ? The Ushas fryer from Aigostar.

Hot air fryers have also been reviewed, which uses technology that cooks your food with little or no fat. Good for health and more economical to use, they cost a little more than conventional models. As such, we really like the Actifry model from Tefal.

The capacity of the tank

The capacity of the frypot determines the number of liters of oil that your fryer can accept. Logic would say that the larger the pan, the faster you can fry large quantities and if this is not always the case (some fryers require less oil for a similar cooking), this is an element that has its importance.

The capacity of the basket

The capacity of the frying basket allows you to know, in kilos, what you can fry in one go with the appliance. To choose the best fryer for you, you just need to know for how many people on average you want to cook (2? 4? 6?) And make sure to adapt the capacity to your needs. For couples, the Tristar FR-6980 mini fryer model is a good choice.


A good deep fryer will be able to fry what you want with the greatest of ease. This involves the presence of an adjustable thermostat, preferably displaying the temperature of the oil, and a digital timer which warns you when cooking is nearing its end and which, if possible, stops the frying.

The transparent window, which makes it possible to check the progress of the frying, is also essential.

Also interesting is the presence of an anti-odor and anti-smoke filter, which will improve the comfort of use of the product. All of these features are found on the excellent Tefal FR804000 fryer.


Older deep fryers, due to their spattering and heated coating, could be dangerous to use. The oldest will remember the reprimands of their childhood, when they were forbidden to get too close to these devices!

Now, steps have been taken to limit the risks and the best deep fryers come with protective lids that prevent oil from spilling out of the basket, handles that do not heat up and sometimes even with an anti-heat coating, for safety. maximum.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a deep fryer has always been a pain, due to the abundant oil and grease circulating in the machine. With the models presented here, you will not have too much to worry about, since most of them are disassembled and the different parts are accepted in the dishwasher. A welcome innovation that changes the lives of big frying enthusiasts!

FAQ: we answer your questions about fryers

How to choose your fryer?

The best fryer for you will be the one that allows you to fry the right amount of fries or nuggets, donuts or breaded fish, to feed all the mouths that are invited to your table. It is painful to have to cook several times, so it is better to plan large enough.

In addition, you will have to take into account the space available at home and not choose a fryer that is too bulky if you run out of space, and check that the cooking modes (oil bath or hot air) correspond to your tastes. As we have said, the fries will be crispier in a classic fryer but healthier with a hot air circulation model.

Finally, your budget will help you make your choice, because the price of good fryers oscillates between 30 and 130 euros on average.

How to clean a deep fryer?

If the models we have selected for you are relatively easy to clean, as most of them are dishwasher safe, it is a good idea from time to time to clean the appliance well manually. This is especially important for oil-filled fryers, which tend to retain grease.

To do this, fill the oil pan with soaped water and leave to act for a few minutes, before rubbing and rinsing. If the fat persists, several options are available to you:

  • A vinegar / coarse salt mixture with recognized anti-fat effects
  • Rub with black soap
  • With baking soda, which you will sprinkle in the fryer. Let sit for 30 minutes before rubbing and rinsing.

How do I clean the exterior of an electric fryer?

The exterior of your fryer should not be neglected. To help it maintain a shiny appearance and prevent grease / dirt / dust from accumulating on its walls, rub it from time to time with a cloth dampened with household alcohol. Then rinse with a wet sponge, for a radiant result.

Which fryer oil should I use?

The choice of oil for your frying is important for several reasons. The first is that it is this which gives the taste of your fried foods, and that it will be necessary to adapt it to the foods chosen. All the oils do not heat up to the same maximum temperature and you must therefore take into account what is required for the fries, for the fish, for the fritters… Then, you should favor an oil that does not damage your fryer!

There are oils with the special mention frying, which are preferred, and you can then use peanut oil, olive oil or coconut oil, which withstand high temperatures well.

On the other hand, avoid soybean, sesame or sunflower oils, which are too rich in omega-6 and with high levels of polyunsaturated fats, which promote the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

Where to throw the fryer oil?

To get rid of fryer oil, it should not be emptied into the sink or the toilet, as this will damage your pipes.

The easiest way is to let the oil cool, and pour it into a plastic bottle that you throw away with your other household waste. If you have large quantities to throw away, take all the bottles/containers to the recycling

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