This article contains a definitive list of the greatest surrogacy blogs as chosen by users - Top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) with links.

Surrogacy is an emotional and bittersweet, but also incredible journey to parenting, and there are certain to be doubts, concerns, and worries whether you are a potential surrogate mother or intended parent.

Where do I begin? Should I do surrogacy in the United States or Canada? What about the state of California? What is the cost of surrogacy? Should I go via a surrogacy agency or embark on an individual surrogacy journey? How much will I get paid as a surrogate mother? And so on. The questions keep flowing, and you'll undoubtedly be seeking solutions.

As we often say at Bornfertilelady, you should begin your journey by researching to see if whatever route you choose to pursue is the best fit for you.

Fortunately, the Internet provides a wealth of various tools and information; in fact, there are so many articles, blogs, sites, and so on that it is quite understandable to feel overwhelmed.

I've compiled a definitive list of the greatest surrogacy blogs as chosen by users - Top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) with links.

Readers or persons that visit and utilize these blogs nominate them. The satisfactory responses or solutions to problems they offer to people or readers who visit them were among the criteria I used to select these top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists), and they were also preselected based on content quality and how frequently they are updated, and finally ranked by users or reader votes.

Before we reveal the top ten surrogacy blogs (world surrogacy specialists), keep in mind that the more you learn, study, and do research to know more, the more equipped you will be for your surrogacy adventure. Investigate, read, learn, and inquire!

And now for the list of the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists)!


The Top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists)

1. Circle Surrogacy - circlesurrogacy.com/blog

top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists); circle surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The first among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is Circle Surrogacy. The blog of Circle Surrogacy is regularly updated and separated into two sections: "Surrogacy" and "Egg donation."

Here you can discover information regarding assisted reproduction, expert advice on the surrogacy path, and emotional surrogacy tales.

Circle Surrogacy's creator, John Weltman, is a homosexual father of two children via surrogacy. Circle Surrogacy was formed on the notion that everyone should be able to become parents.

It aims to go above and above to assist in the growth of families all over the globe by engaging, guiding, and assisting intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors on one of life's most incredible adventures.


2. Physician’s Surrogacy - physicianssurrogacy.com/blog/

physician's surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The second among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the Physician's Surrogacy. "We're not simply a surrogacy agency," says Physician's Surrogacy, which is a surrogacy firm that is physician-managed.

They will be with you throughout the whole process, whether you are an Intended Parent or a Surrogate.

The articles, which are updated weekly, include topics such as the surrogacy procedure and costs, how to locate a surrogate, surrogacy legislation, the perks of becoming a surrogate, and much more!


3. Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists - worldwidesurrogacy.org/blog

worldwide surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The third among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists.

Victoria T. Ferrara created Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists (WSS) to assist intended parents of all races, genders, and sexual orientations in starting families via gestational surrogacy.

She is backed by a huge staff including over 10yrs of expertise assisting gay and heterosexual couples, and other individuals, in starting families via surrogacy.

WSS's blog is updated once monthly with resources for mothers, prospective surrogate parents, and soon-to-be parents, surrogacy success stories, and other information.


4. Growing Generations - growinggenerations.com/about-us/blog

growing generations - Bornfertilelady

The fourth among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the Growing Generations Surrogacy Agency.

Growing Generations is a non-profit organization dedicated to family formation via surrogacy and egg donation.

With offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Wheeling, they began primarily dealing with the LGBT community before expanding to all types of families and assisting in the birth of 1900 infants by 2020.

Their blog, which is bilingual covers egg donation resources, surrogate tales, surrogacy-related news and articles, and more.


5. Colorado Surrogacy - coloradosurro.com/blog

colorado surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The fifth among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is Colorado Surrogacy.

Colorado Surrogacy was founded by Jennifer White and Ellen Trachman. They assist intended parents who want to establish a family, whether they are couples or individuals, heterosexual or homosexual.

Heartbeat, Colorado Surrogacy's blog, is an excellent resource for all things relating to gestational surrogacy, from superstitions around embryo transfer day to bizarre terms in surrogacy contracts to tales of families joyfully formed via surrogacy.


6. All Families Surrogacy (AFS) - allfamiliessurrogacy.com/blog

All families surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The sixth among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the All Families Surrogacy.

With fresh updates every two weeks, the All Families Surrogacy blog provides inspirational gestational surrogacy tales and useful resources for your journey.

They also feature team member highlight blogs, which allow you to get to know the squad better.

AFS believes that surrogacy should be a mutually enjoyable experience for both surrogates and IPs, and they encourage all types of families while encouraging honesty and openness.


7. Heartland Surrogacy - heartlandsurrogacy.com/midwest-surrogacy-blog

Heartland surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The seventh among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the Heartland Surrogacy.

Heartland Surrogacy organization devoted to building families by linking gestational surrogates from the Midwest and West Coast with IPs from around the United States.

Brie, a two-time surrogate, founded and manages the company, which builds long-term connections with its customers by handling all elements of the trip so that prospective parents and surrogates may enjoy the experience.

The site contains everything from parenting advice to legal information to success tales and more.


8. The Surrogacy Law Center - surrogacy-lawyer.com/blog

surrogacy law center - Bornfertilelady

The Surrogacy Law Center's blog contains information concerning the legal side of everything linked to fertility and assisted reproduction, with several categories including egg donation, assisted reproduction, LGTB, fertility, and surrogacy.

The Surrogacy Law Center, founded by Stephanie Caballero, is devoted to assisting individuals from all around the globe in starting a family via egg donation and surrogacy.


9. Surrogate First - surrogatefirst.com/blogs/surrogacy

surrogatefirst - Bornfertilelady

Surrogate First's blog contains intriguing parenting resources, surrogate and intended parent information, legal information, and more. This surrogacy firm was founded by a group of prospective parents and seasoned surrogates who understand each other's needs, desires, and worries.

They have locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Salem and provide counsel with compassion and professionalism.


10. We have a 3-way tie for a tenth place among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists). They are; Shared Conception, Pitter Patter Surrogacy, and ASurrogacy.

Shared conception - Bornfertilelady

The first in this three-way tie at the tenth place among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the Shared Conceptions blog is updated weekly and contains general information, surrogacy news for surrogates and intended parents, advice, and other material. 

Shared Conceptions LLC, established by Shiva Landry, has locations in Houston and Dallas and provides individualized and fast service while guiding you through your surrogacy process with knowledge and compassion.


pitter patter surrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The second in this three-way tie at the tenth place among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the Pitter Patter Surrogacy.

This Surrogacy is a medium-sized surrogacy service that links and assists individuals, couples, and surrogates in their efforts to start families. Intended parents founded the agency with the assistance of previous and present surrogates. 

Their blog is revised twice a week and is quite simple to explore because of the many parts such as misconceptions, COVID, information, FAQ, and so on.


ASurrogacy - Bornfertilelady

The first in this three-way tie at the tenth place among the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists) is the ASurrogacy, also known as AmericanSurrogacy, is the first and only completely devoted US surrogacy directory, assisting you in locating the finest specialists for your journey.

It also provides evaluations and ratings for surrogacy companies, American fertility clinics, egg donation programs, and other surrogacy-related services and experts.

ASurrogacy also maintains a surrogacy blog with suggestions, quotations, and specialized information for surrogates and intended parents wishing to begin a surrogacy adventure in the United States.

All right, guys, that is it for now for the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists). I hope Bornfertilelady answered any questions you had concerning the top 10 surrogacy blogs (worldwide surrogacy specialists).

And always remember that Bornfertilelady is one of the best health sites out there that genuinely care for expecting parents – including intended parents and surrogate mothers (pregnant and delivered), and you can find valuable information on all things about surrogacy and prenatal care on this site.

It is founded by a pregnancy expert and a mother of two, and the platform offers resources on prenatal nutrition, including information on the best things to do during pregnancy and insightful tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle as a mom – even as an intended parent or surrogate mom (pregnant and delivered).

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