Like the name says, all the ingredients in Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal vitamins are raw, meaning that they are uncooked, untreated with chemicals, and straight from the earth. Even the capsule is made from a vegetable base (cellulose). The list of ingredients is extensive, from the vitamins normally included in prenatal vitamins like vitamins B, folic acid, iron, and calcium to the inclusion of vitamins A, E, and K. Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal does not stop there, however – each dose includes a combination of fruit and vegetables, sprouts, an anti-nausea blend, and minerals from the ocean.

Why are all these blends included? Are they necessary?

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal is more than just a prenatal vitamin. The inclusion of raw food blends is meant to keep you and your unborn child as healthy as possible.

Doctors agree that while vitamins can be a valuable part of someone’s diet, the best way to get the nutrients you need is to eat them in “real” food, the way people have for millions of years before the vitamin market took off. Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal combines modern medicinal vitamins with the traditional knowledge that the best health benefits come straight from plants and natural sources.

These vitamins provide the same vitamins in other RX or over the counter prenatal vitamins, but they maintain raw and organic standards and add a fruit and vegetable blend ( a blend of no less than 22 all-natural fruits, vegetables, and their juices), and a sprouting blend (containing 13 different sprouts).

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Are all those sprouts safe for me to take while pregnant?

Many pregnant women avoid the consumption of raw sprouts during pregnancy out of fear of harmful bacteria. Although this is a legitimate precaution, Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal strives to maintain the highest health and safety precautions. The danger inherent in raw sprouts comes when the sprouts are still growing.

If one sprout begins to decompose, it can contaminate the bunch and cause them to “go bad.” Vitamin Code tries to prevent this by using all organic seeds and regularly checking on growing sprouts to make sure that there are no signs of decomposition or a presence of pathogens.

If you’re still nervous about the inclusion of a sprouting blend, call the company and ask about their safety precautions, or find a different prenatal vitamin that more closely fits your needs and concerns.

What else is in Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal?

Since many pregnant women struggle with morning sickness and/or may find taking vitamins a trigger for nausea, a “prenatal digestive comfort” blend is included in the Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal. This simply includes ginger and lactobacillus rhamnosus ( a probiotic) Ginger is a safe and organic herb often associated with the relief of stomach problems and nausea. In fact, one of the chemicals naturally occurring in ginger is routinely included in laxative and antacid medications.

vitThe probiotic included (lactobacillus rhamnosus) contains 6 billion CFU (culture forming units) which can help soothe stomach problems, as well as improve immune function.

What ingredients are missing in Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal?

Unfortunately, Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal does not contain choline, inositol, DHA, or CoQ10. I would have liked to have seen more calcium as well.  So you may need an additional supplement like Prenate DHA.

Does Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal have folic acid?

Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal Multivitamin contains folate (800mcg which is 200% daily value) which folic acid is derived from. Its a better form of vitamin B9 and is water-soluble. A folic acid is a synthetic form. Folate occurs naturally in raw foods which makes this form of the vitamin more nutritious.

Is Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal right for me?

Possibly. The best way to know if a vitamin is right for you is to consult your doctor, try it, and then monitor your own health and comfort.

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