Nowadays, washing machines are among the most widely used household appliances. And the manufacturers of these washing devices are constantly innovating every day to meet the ever-changing consumer demands. With connected washing machines, air bubble washing, steam cleaning or even the Inverter motor, it can be difficult to choose the ideal washing machine model. In addition, washing machine brands are very numerous on the market. PregnancyVitamins presents to you in this article the 7 best washing machines in 2021 and the criteria on which it is important to linger before selecting your washing machine.


  1. Indesit XWA71452WFR
  2. Proline FP 610 W
  3. Whirpool AWE6628
  4. Samsung WW90K44305W ADD WASH
  5. Electrolux EW2F1284GF
  6. Indesit BTWCA51052
  7. Candy HGSW 485DSW/1-S

How did we make our selection of the best washing machines?

We have looked at some essential features that make it possible to choose the ideal washing machine.

Important features

These selection criteria separate excellent washing machines from lower quality ones.

  • Cleaning performance: The best washing machines attempt to remove all odors and stains from every item of clothing with the minimum of manual pre-treatment. No machine is perfect in the strict sense, but some are of much better quality compared to others. The majority of people wash their clothes on the normal cycle, a setting that works very well in most modern machines. However, in some cases, you need to wash heavier, dirtier or more delicate clothes. You should therefore be able to adjust the spin speed, the temperature of the wash water, and other movement parameters. A soak or even pre-wash function can make it easier to remove stubborn dirt.
  • The reliability of the brand and its customer service:  it can happen that a technical failure occurs with your washing machine. Some brands are more reliable than others at handling defects. Customer feedback is an effective way to find out if a brand has common usability issues and if its customer service is adequate.
  • Short washing times:  some washing machine models have an accelerated washing cycle which makes washing twice as fast, without losing performance. They combine the spin and rinse cycles, which saves a lot of time. So in 30 minutes, top-loading agitators can wash a large load of clothes. Most machines of all models have a fast wash cycle capable of cleaning lightly soiled clothes in less than 20 minutes.
  • Efficient use of energy and water: The majority of suitable front-loading washing machines allow CEE II, which is efficient enough. A good top rechargeable HE charger has an Energy Star bag. The additional drying time after washing should be fairly short.
  • Delicate Fabric Handling: Even the best washing machine wears clothes, but some machines wear fabrics slower than others. Top-loaded machines are likely to cause more damage than front-loaded models.

The least important criteria

Some features are less important and are similar from prototype to prototype.

  • Cycles and additional options:  there are variations of washing cycles for white clothes, jeans, towels. These are not options that improve washing performance, but they can still come in handy.
  • Machine capacity: New modern machines are huge and contain a lot of laundries. Very large models do not optimize laundry, as they require large loads of water and require a lot of energy. Plus, the laundry gets cleaner with a touch of softness and sorting to wash similar fabrics together. You save time with a washing machine of reasonable size.
  • Other criteria such as the low noise level, light vibrations, the guarantee provided by the manufacturer of the washing machine, the price of the machine, the cost of repairs if necessary, the spin speed (expressed in revolutions/minute) must be taken into account, even if they are of less importance.

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1. INDESIT XWA71452WFR - The best washing machine model from the manufacturer Indesit

  • Water and energy saving
  • Good value for money
  • Very silent
  • Spin speed
  • The delivery of the device may take a long time
  • The device is slightly fragile

Indesit is a renowned washing machine manufacturer, and we know why: the value for money of their machines is extraordinary. The Indesit XWA71452WFR washing machine is the ideal washing machine and has a spin capacity that varies between 1,100 and 1,500 pm. The device allows clean and fast cleaning of clothes while saving energy considerably.

Design & Features

With a very large capacity of 7 kg, the Indesit freestanding window washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 1,400 revolutions per minute. The product is white in color and weighs 66.5 kg and the device is designed to be very quiet, i.e. 59dB in the wash and 81dB in the spin phase. The drum with a volume of 52 liters and a width of almost 60 cm is spacious. The washer has additional features with an anti-foam sensor, delay start, and wash programs suitable for white, wool, sportswear and an anti-overflow safety mechanism. With a front-loading system, the storage of the machine is autonomous. The delayed start is possible at 3, 6 and 9-hour intervals for starting a laundry.

Its use

The machine is displayed with an LED screen which displays the time remaining during a laundry in progress before its end, and which signals the end of the wash. The Indesit washing machine consumes the amount of water of 10623 litres per year on average, which is very economical compared to many washing machine manufacturers in the same category. This is why this device is sometimes considered the best washing machine from this manufacturer. The washing is impressively efficient and the installation of the machine is easy, without any major difficulty. No need to have special skills to install it, just follow the assembly instructions. Once delivered, you can use it immediately. The parcel is delivered to you packed and at home. The appliance with energy class A ++ can be placed freely on the floor.

Washing performance

The Indesit washing machine is of good quality and very efficient for cleaning even the dirtiest clothes and the most stubborn stains. In addition, given its affordable price, it consumes little energy with water and energy-saving options. In one year, the energy expenditure amounts to approximately 192 kWh. The washing is impeccable and all functions and programs are registered on the machine. The spin time is relatively short, in 20 minutes. The device knows exactly what to do based on the settings that are easy to make.


With all its qualities, the Indesit XWA71452WFR washing machine easily stands out as one of the best models available on the market, especially because of its excellent value for money. Indeed, the device is very efficient and adapts to the different types of fabric that its user wishes to wash. Although the machine is slightly fragile, it is very practical and allows considerable savings in water and energy. In addition, the Indesit washing machine is almost silent during use while adapting to the cleaning needs of users.

2. Proline FP 610 W - one of the most efficient washing machine models for delicate clothes

  • An economical washing machine
  • The value for money of the machine is interesting
  • A large panel of programs and features


  • Spinning is not perfect

The FP 610 W front window washing machine is a prototype of the designer who knows exactly what needs to be done to satisfy his customers. The manufacturer produces machines that are practical, easy to use and provide high-quality washing. Regarding the dimensions of the washing machine, they are 59.8 cm wide, 54 cm deep and 84 cm. The porthole door is almost 30 cm. You can follow the progress of the wash thanks to a diode display which shows you the time left before the end of a wash cycle, and which informs you at the end of the cycle. A fabric softener tray and pre-wash option are present on this front-type model, allowing the most difficult clothes to be washed efficiently.

Design & Features

The Proline PF 610 W window washing machine is white in color. Equipped with a capacity of 6 kg, with 15 programs as well as an electronic programmer, the top of the device is removable allowing installation under the worktop. The feet of the product is adjustable depending on where the appliance is located. The machine is fitted with an anti-overflow, anti-unbalance safety device and a child safety system and the appliance will not work if the safety conditions are not met. The machine is electronically programmed to facilitate its use.

Its use

Made of stainless steel, the front-opening Proline machine has a hinged door positioned to the left. The volume of the drum is 44 liters. This machine spins at 1000 rpm maximum, an interesting speed compared to the average of the other models. The 15 programs set in advance allow you to clean all textiles according to their specific characteristics. The wash programs are set daily at 60 min and for quick washings at 15 min. Whether it is sportswear, shirts, mixed clothing, washing is simple and the maintenance of the drum is easy.

Washing performance

As for the sound level of the appliance, it is 58 dB during washing and 77 dB during the spin phase. The annual electricity consumption is 171 kWh, and approximately 9,900 liters of water depending on the manufacturer. The FP 610 W comes with an A ++ grade, with spin efficiency and energy performance rated C. Many programs are installed in the appliance, such as hand washing, the wool cycle, the cycle mixed to be able to wash each type of fabric in a specific way.


With all its features and advanced cleaning programs, we can only encourage you to use the Proline FP 610 W washing machine. In addition to ensuring flawless cleaning regardless of the type of fabric you want to wash, the appliance guarantees you to make considerable savings. The machine has high-performance wash cycle end indicators and the option to start delayed washing. The drum contains an impressive amount of water and clothing and the machine is also priced advantageously. So why deprive yourself of such a wonder?

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3. Whirpool AWE6628 - The best washing machine of the WHIRLPOOL brand

  • Long life expectancy
  • High reliability of the use
  • Many advanced programs
  • Economical device
  • No steam anti-crease function
  • No end of the delayed wash

Whirlpool is known as one of the best home appliance designers in the world, offering top-quality equipment at affordable prices. Also, it is among the few manufacturers of machines to offer, on the one hand, window washing machines, top washing machines and, on the other hand, mini washing machines. The WhirpoolAWE6628 is a free-standing, top-loading washing machine that delivers impeccable wash quality to even your dirtiest clothes. Discover its exceptional features of the household appliance launched in 2013 in Slovakia.

Design & Features

Designed with adjustable feet, the appliance does not have the steam anti-crease function. The machine at the cutting edge of technology has an anti-unbalance detection safety and an anti-foam detector. White in color, the AWE6628 machine, whose hinge position of the door is at the top, has casters that facilitate its movement and grip on the ground. The tub is made of stainless steel, and the drum is made of polypropylene, a very strong material. The machine has a control panel display. The package weighs 64 kg, for a height of 94 cm, a width of 45 cm and a depth of 74 cm. The appliance cannot be built-in in length or depth.

Its use

With 14 programs, the appliance has specific programs for delicate cotton at 30-40º, Cotton, synthetic materials, rinsing and spinning, baby laundry, emptying, wool, washing in the washing machine. main and many more. Operating in electronic management, the machine displays the time remaining for the washing to be complete. The possibility of setting the start of the delayed wash is available, even if the delayed stop is not possible. The difference between the start and the delayed stop is 1 hour and 24 minutes. Connected laundry washing is not possible with the Whirlpool AWE6628. The technology household appliance has special functions such as the universal motor, 6 th sense technology and the intelligent programmer.

Washing performance

With a very high electrical power with its 2100 Watts, the machine consumes an average quantity of 9000 liters of water per year, which is relatively economical. Its energy efficiency class is A +++, with a washing efficiency class of A and a spin efficiency of B. With its loading capacity of 6 kg, the drum can hold a volume of 42 liters of water. 'water. With its spin speed varying from 400 to 1,200 revolutions per minute, the machine is quiet. Indeed, the noise level ranges from 59 dB when spinning to 76 dB when washing, which is a rather low level compared to many competitors. After complete spinning, the maximum moisture level remaining in the laundry is 53% for heavy clothes.


With so many assets up its sleeve, the Whirpool AWE6628 is a must-have for people who want an extraordinary wash and spin cycles. In addition to lasting a very long time thanks to its solid constitution, the washing machine is very reliable during use. Safety systems are integrated to make the machine particularly safe to use. The appliance is available with multiple advanced functions and special programs that adapt to all types of laundry, even the most fragile and delicate. The appliance is autonomous with an interesting load of clothes, in addition, you will make saving water and energy by using it. We recommend this smart and powerful washing machine for good quality laundry.

samsung washing machine

4. Samsung WW90K44305W - One of the best washing machines from Samsung

  • The machine has an additional Add Wash window
  • The drum is very large
  • The motor of the washing machine is powerful
  • The price is quite high
  • Additional programs are limited

The washing machines of the AddWash series offered by Samsung were presented for the first time, at the IFA 2015. They are particularly distinguished from their competitors by the presence of a hatch on their porthole, allowing them to easily add laundry during the cycle, without having to open the door. The Samsung WW90K44305W belongs to the large AddWash family and does not count only on its reputation to seduce its customers, since the machine is very powerful. The Korean manufacturer has inscribed its aesthetic signature on this technological gem that will delight the most demanding users.

Design & Features

At first glance, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between WW90K44305W and other models of Samsung AddWash. Indeed, the smoked porthole is similar to the other prototypes, as well as the same technologies and the same energy balance. However, Samsung has improved the appearance of its devices by giving them rounded lines and a control panel including blue LEDs. The WW90K44305W has a digital screen reduced to a miniature window which allows to have an indication of the remaining time and to make an end programming with a delay of up to 24 hours while the remaining functions and selections are carried out through dedicated LEDs and buttons.

Its use

Regarding the programs, the washing machine offers a less varied selection than some competitors, but it does, however, offer special cycles for baby laundry, wool, colors and sportswear. However, there is no anti-stain program, because the washing machine is not equipped with EcoBubble technology. In order to save time, the express cycle allows you to clean a small amount of lightly soiled clothes in 15 minutes which is record time. On the other hand, the “rinse plus” or “intensive” options add extra care to the wash to meet all your needs.

Washing performance

The WW90K44305W is particularly durable thanks to its Digital Inverter induction motor, manufactured to reduce mechanical wear and energy loss. How does he do it? It has a permanent magnet responsible for driving the drum directly and reducing friction, which has the effect of considerably reducing vibrations and sound effects.

Jointly, energy consumption is controlled by automatically adjusting and controlling the washing settings using the Fuzzy Logic programmer. Depending on the fabric you have chosen, it will then associate the spin speed and the appropriate temperature, taking into account the weight of the clothes detected inside the drum. This technological feat allows the Samsung WW90K44305W washing machine to achieve the highest energy rating on the market, an A +++. This makes this device particularly economical with its 196 kWh and its 9,400 liters of water consumed on average per year.

The additional interest of using a WW90K44305W washing machine lies especially in its additional mini porthole located on the main window of the machine, called Add Wash. Marketed as a practical tool that allows you to add clothes during the wash cycle without having the main window, this small window allows you to add powdered laundry products. or liquid or hand-cleaned laundry during the rinsing or spinning phase. Easy to use, the interface indicates through a screen, a small Add Wash icon when adding is possible, only when all the safety conditions are met. When the water temperature does not exceed 50ºC, the rotation speed of the drum is limited so that there is no water or foam at the height of the trap door, the Add Wash can be triggered.


Easy to use and smart, the Samsung WW90K44305W washing machine prevents security anomalies with the help of SmartCheck error diagnosis, antifoam and child lock. It is, therefore, one of the best tools for large families who want to take care of their clothes in the best possible way.

5. Electrolux EW2F1284GF - The revolutionary washing machine from Electrolux

  • The machine is solid
  • The materials have a lasting guarantee
  • The value for money is advantageous
  • Long-delayed washing time
  • Limited washing programs
  • Consumes a lot of energy

The Electrolux model EW2F1284GF washing machine manufactured by the household appliance company Electrolux is a front washing machine sold in stores and also on the Darty website. To access the laundry, the door, the exact dimension of which is 30 cm, opens to the left. Parts originating in Poland have an availability period of 10 years. The machine is relatively quiet with sound levels that vary between 58 dB during washing and 79 dB in the spin phase. Discover the features and functions of this innovative machine that is the pride of its manufacturer and the satisfaction of its users.

Design & Features

White in color with an attractive shape, the EW2F1284GF machine has a height of almost 85 cm, a width of almost 60 cm and a depth of 57 cm. For an installation under the plan, it would be necessary to envisage a height of 84.80 cm for a successful installation. Deferred washing is possible with a difference of 20 hours. The washing program is followed by a display that indicates the time remaining before the end of the cycle and which emits an audible signal on completion. However, the acoustic signal can be deactivated at the user's discretion.

Its use

The Electrolux front washing machine does not have a double hot and cold water inlet. Launched at around 400 euros at the end of March of 2019, it is considered to be one of the cheapest washing machines on the market. However, it still has a maximum capacity of 8 kg depending on the chosen washing program. For the synthetic program, the maximum capacity is 3 kg. Likewise, the machine has an appropriate program for delicate fabrics, as well as multiple cleaning options such as switching off when the tub is full, or even extra rinsing and easy ironing. The machine does not have washing programs for wool, mixed fabrics and hand washing. However, in its washing options, the additional rinsing, easy ironing and the rinsed stop are available. The detergent drawers are suitable for liquid detergent and fabric softeners, but not for prewash.

Washing performance

At maximum spinning, however, the technology device remains limited to 1,200 revolutions per minute. It is possible to program a delayed start-up to 20 hours. The progress of the cleaning cycle is visible on the display and at the end of the wash, an audible signal gives an alert. The detergent dispenser is suitable for the use of liquid detergent. Likewise, the bin has a separate compartment for fabric softener. The depth and width are approximately 60 cm, while the height reaches 85 cm. The energy class of the machine is A +++, with an A ++++ AB energy label. The spin efficiency is a B. With an annual energy consumption of 190 kWh in one year. The annual water consumption is quite huge, about 9,999 liters. However,


We can only recommend the Electrolux EW2F1284GF washing machines to you because, in addition to being effective in washing clothes, they are low noise. Even though the features are a bit more limited than those of some competitors, the included washing programs are very interesting. The machine is of a very advanced energy class and the safety of the built-in machine is maximum during use. The 20-hour delay wash lets you program washes a long time in advance.

washine machine

6. Indesit BTWCA51052 - The most practical washing machine from Indesit

  • The drum has a very good capacity
  • Spinning is fast
  • The delayed start is fast
  • The washing machine is very economical
  • Short term warranty
  • Not very quiet

Indesit is a well-known Italian appliance manufacturer in the washing machine and dryer sectors. The company was founded in 1930 and is a daughter company of Whirlpool. Indesit offers a reasonable selection in all categories of washing machines with front-loading, window and amazing drum capacities to meet all the needs of its users. This is why the majority of their machines are rated at least A. Let's find out how the Indesit BTWCA51052 model works and the features of the machine.

Design & Features

The Indesit BTWCA51052 machine is an economical laundry appliance classified in the category of washing machines A ++. It has the optionality of delayed launch of one, three, nine or twelve hours and also Energy Saver, allowing to launch a cycle during off-peak hours. This way, it only consumes an average of 7,400 liters of water and 148 kWh in a year, which is relatively low compared to many other models. Practical in use, the sound does not exceed 59 dB in washing and 76 dB in the spin phase. However, the machine may be slightly noisy compared to some similar models. Maintenance is as simple as maintenance and the machine is equipped with a removable detergent container as well as access to a pump for emptying.

Its use

The  Indesit BTWCA51052 top opening washing machine can be freely installed in all areas of your home. This appliance offers essential options in order to save you as much time as possible during your laundry. Thus, it offers 14 various programs, among which 5 for the RapidWash or quick wash allowing you to do your laundry in less than an hour for all types of textile, at a temperature varying from 20 to 40 º C. even for heavily soiled laundry, these features will clean efficiently to keep you sparkling clean. The functions are easily started, just by turning the selection knob with the Turn And Wash system. In just one turn, you can choose the daily mix 30º ​​program of 30 min for example.

The machine is electronically programmed to perform its cleaning tasks, hence its ease of use. The time remaining for cleaning is displayed on an LCD screen that alerts you when the job is finished. The evacuation of the device is a pump allowing the connection of a drain to a conventional evacuation pipe.

Washing performance

The washing capacity of the Indesit BTWCA51052 is 5 kg with dimensions of 40, 90 and 60 cm respectively in length, height and depth. The drum alone is capable of holding 42 liters of water during the cleaning phase, which is a lot compared to some other devices. The spin capacity is 1000 revolutions per minute. With a conventional engine, the performance may be lower than that of machines with more efficient engines. However, the machine ensures an impeccable cleaning with its multiple programs adapted to various types of fabrics. Thus, classic programs such as wool, cotton, delicate or synthetic fabrics, quick and intensive washes, do not resist cleaning the BTWCA51052. Too, dark colors and clothes that need to be washed at a low temperature are effectively machine washed. Likewise, the pre-wash and rinse functions are available for special garments.


The Indesit BTWCA51052 machine is one of the best manufactures of the Indesit company. Its characteristics set it apart from its competitors.

washing machine

7. Candy HGSW 485DSW / 1-S - The most modern Candy washing machine

  • Downloads new cleaning programs
  • Has many effective cleaning programs
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Integrated drying function


  • Fairly short warranty
  • The motor is not very powerful

With a drying capacity of 5 kg as well as a washing capacity of 8 kg, the Candy HGSW 485DSW / 1-S washer-dryer with front-loading includes 15 programs including an automatic 5 + 5 program which allows an uninterrupted sequence of washing and drying laundry. This machine is also equipped with an electronic drying program by means of a probe and also a treatment against bacteria present on the washing ramps. Discover the drying and washing performance of this high-quality machine.

Design & Features

The Candy window washer dryer in white has a silver window as well as multiple programs and NFC connectivity. The appliance benefits from an energy class A with a Smart Touch functionality allowing the downloading of new programs for washing various clothes such as sports textiles, office clothes and even more delicate clothes. In addition, the technological jewel has quick programs of 14, 30 or 44 min, allowing complete cleaning cycles in 14 min for fabrics of 1.5 kg; 30 min for 2.5 kg fabrics and 44 min for 3.5 kg fabrics. A delicate cleaning program takes special care of woollen textiles by washing at low temperature. The appliance is 60 cm wide, 54 cm deep and weighs 70.5 kg.

Its use

The Candy washing machine also has a delayed start and thanks to this feature, it is possible to postpone the start of a cleaning program up to 24 hours in order to have better management of your time and thus take advantage of off-peak hour pricing. Likewise, the advanced device displays the time remaining to complete a wash to aid in more efficient time management. The security door ensures the protection of its user. The washing results are impeccable, especially considering the assimilation capacity of the device which downloads washing programs.

Washing performance

The CANDY HGSW 485DSW / 1-S opens from the front like most washer-dryers of the same brand. With a storage capacity of 8 kg of laundry during the washing process, the noise level of 61 dB allows silent and impeccable cleaning. The machine's spin speed is 1400 revolutions per minute and the drum width is 60 cm. The Candy washing machine is of energy efficiency class A and benefits from a great autonomy of use.

The machine is a self-contained load before storage type with a storage capacity that has nothing to envy of the competition. With a 1.6 m cable, the machine does not have to be placed directly next to the electrical outlet. The door is capable of opening to an angle of 180º. For each wash, the average energy consumption is 1.2 kWh, for an annual consumption that can equal 240 kWh.


In addition to being at the cutting edge of technology with its NFC connectivity, the Candy washing machine has many advantages for its users. The cleaning programs are diversified and adapt perfectly to your needs, whether it is washing fragile or thick clothes. Delivery is guaranteed to be satisfied or reimbursed and customer service is attentive to your slightest problems of use. For a machine that is both efficient and innovative, do not hesitate to turn to the Candy brand, which continues to redouble innovation and creativity to meet demand. With a built-in drying function, the Candy HGSW 485DSW / 1-S washing machine sets itself apart from the competition with its quiet drying that most washing machines do not have.

Everything you need to know about a washing machine before you buy

Before carrying out a washing machine comparison to know which one to choose, it is important to know certain information to make the choice of the machine that suits you best.

The amount of laundry you have to wash

The number of clothes to be washed will determine the correct load capacity for your usual needs. So you won't have to choose a machine with a large loading capacity if you are going to use it alone (unless you want to save money and wash your clothes less often, but in greater quantities). In the event that you do not choose a washing machine capacity that does not suit your needs, you will quickly face one or more concerns:

  • The fabrics will be poorly washed if the machine is too saturated;
  • You will do more washes to compensate for the small capacity of your machine;
  • If the machine is too large, it will often run half empty.
  • You will be spending too much money in all situations. However, if you are hesitating between 2 washing machine capacities, it is better to choose the larger of the two, because:
  • The large capacities of modern washing machines do not involve more expenditure of water or electricity;
  • The large capacity machines allow the washing of larger fabrics such as curtains or tablecloths,…;
  • You will do laundry less often.

To choose, we recommend that you adapt the capacity of your cargo to your actual needs. If you live alone, a load of at most 5 kg from the top is more than sufficient. For couples, 6 kg of loading through the porthole would be ideal. For families with children, increase the load according to the number of children and the frequency of laundry. The more you are, the greater the loading capacity should be.

Where do you put the washing machine?

In addition to the loading capacity, it is necessary to take into account the mode of opening of your future washing machine and the place in which it will be installed.

If you opt for a free installation, it is advisable to choose a top washing machine (or top opening washing machine ). In this way, you can place the washing machine in a confined place that does not require a lot of space to position itself. The width of top machines is generally smaller than that of window washing machines. In addition, you can use it while standing, which we do not recommend if you have joint pain. These machines also have smaller loading capacities.

Conversely, window washing machines require more space, 60 cm in width in standard size and in depth, because the opening of the front or the window must be taken into account. It should also be considered that you need to save space so that you can insert the laundry inside the drum. On the other hand, you can place the laundry basket on top of the appliance, but it will be necessary to bend your knees to remove or bring in laundry. These machines generally have greater capacities for loading, thus constituting their main asset. Note also that some allow a dryer to be placed above the washing machine, while others are compact, thus saving space.

There are also models of machines with window opening that can be completely hidden behind doors: these are models that can be built into walls. Depending on the space you have in your home, you will be able to choose the most suitable model.

Spin speed

The spin speed is one of the key elements that distinguish washing machines from one another. Remember, the higher the spin speed, the faster the clothes will dry and also, the greater the speed of rotation. Likewise, with a higher speed, the laundry will be more firmly pressed against the wall, and it will be damaged less.

In this way, the drying time of the clothes will be less as soon as they leave the machine. The spinning trend at the moment is 1,200 rpm, although it varies quite a bit between different brands and ranges. However, with a rotation speed of 1000 revolutions per minute, you will be able to have a correct spin.

It should also be noted that some washing machines adapt their rotation speed automatically thanks to a variable spin speed according to the chosen program. Thus, depending on the type of garment washed, the speed varies, allowing the conservation of the most fragile textiles. It is also possible to detect the spinning performance of a machine thanks to its energy efficiency class. This rating is visible on the energy sheet and the performance varies from A to G, from the most efficient machine to the least efficient one.

Save money

Saving money by washing your laundry is a very important criterion. To better compare machines, an energy label was founded in Europe to specify the main energy expenditure of each washing machine. You will find the following information:

  • The main energy efficiency class of the machine (washing and spinning for a conventional washing machine);
  • The annual energy consumption in kWh which is based on 220 normal cleaning cycles;
  • Annual water consumption in liters based on 220 standard washing cycles;
  • The spin efficiency class only.

The energy class is expressed from A to G or so from A +++ to D. A +++ which is the most economical class means 30% savings compared to class A. Take all the necessary information concerning the energy class of the machine. wash that you want to acquire before buying it, because a machine that makes you spend too much money on water and energy is an unprofitable investment.

The noise of the washing machine

Depending on where you install your washing machine, and especially if you want to wash at night, the noise of washing and spinning may more or less disturb you. You should consider this criterion in advance if it is important to you. This information can be entered on the energy label, although it is not required. Note that sound effects are expressed in decibels (dB) and that even a tiny difference of 3 dB in 2 values ​​could cause a noise doubly louder. So even these deviations could be annoying during use. Take into account the noise in dB of the spinning which is the highest volume level during a complete wash cycle.


It is possible to accompany your washing machine with a tumble dryer. You can choose a model that is superimposed directly on the machine which can be very practical to save space.

Note that you can also opt for a washing machine that also integrates the dryer function directly, also called a washer-dryer. This will allow you to combine washing, rinsing, spinning and rinsing all in one. Be aware, however, that drying uses water to dry the laundry, which can be a bit more expensive. Feel free to choose a suitable dryer for your washing machine if you need it.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: Everything you wonder about washing machines

How to clean a washing machine?

Remove the laundry tubs from your machine and rinse them with lukewarm water. Rub if necessary with a non-abrasive object and wipe with a clean cloth to remove all moisture.

How to clean a washing machine with white vinegar?

Disinfect your washing machine by pouring half a glass of white vinegar into the drum, wash it empty at 90º C temperature. Repeat the operation every month and your machine will be impeccable.

A washing machine that stinks?

To get rid of the bad smell, remove any dirt from the drum seal using a damp cloth soaked in vinegar water. Disassemble the filter and clean it thoroughly with soapy water, then replace it. Make sure there is no backflow of water in the dirty water drain and pour water mixed with baking soda and vinegar to clean the pipe. Finally, run a vacuum cleaning cycle. The smell will disappear naturally.

How to descale a washing machine?

No need to buy descaling products. All you need is a bottle of white vinegar. Pour a small glass into the product basket and what remains of the bottle in the drum. Then start a wash cycle, either 60 or 90 degrees. Ideally, do it once a month and clean the outside from time to time with a sponge and white vinegar.

Which brand of a washing machine to choose?

There are many brands of washing machines that offer more innovative features than the last. However, the best brands are Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Candy or Indesit.

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