Hip dips are deep gouges or depressions that develop naturally immediately below the hip bone on the outside of your upper legs. 

Some persons have a closer connection between the skin in this region and the greater trochanter of the femur, which gives the appearance of indentations.


What Causes Hip Dips

Best Underwear For Hip Dips

Genetics and pelvic form are the only factors that contribute to hip dips. People who have hip dips have muscles and fat that curve inward because their hip bone is higher than their femur.


What Body Shape Has Hip Dips

The 8-form, A-shape, and X-shape bodies tend to have the hippest dips, which are also referred to as violin hips (but can come on any body shape). 

They are a typical skeletal feature that is an indentation between the high and low hips. On this point, they don't result from wearing your pant waistband.


Are Hip Dips Unhealthy?

Some ladies think hip dips are terrible because they don't look well on their bodies or because they stand out a lot when worn with tight dresses.

Hip dips, however, are just as normal and organic as other regions of the body and are not a sign of being unfit, unwell, or overweight.

Hip dips are irreversible, according to medical studies.

So rather than feeling the urge to modify it, why don't we just acknowledge the truth and look for the clothes that are the best fit for our body shape and hip dips?


How To Hide Hip Dips

Your hip dips might be seen when you're wearing clothing that fits tightly around your body. If you want to wear such clothing, you can do so by wearing hip pads or padded shapewear below your clothing. Make sure the fit is comfortable and not too tight at this point.

Hip dips can be challenging to cover, especially if they're quite noticeable. Hip dips, however, are not abnormal for your body and must not be ashamed of.

However, we comprehend why some people might not like the way they appear and choose to conceal them. If that applies to you as well, don't worry; you've come to the correct place, and we have all the solutions to your problems.


5 Perfect-Fitting Underwear For Hip Dips

Below are the best underwear that will help you conceal your Hip Dips


1. Burvogue Shapewear Tummy Control-butt Lifter Underwear

These lightweight high waist shorts panties are perfect for fall, winter, spring, or summer. Wear underneath skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings, and tights to tighten your thighs and midsection for a slimming appearance. works well with anything, including slim-fitting jeans and tops and dresses.

It is ideal if you want to highlight your hourglass form beneath a skimpy dress. These pants are a need if you want to give yourself the perfect amount of curves.

Burvogue Shapewear's tummy control-butt lifter underwear is made from a remarkably comfortable and breathable fabric

High-waisted bands cover your hip dips and offer you a gorgeous, thinner appearance.

Wearing this is incredibly simple and comfortable.

Price: It ranges from N15,200 to N16,000.


2. TOPMELON Women’s Shapewear Butt Lifter Padded Underwear

Nylon and spandex fibres are used in the construction of TOPMELON women's Shapewear butt lifter padded underwear, which accounts for how comfortable and breathable they feel.

Your hip dips will be less noticeable thanks to this underwear.

Price: They come in different types, and the price ranges from N4,500 to N6,500 on Amazon.


3. Defits Women’s Padded Seamless Hip Enhancer Under

The padded seamless hip enhancer underwear from Defits is made especially for hip dips.

Because this underwear is constructed of high-quality materials like polyester and spandex, you won't perspire while working out and will feel revitalized.

This underwear comes in a variety of sizes and gorgeous colours.

Every woman wants to feel good about herself and look well in whatever she is wearing, but having hip dips can make some women feel uneasy. And that makes sense.

Price: Costs N13,618 on U-buy.


4. YUENA CARE Butt Lifter Reusable Cross-Dressing Underwear

These reusable cushioned hips are cushioning, sturdy, breathable, soft, and constructed of polyester and sponge.

For a more natural, sleek, and slim appearance, it helps define your hip and smooth your body. It also reduces those unattractive lumps and bulges so you may feel secure in your clothing.

Experience hips that are big and well-shaped and that move and feel realistically. Easy to maintain, reusable, and washable Close enough to your hip, give your hips more depth

Because it is constructed of sponge and polyester fabric, YUENA CARE butt lifter reusable cross-dressing underwear is incredibly flexible, cosy, and light.

This underwear is designed exclusively for transgender use. Your hip dips are amazingly concealed, and they become less obvious.

This will be a wonderful fit for you and may be washed and worn again.

Price: Ranges from N20,000 to N22,690.


5. WEICHENS Women’s Fake Padded Hip Enhancer Underwear

Ladies with hip dips, flat hips, small hips, or no hips are the target market for WEICHENS' faux padded, hip-enhancing underwear for women.

The silicone hip pads used in the production of this underwear will increase the exposure and beauty of your hips.

This underwear's smooth, airy fabric enables you to feel rested and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Price: Ranges from N4,500 to N7,500 on Amazon.

With the few underwears listed above, your hip dips will be unnoticed and you’ll have the perfect hourglass form.

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