A muffin top is a roll of fat that protrudes above the top of a pair of women's low-waisted, form-fitting pants.

What Causes Muffin Top

Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat are the two forms of abdominal fat that contribute to muffin tops. Our bodily fat is composed of 90% subcutaneous fat and only 10% visceral fat. It's strange, but visceral fat is what makes it so difficult to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Does Muffin Top Go Away

There is a chance you could lose the muffin top. It is not, however, a quick fix. Spot-reducing fat from specific trouble spots is not achievable. Your midsection will, however, get smaller as you decrease body fat as a whole.

Does Underwear Cause Muffin Top

Tight underwear causes cellulite in the bum and love handles around the waist by pushing the fat above the connective tissue. Hence, Fat can therefore more easily accumulate there

However, we will list underwears to hide your muffin tops

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1. Warner's no muffin top panties

Best Underwear For Muffin Top 1
Best Underwear For Muffin Top 6

Their flat waistband minimizes any bulge to ensure a smooth appearance under clothing. Made of soft polyester, they're comfortable enough for every day.

This 3-piece pack of lightweight briefs is quite convenient.

very high waist position; a wide lace waistline that won't dig in and prevents muffin top; microfibre that is thin and silky smooth;

2. Hanes No Muffin Top Underwear

Best Underwear For Muffin Top 2
Best Underwear For Muffin Top 7

These underwear lets you have it all and has the following features:

  1. To keep you dry and cool, the incredibly soft Cool Comfort fabric wicks away moisture.
  2. Higher rise and superior seat coverage are qualities of the brief cut.
  3. Pre-shrunk, supple cotton is available for a secure fit, wash after wash.
  4. Exceptionally soft waistband won't bind or pinch.
  5. Leg bands that don't ride up stay in place for all-day comfort.
  6. Without tags for scratch-free comfort.
  7. The practical 6-pack can be entirely white or mixed.

3. Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Tag Free Cotton Brief Panties

Best Underwear For Muffin Top 3
Best Underwear For Muffin Top 8

You hardly notice you're wearing one because the cotton briefs feature finer yarn that is so soft, breathable, and pleasant. The underwear is also inexpensive, so more ladies are stocking up on them to wear underneath various types of apparel.


  1. suitable for use following a C-section (the band sits above the belly button).
  1. comes in a 6-pack of either varied colours or all-white, all-black items.
  1. When one is worn, the butt is well-supported.
  1. The not-so-tight waistline won't make your muffin top stand out.


  1. Thin leggings or pants may show panty lines.

4. Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Seamless Panties With 360° Stretch

Best Underwear For Muffin Top 4
Best Underwear For Muffin Top 9

Not only will seamless underwear with 360-degree stretch suit women with muffin tops, but it will also prevent showing camel toe. The Fruit of the Loom Women's Seamless Pants are made of 100% nylon and have a high-cut design so that even when worn with thin leggings or pants, no panty lines will be visible.

Your large hips and bottoms will fit comfortably in the flexible fabric of the underwear without being compressed. The Fruit of the Loom 360-degree Panties are a wise choice if you prefer wearing different coloured underwear every day!


  1. Various colours are available in packs of six or twelve to match your attire.
  2. In every weather, the tag-free panties provide exquisite comfort.
  3. Cotton is used to make the crotch, preventing genital discomfort.


  1. Not for ironing; wash in cool water only.
  2. When washing, separate coloured clothes from light ones.

What Should I Wear If I Have Muffin Tops?

By emphasizing your bust line more, you can divert their focus away from your muffin tops. You can experiment with peplum shirts or trapeze dresses. Additionally, try on more pairs of high-waist or medium-rise pants rather than low-waist jeans.

If your muffin tops are apparent, you can also try the A-line, Tent, Pencil, or Bell-cut dresses in addition to the trapeze dress.

How Can I Reduce My Muffin Top?

According to experts, different men are attracted to women in different ways. However, the majority of men prefer women who have a little extra flesh in their tummies for playing with or cuddling when they are just starting to date.

Additionally, if muffin tops are proportionate to the rest of the body, more men find them attractive (like the hips and chest).

But ladies, don't worry! If guys start staring at your muffin tops while chewing their lips, you might know if they're attractive.

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You are still pretty even with your muffin top. Nevertheless, the best no muffin top underwear is the Warners No Muffin Top Underwear.

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