Jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport based on ground fighting (ne-waza) and submission holds. BJJ focuses on the skill of taking an opponent to the ground, controlling one's opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using several techniques to force them into submission via joint locks or chokeholds.

What is the name of a Jiu-Jitsu short?

Nogi grappling shorts, sometimes known as BJJ shorts, are designed specifically for jiu-jitsu. They frequently lack pockets, are constructed of elastic materials that dry quickly, have reinforced stitching, and have hemlines that reach to or above the knee.

Should You Wear Underwear For Jiu-jitsu

Yes, you must put on underwear beneath your gi pants. You should never deploy in a commando fashion. Compression underwear is preferred by many jiu-jitsu practitioners as it tends to be more comfortable, stays in place, and does not absorb as much perspiration.

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BJJ: Compression Shorts

Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 1

The best-known underwear for Jiu-jitsu is the Knee Lock Classic Thong.

The compression shorts are breathable and moisture-wicking to provide you with the most comfort possible while working out.


  1. Sweat is wicked away by the 85% polyester and 15% spandex, keeping you dry.
  2. Compression fit for improved muscle support and mobility.
  3. Flatlock seams offer the utmost comfort by minimizing skin discomfort.
  4. A wide elastic waistband provides a tight fit.
  5. Mobile phones, cards, and other items can be stored in the exterior pockets.
  6. Suitable for baseball, basketball, training, cycling, and other activities.

V4 Grappling Underwear

Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 2
Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 6

Comfortable new compression underwear in the boxer-brief style, designed for Jiu Jitsu and combat sports but also ideal for everyday wear. 

Without seriously weakening the fabric with large perforations, the mock-mesh design of the fabric aids in maintaining air circulation.

A wide, soft, and elastic waistband made of jacquard ensures that your shorts won't slide down when you need them most.

Features include:

  1. Mock Mesh, an extremely breathable material
  2. Excellent for fighting, exercising, or casual attire
  3. waistband made of soft jacquard
  4. A new outside woven label or branding
  5. there are no squeaky internal labels
  6. flexible architecture
  7. convenient compression
  8. sewing using flatlock
  9. Design with a scoop-butt (no wedges), great for Jiu Jitsu and hard workouts.

Men's Jiu-Jitsu Bonafide Black Belt Boxers

Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 3
Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 7

The smooth and stretchy fabric used to make these boxer briefs ensures comfort all day long. The boxer briefs offer a lined front pouch for more comfort and support and no back seam.

Features include:

  1. Fabric composition may vary by 1%; 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  2. A front bag that is lined for further support
  3. A fabric-covered elastic waistband measuring 4 cm wide
  4. The crotch panel
  5. Coverstitching and overlocking
  6. There is no back seam for added comfort.
  7. Medium-rise
  8. Lithuanian-made blank product components are used in the EU.

Moskova Underwear

Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 4
Best Underwear For Jiu-jitsu 8

This product serves as

  1. A pair of boardshorts for surfing;
  2. A pair of shorts for working out; 
  3. A pair of shorts for jogging;
  4. A pair of shorts for stretching and
  5. A brief time to move around in style.

The world's top athletes helped create this workout video. He can stretch and keep dry thanks to his technology throughout all of your workouts.

MOSKOVA's "All In One” is all you need.

Can you practice BJJ in sweatpants?

The sole requirement is that you shouldn't wear anything with loops, pockets, or hard bits because these can be dangerous in martial arts. If you don't have a gi at all, you can typically get away with wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.

Should I use a rashguard, Under my gi?

Regardless of whether you train in a gi or not, you must have a good rash guard. Under your gi, the rash guard serves as additional skin defence from burns and scratches. While grappling, a rash guard also helps to keep your body warm and your muscles flexible.

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What do you wear under your BJJ gi? 

If you've been practising jiu-jitsu for even a short while, you probably don't give this question much thought. However, it is a question that frequently arises for those who are completely new to jiu-jitsu, therefore we decided to spend some time discussing it. 

At the academy

We'll start with what to wear underneath your gi when practising at your academy as this is normally a query from a brand-new novice and you're not likely to enter any organized events at this time. We should note that each academy may have its own rules and policies, so if you have any questions, contact your academy's professors.

Start with the underwear.

No clothes must be worn underneath your gi pants, yes. You should under no circumstances deploy in commando. Compression underwear tends to be more comfortable, remain in place, and does not absorb as much sweat, making it popular among jiu-jitsu practitioners. However, if all you have are some plain cotton briefs or underwear, it will work just as well.

Do belts exist in No-Gi jiu-jitsu?

The fact that nogi-only grapplers continue to receive "belts" is one peculiarity that many people find with them. These belts are given away with promotions but are never actually used. Since this has been a hot topic recently, I wanted to provide a case for why nogi grapplers shouldn't receive Jiu Jitsu "belts" instead.

In competition

Comparing training at your local academy to competition is not a fair comparison. You should always read the listed regulations before entering any competition, and you should be aware that many of them forbid wearing a shirt or rash guard underneath your kimono jacket. This contrasts with the norms we frequently observe in academies.

Competition to competition may have different requirements for cups and wearing compression trousers under your gi pants. Check the competition's regulations once more before entering.

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For the BJJ moves and technique, there are Fight Shorts. First of all, they are difficult to slide off, which is crucial considering the clutches, grabs, and pulls they will encounter.

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