What you should know about consuming Coconut during pregnancy

The pregnancy period is not easy because you have to be conscious of what you consume. Eating some foods can be good for the expecting mother and the baby while some are not.

Is coconut safe/good for pregnant women? What are some of the health benefits I should know? Are there any side effects or downsides of coconut during pregnancy? All this and more are some of the questions we get from our readers here at Pregnancy Vitamins.

Is It Safe To Eat Coconut During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to eat coconut during pregnancy. Eating a coconut in any form, whether it is coconut water, tender coconut, coconut oil, ripe coconut all are all good for the health of the future mother.

However, it is important to note that moderation is key here. Coconut is enriched with several vital nutrients. It helps with adequate growth and development and also helps to boost breast milk production.

coconut water is considered profitable during the pregnancy stage. Coconut water assists in boosting your immunity, It fights against dehydration and lots more.

Benefits Of Consuming Coconut During Pregnancy

Coconut During Pregnancy Benefits

Benefits of drinking coconut water

Coconut water is a healthy, cool, refreshing, and energizing drink that helps to keep the body hydrated by restoring normal salts that we release during perspiration.

1. It can be used as a workout drink.

Coconut water is recommended as a great workout drink for the expecting mommies, who are advised to stay physically fit and perform light workouts.

2. It boosts the immune system:

Coconut water is a great ideal source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes, and is recognized for boosting the immunity system.

3. Source Of Good Fat:

Coconut milk is an excellent choice for pregnant women as it delivers good fats, helps in the healthy development of the baby.

4. Fights Morning Sickness:

Drinking coconut water in the first trimester helps in fighting morning sickness and reduces fatigue.

5. Helps in the production of breast milk

If you are fond of eating coconuts regularly during the entire pregnancy period, You don't need to worry about a shortage of breast milk after delivery. This is due to the fact that coconut contains lauric acid.

Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut During Pregnancy Benefits

1. Good For Skin:

The application of coconut oil helps in the eviction of stretch marks and itchiness that occurs during the pregnancy stage.

2. Gives All The Goodness Of Virgin Coconut Oil:

coconut oil is obtained by Cold-Clutching of the coconut and thus also known as virgin coconut oil since no bleaching, heating, deodorising, etc are utilized.

3. For domestic use

Coconut oil can be used for cooking and lubrication.

Benefits Of Coconut Milk for pregnant women

Coconut milk is a milky liquid acquired by grinding grated coconut meat.

  1. It helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  2. It comprises good amounts of iron, which helps in caring for anaemia.
  3. It helps to relieve from joint distress and also scratching

Complications With Consuming Coconut during Pregnancy

Some pregnant women could be allergic to pollen and plants from the Arecaceae. However, it crucial to take coconut moderately. Because taking too much may cause complications later on.

Guidelines For Consuming Coconut During Pregnancy

  • It is best to drink eat coconut or drink coconut water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because it helps to boost the metabolism and even helps in weight loss.
  • It is advisable to drink at least two cups of coconut water in order to avoid dehydration.
  • The more huge the coconut is, the more the water and better quality.


Consuming coconuts during pregnancy is safe and highly recommended in moderate quantities.

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