One of the most common questions, ladies do ask is; does drinking salt and water prevents pregnancy from happening? Can drinking saltwater shortly after sex kill sperm?

The truth is their lots of lies and myths out there on how to prevent unprotected/oral sex. Some of which are; urinating immediately after sex, cleaning the vegina as soon as possible, drinking warmed alcohol (whiskey), or even utilizing lime (lemon), and so on.

None of these certainly Works!!!

Like I said earlier, one very common question I see a lot at pregnancy groups/communities/ forums (and that many ladies believe in) is drinking water and salt mixture after sex.

Does it help? Does drinking salt and water prevent pregnancy?.

The answer is No! Drinking salt and water instantly after sex doesn't work, it does not prevent pregnancy. even if you use it to wash the vegina it will not work.

Now, if you think it has helped you in the past, or you have seen testimonies of people that tried it and said it worked for them, you are wrong.

It did not, that was not what saved you. It either you were probably likely on your safe period and that was why you didn't get pregnant! You were only!

But, wait! How on earth did you think it would work in the first place?

Initially, neither salt nor water mixture contains contraceptive properties, they don't have the capacity to prevent pregnancy.

Moreover, if you were thinking of giving it a tryout, it is best you have a second thought and if you are into the act already, it's better you stop, to save yourself from future issues that can later cause womb destruction and other health related problems.

As a matter of fact, Doctors do advise us to reduce the amount of intake of salt as it might lead to the risk of having hypertension and also leads to poor blood pressure management.

The best excess intake of salt can do for you is to make you vomit immediately and that a no-brainer.

In summary, salt and water don't prevent pregnancy from happening. It's doesn't kill sperm. It's basically, does nothing in this case.

What are the other remedy you can use?...

Why use salt and water when there are other remedies you can use.

Like, use of condoms or you can even go for an Emergency contraceptive like a postinor, very effective in preventing pregnancy from happening that if taken within 72 hours after sexual intercourse.

You can also go for the calendar method. This Is when you calculate for the safe period. If properly used, have a considerable level of effectiveness.

Hope you got value? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section.




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