It is said that the term "women's goods" comes from a group of northern Nigerian tribes. Herbs and potions that promote sex and love, as well as aphrodisiacs, are known as Kayan Mata. 

These herbs have been advertised on the internet as voodoo-like herbs for young females hoping to attract wealthy men, although they were initially used by married women to spice up sexual encounters. Continue reading to learn more about Kayan mata.

What is Kayan Mata?

Kayan Mata is originally intended for married ladies, it has now been adapted to help future brides-to-be be and other set of women for a long and fulfilling sexual life. Kayan Mata is used to utilized arouse and excite the sexual desires of one's partner by combining various herbs, fruits, and spices.

What's the purpose of Kayan Mata?

Women's sex lives are to be improved by Kayamata's primary function.

Men purchase Kayan Maza (men's things) for the same reasons women use Kayan Mata (women's things).

Advantages of Kayan Mata

kayan mata

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Kayan Mata has several advantages, including the following

Kayan Mata sweets are recommended for girls who have difficulty becoming stimulated during foreplay. If they are assured of getting laid at night, they should consume Kayan Mata sweets during the day. As a consequence of this, the woman has a tingling sensation.

Kayan Mata is used by women who wish to provide their spouses with an experience that will last a lifetime. When a man is able to thoroughly appreciate his supper, he expresses his gratitude to his wife

Kunun Aya and Tsumi are two of the most popular Kayan Mata items on the market right now. Tsumi is made from a combination of the Kayan Mata plant and camel's milk, and it has a profound effect on those who consume it. Drinking Kunun Aya, a drink produced from Tiger nuts provides the person with an extra burst of speed and agility once he consumes it.

The conditions associated with Women's Sexual Disease  

  • The dryness of the urethra 
  • A lack of libido or desire for sexual activity. 
  • A lack of reaction on their part.
  • Yonis who are relaxed

People are becoming interested in Kayan Mata after hearing stories of women who have used it to rejuvenate their sexual life and have been praised for it by their boyfriends or spouses.

The notion of magic (voodoo) has been included in the items sold by certain Kayamata merchants in recent years, although (many have accused Jaruma of using juju for her Kayan Mata preparations). Women who have no known sexual health issues order Kayan Mata in the expectation that it would help them attract a partner. Even single women acquire these products in order to entice a guy with a family to settle down with them. Kayanmata's reputation as a magical charm for women has led to the misconception that it may be used to attract men.

Ingredients of Kayan Mata

Kayan Mata is made up of:

Most of their dishes use a variety of herbs, fruits, spices, and grains.

There are several examples, like as

  • Tigernuts
  • Clove
  • honey
  • Ginger
  • Dabino
  • Gorontulla
  • Watermelons
  • Cup of coconut
  • Grains such as millet

These spices and fruits can be made at home by certain ladies.

New and apparently better Kayan Mata formulations are flooding the market these days in an attempt to gain more clients. The capacity to keep a guy under a woman's control is one of many claims made by sellers using foreign spices and herbs. Affluent men's attention and presents are no longer a surprise to women of any age, particularly those who are young and attractive. 

Where can you find Kayan Mata in Nigeria?

Nigerian states like Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, and others are known for their Kayan Mata, which contains anything from scents to sweeteners, sweets, Zuman Mata/Maza (woman's honey), sex drops, and other sexually explicit things of that kind.

Risks of Kayan Mata to one's well-being

Kayan Mata is packed with nutrients because of its all-natural ingredient list, which includes fruits, herbs, and spices. Controversies have been raised concerning Kayan Mata items binding men down or causing possessiveness without their agreement. This suggests that voodoo was used in the creation process. Despite the claims of sellers, it is essential to remain cautious.

In order to get the most out of Kayan Mata, the greatest suggestion is to be cautious about where you get it from and what the components are.

In conclusion

It is possible that using it on a daily basis will lead to it being the norm. This recipe is perfect for celebrating special events like birthdays and anniversaries, or anytime you want to pamper your spouse with a nice lunch.


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