How long should sex last?

Have you ever wondered how long sex should last according to a study?

This is a question many people have not got an answer to. Don't worry, in this article, you will find the answer to the question.

Quick sex is better for some people, while others prefer long and passionate sex. However, you can change the length to meet your needs.

A sex session could last for more or less time if you want to make it longer or shorter. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Few studies have looked into what experts think is a "normal" length of sex. If you're looking for specifics, there aren't many.

When 34 members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR) took a survey in 2005, it was found that 3 to 7 minutes was "enough" for vaginal intercourse (i.e., P-in-V sex) and 7 to 13 minutes was "wants."

One-to-two minutes was thought to be too short, while 10 to 30 minutes was thought to be too long in a poll.

Factors that affect how long sex should last:

How long should sex last

How long should sex last

There are factors that affect how long sex should last.

  1. Infertility in men: Infertility in men affects how long sex should last, an increasing number of men are having problems with their sex lives (ED). It is about 40% of men in their 40s and 70% in their 70s who have ED. Viagra can be used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).
  2. Ejaculation that is both early and late at the same time: PE or any kind of sexual problem might make men rush their climaxes and end their dates early, which could be bad for them. Males aged 18 to 59 are diagnosed with PE about one-third of the time. The problem could be psychological or physical, but it could be a short-term or long-term one.
  3. Hormones can also change when a woman goes through menopause. Dryness and soreness in the genitals can be caused by a drop in hormone levels during sex (although those things can also happen pre-menopause).
  4. Age: Depending on how old you are, your sexual life may be affected in more ways than one, such as the risk of back pain. In 2008, two studies with 2,341 people found that libido goes down with age. Men were more interested in having sex more often and more strongly than women.
  5. Genitalia: Because of the shape of your penis, you may feel pleasure or pain in different ways. Some people may need to wait longer or shorter to get the amount of stimulation that they want. Fortunately, there is a place for every possible shape.
  6. Also, it's possible that having a late ejaculation could affect the length of time they spend together. This illness can make it take up to 30 minutes for people who have it to get to the point where they can have sex. Some people may never get there at all. Is there something wrong with your health, or is it linked to a certain sexual situation or partner?

Maybe how much time you spend having sex is linked to how you feel and what you know about your body. 

When it comes to sex, there are a lot of things that affect how long it lasts. The way we think about what "should" be done also has an effect on how we act.


Do you love quick sex?

It doesn't matter how long sex should last when it comes to people who love quick or fast sex.

It's hard to define a quick because the amount of time people spend on it varies from person to person. Most of the time, a "quickie" means that you finish the game quickly.

You don't have to worry about how long sex should last if you want short-time sex.

Try these ideas if you're looking for short-time sex.

1. Positions that are good for the climax

Different positions may help some people reach climax faster than others, depending on their own preferences. If you want to have more penetrating sex, look for places where you can get closer. To be safe, pick a place where both of you can touch your favorite parts.

 2. Change things up.

It's what makes life interesting (and sex). The time and location of your sex sessions could be changed to spice things up a little more. It's up to you.

3. Avoid getting rid of everything at once.

Nakedness or near-nakedness isn't required for a sexual encounter to be good. Keep most of your clothes on to make the situation more intense and make you feel like you have less time. The two of you should try to fit into each other's jeans.

4. Speak up and share your ideas.

It's important to tell your partner what you want, even if you're running out of time. If a small spanking or a tug on the hair sends you over the edge, tell your partner.

5. Explore 

There are many ways to get quickly to a new place. You can touch a new place on your own or with your partner.

You might want to try:

  • Spank the hips gently while massaging the clitoris nipple with your hands.
  • One thing: Toys that are sexy.
  • Batteries-powered friends may be able to do better than humans at times. There are sexual aids that can help you have an orgasm quickly, like a vibrator.

Do you love long and passionate sex?

If you want to have sex for a long time in the right way.

You can use these ideas to help you move from a sprint to a marathon in your sex life!

1.  More time to play

In the bedroom, you might get more time if you keep your foreplay going longer.

Some things to try:

  • "Make Out" is a favorite.
  • A massage is a good thing to do for yourself.
  • You can rub each other down with ice cubes.
  • Play with your nipples, anus, testicles, neck, or other parts of your body as if they were a toy.
  • Role-play.
  • Get hit or slapped.

2. Try delaying your orgasm

As long as you use "delay the Big O Orgasm control," you can get near orgasm as long as you want, but you can also delay the real orgasm. Edging is a great way to make sex last longer, even if it takes a while to get the hang of. Because it's safe, you can do so.

3. Squeeze technique

The squeeze technique may help you hold off on ejaculating.

Here's how to do it:

  • Stop having sex before you have sex.
  • The joint between the head and the shaft of the penis should be pushed together, so do that.
  • After a few seconds of holding, the urge to ejaculate should go away.
  • Sexting should be on a resume.

In conclusion, how long sex should last can be determined by your body system, sex life, depending on the person you are having sex with, emotional feelings to your partner, and other related factors stated in this article. Remember, you can reduce or increase your sex duration if you want to either by eating healthy foods or by applying all these methods.

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