Facts about Laurie Holmond

Facts about Laurie Holmond 4

Full name  Laurie Holmond
First name  Laurie
Last name  Holmond
Nationality American 
Ethnicity African American 
Birth Country United States 
Gender  Female 
Relation With Snoop Dogg
No Of Children     1
Education Long Beach Polytechnic


Laurie Holmond's early life?

Laurie Holmond was born in 1973 in the United States of America. 

She is 49 years old this 2022.

When it comes to everything pertaining to her personal life, Laurie Holmond is a very private person. 

As a result, very little is known about her early years and her family. 

In actuality, Laurie Holmond is well-known throughout the world because of her connections to and relationships with the renowned American rapper Snoop Dogg.

How Old Is Laurie Holmond?

In 1976, Laurie Holmond was born. 

She will therefore be 49 years old in 2022.

Laurie Holmond's education?

It is only known, according to various stories, that Laurie Holmond went to the same high school as the illustrious Snoop Dogg. 

She does not have any online information regarding her primary school, college, or university.

Laurie's dating life with Snoop?

Snoop and Laurie, a former couple, first connected in high school. 

The two people were great friends before they got together.

Nevertheless, their relationship began to develop romantically as their closeness grew deeper. 

Despite staying in touch after college, it's been said that Laurie and Snoop separated.

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Laurie Holmond Networth ?

There is nothing online about Laurie Holmond's net worth because of her reclusive lifestyle. 

Nevertheless, she and her son are currently enjoying a very happy life. 

She most likely has a source of income, but no one is aware of what she does to make the money she does. 

We will keep you informed whenever it is made public in the interim.


Laurie's boyfriend cheated on her?

As long as Laurie didn't hear anything bad, everything was going fine between her and her partner.

Snoop, Laurie's partner, had been planning to wed Shante Taylor when Laurie received the news.

Snoop was contacted by the woman in order to officially confirm the marriage rumors.

She was devastated all over when the news was confirmed, sadly. 

Their relationship was great up until June 1998, Laurie said in an interview from 2008.

Snoop informed her that she couldn't understand after hearing the startling news on the radio.

Snoop's remarks were also acknowledged by Laurie, who said that she no longer had any dealings with him.

For the final time in nine months after she gave birth , Laurie hosted a one-on-one meeting with Snoop.

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Who is Julien Corrie Broadus?

 Julien Corrie Broadus is a son to Snoop Dogg and Laurie Holmond . 

In certain ways, Julien Corrie has followed in his father's footsteps. 

He currently plays basketball and goes by the rap name Teen Snoop.

The general consensus is that Julien Corrie Broadus no longer has any contact with his father. 

Teen Snoop claims that Snoop Dogg is an absentee parent who has neglected to check on him for a very long time. 

Growing up, Julien Corrie had hoped to be on his father's reality show, but that never materialized.

Julien Corrie occasionally posts video clips on his social media accounts. 

That is not the situation with Snoop Dogg, his father.

Is Snoop Dogg Still Married?

Yes. Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus are still together. 

Even though Snoop Dogg filed for divorce from his wife because of issues in their marriage years ago, he later changed his mind, and the couple now have children.

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Who is Shante Broadus?

Shante Broadus is Snoop Dogg's wife,They were married in 1997 and have children together now 


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