Rolling your underpants can help you manage the mess if you're short on space. It works well when you're travelling or trekking and only have a small amount of room for your essentials. 

Try the folding and rolling approach for larger pairs of underwear, like boxers or larger pants. Utilize the roll and tuck approach for smaller pairings.

1. Marie Kondo Method 

How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 1
How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 7

Marie Kondo, a specialist in home organizing, thinks that every article of clothing should be treated with the respect it deserves by being appreciated, touched, and stored properly.

She has taught us how to boost our closet game. Her folding technique, which results in fewer creases the more folds there are, is the most useful organizing tool she offers.

  1. Lay the pair flat on the floor in front of you.
  2. With the crotch side towards the waistband, fold in half lengthwise.
  3. Do the same with the left side after folding the right side to the centre.
  4. To make the crotch stand upright, fold it over once more.

2. Egg Roll Method 

How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 2
How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 8

Similar to the roll method, the egg roll approach can take a little bit longer and results in tighter-looking pants.

  1. Lay your underpants out with the waistband facing you and facing up.
  2. Note that the crotch should not be tucked in while folding the waistband three times inward.
  3. It should be turned over and laid flat with the crotch facing you and the backside up.
  4. Each waistband should be folded toward the point where they overlap.
  5. Once it is on top of the bundle, begin rolling the bottom edge.
  6. By inserting your thumbs inside the pocket and pushing the cloth along the rear of the pocket with your middle finger, you may effectively reverse the tight waistline folds by turning the bundle inside out three times

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3. Square Fold method

How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 3
How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 9

This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep your panties neat and organized, requiring only three easy steps and less than a minute.

  1. Put on underwear Smooth it out face up on a level surface with the crotch facing you.
  2. Fold the bottom in half so that the crotch and waistband meet in the middle.
  3. To form a nice tiny square, fold each edge toward the centre, overlapping one another.

4. Army Fold

How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 4
How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 10

This technique is perfect for underwear with more fabric because it keeps your larger pairs tidy, unwrinkled, and arranged in no time.

  1. Smooth out your underwear by laying it on top with the crotch facing you.
  2. Once the waistline is folded (it will be helpful at the end).
  3. Fold one side toward the centre and the other side in the opposite direction.
  4. Underwear bottoms should be rolled up toward the centre of the waistline.
  5. The rolled piece should be tucked into the waistband.

5. The Roll Method

How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 5
How To Roll Underwears | 5 Simple Steps 11

When you're pressed for time, rolling can be your greatest option because it's one of the simplest and most practical strategies.

To keep your drawers organized, it produces cylinder-shaped bundles of panties that may be piled on top of one another.

  1. Lay the underwear out flat with the waistband facing right and the crotch side facing left, 90 degrees vertically up on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the crotch in half and bring it to the waistline. Spread it out.
  3. The bottom side should be rolled away from you to form a cylinder-shaped bundle.

Thongs, boxers, and briefs are other styles that can be a bit more difficult to fold, but don't worry; we've got you covered with the simplest folding technique.

How To Fold Thongs

Similar to the square approach, this thong folding method is quick, easy to stack, and extremely basic.

  1. Smoothly place the thong face down with the waistband at the top.
  2. Fold the crotch in half so that it reaches the waistline.
  3. Fold each side toward the centre, where they will overlap and form a tight square.

How to Fold Boxers/Briefs

Given that there is typically more fabric involved, briefs can be a little more to fold but using a technique similar to the square fold, you can quickly make a tidy square fold.

  1. Lay your brief face down, crotch toward you.
  2. Where the crotch meets the waistband, fold it in half.
  3. Turn to the side and fold the sides (more than twice if needed, depending on the size and amount of fabric)

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It's necessary to fold additional clothing and accessories, like bras and bralettes, to maintain an ordered closet. This goes beyond just keeping your underwear drawer neat.

Now that you understand why and how to fold your underwear, it's time to improve your home organization and rearrange your schedule so that you can be the best version of yourself. 

Decluttering our personal spaces is the first step in leading a stress-free life; after all, you don't have time to worry about wrinkly underwear. Wear seamless underwear to save time and space and go rock it!

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