Zobo drink is a familiar beverage loved by Nigerians. It is produced from dried roselle or sorrel leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa). This bright red drink is loved both for every day and as a refreshment drink at parties. This drink has many advantages: available, affordable, tasty, and refreshing, and also has a lot of healthy benefits.

How do you take your Zobo? Hot with a handful of chin chin? Cold with a spoonful of sugar? If you are a Zobo fan, there is good news coming out of the medical field.

This drink has many advantages such that it is, affordable, and available. Zobo is not only used for refreshments but can also be used to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels, calm the nerves, reduce stress, weight loss, and improve sex drive.

Zobo drink and pregnancy are very important topics to discuss. Is zobo drink good for a pregnant woman or dangerous? Does zobo drink cause miscarriage? The answers to these questions are below.

What is a zobo drink?

Zobo drink is prepared from the petals of hibiscus. The tradition of brewing hibiscus petals has existed for a very long time, people love and appreciate this plant very much.

Another name of the zobo is the Sudanese rose. Tea from this plant is popular in the Mediterranean, South America, Arab countries. The drink tones quickly quench thirst. It is nice to drink it hot or cold. Some people consider it 'a cure for all diseases'. But what is good for some can be dangerous for others.

Zobo Drink Preparation

This drink is a favourite of most Nigerians because it is cheap and rather simple to make. To prepare this drink you take about three handfuls of dried red roselle leaves and rinse them in a bowl of water because they can appear rather dusty most times. Then you boil them in about half a pot of water for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the water boils it turns a deep shade of red, you place a strainer over a bowl and pour into it. Allow it to seat for a while to cool down and add flavour, sweeteners, and spices based on your choice.

Some people prefer to consume theirs without any form of artificial flavours or sweeteners others don't mind using them. It is mostly served chilled as that is the best form of preserving this drink once it is made.

Zobo drink in pregnancy

Morning attacks of nausea and constant weakness are familiar to most future mothers.

When pregnant, the sour taste and mild calming effect of Zobo drink slightly alleviate these symptoms.

But in parallel with this, the aroma and taste of the drink can provoke an individual intolerance or an allergic reaction. Even if before tea from hibiscus was your favourite drink, during pregnancy the possibility of opposite sensations is not excluded.

Effect of zobo drink on pregnancy

  • lowering blood pressure
  • mild soothing effect
  • lowering cholesterol
  • light strengthening effect
  • increase of haemoglobin as a result of better absorption of iron
  • strengthening of the vascular walls

Can Pregnant Women Drink Zobo?

Zobo is not recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester or those who are undergoing fertility treatments.

This is because it can lower levels of oestrogen in the body and can prompt menstruation which could ultimately lead to a miscarriage. Those in their first trimester especially should avoid drinking this drink.

After the first trimester, when the pregnancy is established, zobo may be safe for pregnant women and could deliver some potential benefits.

Dangers of drinking zobo for future mothers:

  1. Decreased pressure, especially in women with an initially low level
  2. exacerbation of chronic kidney disease or cystitis
  3. An increased outflow of bile provokes spasms of the bile ducts, exacerbates liver disease
  4. Stomach pains due to increased acidity
  5. Allergic rash and itching with individuals intolerance
  6. It can cause miscarriage as it lowers oestrogen in the body, so it can prompt menstruation that could ultimately lead to losing the baby.

On the one hand, the drink gives a positive general strengthening effect, works as a mild sedative, helps fight with increased blood pressure, but it does not suit people with kidney and gastrointestinal diseases. Someone can develop an allergy.

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