For many Nigerians, Milo is an iconic food. It’s a delicious malt drink, taken either warm or cold.

Exactly how to prepare Milo is well-argued between many Nigerians. But there’s always been the question:

is Milo safe during pregnancy?

Yes, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t replace a healthy, balanced diet.

Being careful about what you consume is one of the major concerns for an expecting mother. You would want to make sure whatever you consume is safe for you and the unborn baby.

So after some extensive research and surveys, I found the answers I was looking for.

Now we’ll explore the question many craving mothers are asking: Is Milo safe during pregnancy?

Benefits of drinking Milo during pregnancy

Milo is promoted as having a low glycemic index (GI).

GI measures the effects of certain foods on blood glucose levels.

Low GI foods promote a slower rise in blood glucose, which sustains energy for longer.

This low GI rating only applies when Milo is mixed with skim or reduced-fat milk.

Milo states it provides 10% of daily protein and suggests it ‘helps nourish growing bones’.

Milo also boasts eight essential vitamins and minerals.

The manufacturers claim this is ‘to support effective energy release in the body’.

Here are Milo’s vitamins and minerals, each with the percentage of recommended daily intake (RDI):

  • B2 (40%)
  • B3 (32%)
  • B6 (35%)
  • B12 (50%)
  • C (32%)
  • D (32%)
  • Calcium (50%)
  • Iron (34%)
  • Phosphorus (33%).

(Based on an average adult diet of 8700kj)

The company also states on the tin: ‘Milo boosts the calcium of milk by 70%’. Many pregnant mothers like to believe the iron in Milo is beneficial for them and their growing babies. Unfortunately, calcium from the milk prohibits the absorption of iron.

When to stop taking Milo during pregnancy?

We’ve answered the question: Is Milo safe during pregnancy? but should you stop having it?

Ideally, Milo should remain a ‘sometimes’ food during pregnancy, rather than something you have several times a day. Made with milk, Milo has the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of sugar. These are empty calories that have no nutritional benefits.

Although dairy milk does have some nutritional benefits, there are other ways to get calcium and minerals into your diet. If your weight gain during pregnancy is a concern, you might be at a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes. In that case, it’s wise to stop taking Milo during pregnancy and choose healthier options.

Craving Milo during pregnancy

If you’re craving a Milo during pregnancy, don’t worry.

You can drink Milo, hot or cold; just try to limit the number of Milos you have. And don’t add sugar to your Milo!

If you need to watch the calories, try replacing Milo with cacao powder and a small amount of honey or coconut sugar.

Thanks for reading through. Don't forget to drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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