It is pertinent to note that Agbo EDA Fun is a Yoruba word for SPERM LEAKAGE.

Semen loss occurs frequently during sexual activity. There are other issues that could result in semen leakage. While some may not necessarily require any kind of medical intervention at all, others may have a direct cause that can be treated.

One of the most frequent problems that men experience is sperm leakage. Sperm leakage is more likely in a variety of situations, including urinating, using the restroom, and when your sex drive is at its peak. 

Having a clear understanding of what is causing the sperm leakage is always advised. This is due to the fact that sperm leakage occasionally serves as a sign of an STI.

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Causes Of Sperm Leakage

Below are the major causes of sperm Leakage (EDA)

1. A negative effect of a drug

The ejaculation can alter after taking specific medications. For instance, some medications can cause erectile dysfunction, a lack of sexual desire, or semen leakage.

Depending on the Antidepressantsdepressants dosage, type, and combination with other medications, these side effects may occur.

If you are currently taking one of these medications, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of doing so as well as any potential side effects.

Some examples of such drugs are:

  1. Antidepressants are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
  2. Calming medications
  3. Hormone therapy


According to the most recent recommendations, both psychotherapy and medication are viable options for treating depression. Only one of these therapies, either just psychotherapy or just medication, may result in improvements in between 30 and 40% of patients. The most efficient approach, though, is thought to be a combination of the two

Never stop taking an Antipsychotic drug or other antidepressants without first consulting your physician.

Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about the immediate and long-term effects of a specific medication to learn about your options.

Additionally, you can talk about any alternative therapies that might be an option for you.

2. Prostrate problems

The prostrate gland is the gland that creates semen to assist sperm transportation through the urethra and out of the penis.

Numerous health issues can affect your prostate. Prostatitis and prostate cancer are two examples of these issues.

The prostate is inflamed and increases in size in prostate disease. It may be brought on by:

  1. Bacterial contamination
  2. Anything that incites an inflammatory and immune response
  3. A nerve damage

Prostate cancer seems to be highly affected by specific genetic changes. Similar to prostatitis, prostate cancer can result in:

  1. Urination issues
  2. Suffering from pelvic pain
  3. Variations in ejaculation
  4. Semen with blood


Treatment for prostate cancer is much more difficult. Since prostate cancer typically grows slowly, no treatment may initially be advised. Regular examinations and tests are part of an approach called "active surveillance" that looks to see how the cancer is developing.

Depending on the stage of cancer, treatments' efficacy and side effects can change. The prostate may then need to be surgically removed.

3. Seminal leaking after urination

Leakage after urination is a frequent condition that some men experience. Typically, this is not harmful. However, you should consult a doctor right away if you're worried that the fluid leak may not be semen but rather discharge connected to an injury or infection, such as an STI.

Semen leakage after urination can have other causes as well. After your last ejaculation, some semen might still be present in your urethra. Moving it along only requires urinating.

Also possible is retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, semen flows into your bladder rather than out of your penis. Urine becomes cloudy as a result of this usually.


Unless you're trying to conceive a child, you might not need treatment if the condition is caused by retrograde ejaculation. Your retrograde ejaculation's underlying cause will also affect your treatment options. It might be more challenging to treat ejaculation changes brought on by prostate or pelvic surgery.

However, studies have indicated that some drugs can be beneficial. Although they were intended for other uses, midodrine, a medication for low blood pressure, and chlorpheniramine (Tetramethyl - p), a medication for allergies, are frequently used to treat backward ejaculation.

4. A nervous system injury

Your ejaculation may change as a result of a nervous system injury, which can cause semen to leak. The nerves responsible for ejaculation may be impacted by advanced age, infections, injuries, and surgery on the spinal cord or groin.

Ejaculation requires intricate interactions between the brain, spinal cord, and nerves to take place. Nerve-damaging medical conditions, such as high blood sugar and stroke, can alter sexual function and ejaculation.


The best chance for improvement is to treat the underlying problem. Nerve damage brought on by infection or inflammation may recover over time. It may be much more difficult to treat nerve damage brought on by surgery, cancer treatment, or diseases of the nervous system.

5. Wet dreams

In a man's adolescence and occasionally into his 20s. Wet dreams are a common occurrence in men. Another name for it is Nocturnal emission.

When you're sleeping, you uncontrollably ejaculate semen, which is known as nocturnal emission. It may occur if your sheets stimulate your genitalia or if you have a sexual dream. Instead of a full ejaculation from a wet dream, there might be some semen leakage.


Most men and boys who have nocturnal emissions don't require any kind of treatment. When you enter your 20s, they typically become less frequent. However, they might happen more frequently when you're having fewer sex sessions or less frequent masturbation.

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Even though it occasionally causes a mess and discomfort, semen leakage can be normal. You may outgrow it if you're a young man. Ask your doctor about any recommended screenings for general health if you are over 40.

Take note and consult your doctor if you've noticed a change in the volume or frequency of semen leakage or other changes in your ejaculation.

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