Odogwu Bitters is an energy enhancer that boosts libido and contains antioxidants that support the body's digestive system as well as have flu-fighting properties.

A herbal liquor that was allegedly created for the common folk has evolved into a luxury item on par with champagnes and other fine wines. Hence, ODOGWU's name!

Odogwu bitters are 30% alcoholic and have a distinct flavour that makes them ideal for straight consumption as well as cocktail mixing.

Ingredients Used In Odogwu Bitters:

  1. Honey and
  2. Ginger

The Owner Of Odogwu Bitters

Obi Cubana, one of Nigeria's young billionaires, is not the owner of the brand; rather, it is owned and produced by IKI Leads, owned by Chief Innocent Owunali, a Nigerian billionaire.

How Many Bottles Do Odogwu Bitters Have?

  1. 24 Bottles
  2. Odogwu Bitters Herbal Drink- 200ml - 24 Bottles.

When Was Odogwu Bitters Launched?

The above said alcoholic drink was launched on  March 22nd, 2022, but plenty of advertising was made before then.

One of the five new beverages the Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur has launched in 2022 is Odogwu bitters.

How Good Is Odogwu Bitters?

One can perform in bed longer as a result. Odogwu bitters is an alcoholic herbal beverage that also contains conventional herbal ingredients like honey and ginger. This mixture has been tried and tested for a quick and effective reaction.

When To Drink Odogwu Bitters.

It contains an ancient herbal mix that also includes honey and ginger. Ginger and honey also aid digestion thereby making Odogwu bitters a good drink after a meal. Ginger and honey help in fighting inflammation in the body.

Where Is Odogwu Bitters Produced?

Brand Spur Nigeria has learned that IKI Leads, owned by billionaire Innocent Onwunali, is the owner and producer of Odogwu Bitters.

IKI Leads is a Nigerian business that specializes in the distillation, blending, packaging, and marketing of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Chief Innocent Onwunali is the sole shareholder of IKI Leads.

Price of Odogwu Bitters

The cost of Odogwu Bitters beverages varies depending on which varieties you can afford. It costs between N7,000 and N15,000 per carton.

While a 200ml bottle of Odogwu bitters costs about N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira) in many Nigerian stores.

Health Benefits Of Odogwu Bitters

  1. Odogwu Bitters is a libido-booster, an energy enhancer, and a source of antioxidants that support the body's digestive system and can help the body fight the flu and the common cold.
  2. Odogwu Bitters also help to strengthen the immune system and may also aid in stress reduction, blood sugar regulation, and weight loss promotion.
  3. Odogwu Bitters is a category of herbal alcoholic beverage made from an old herbal concoction that also contains honey and ginger. This recipe is dependable and has been shown to deliver a quick and noticeable result in the body.

Side Effects Of Odogwu Bitters

The fact that Odogwu Bitters is bad for ulcer patients is one of its main side effects. It has ginger and a small amount of ethanol. These two make stomach ulcers worse. 

Stomach ulcers can also be brought on by consuming Odogwu bitters in excess. Additionally, it is not advisable to drink when you are hungry.

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Liquor and Odogwu Bitters should not be consumed by people who have been diagnosed with fatty liver.

It helps to increase libido and offers antioxidants that benefit the body's digestive system.

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