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Getting pregnantHow to Use Homemade pregnancy test with salt?

How to Use Homemade pregnancy test with salt?


Homemade pregnancy test with salt are useful if you can't get a pregnancy test strip fast enough

Want to know quickly if you're pregnant or not? You may not have the time to run to the pharmacy to get some test strips, and the doctor may also be too far away. You might just want to find out quickly if you're expecting a baby or not. If that should be the case, you can find out completely if you're pregnant with one ingredient in your kitchen — salt!

Why bother with a homemade pregnancy test with Salt?

Okay, you may be wondering why you shouldn't go to the try and trusted places like (doctor, GP, and midwives) to find out if you're pregnant. The thing is testing pregnancy at the comfort of your home gives you the result you want and the privacy of your own. Whether you want to have a baby or not, the entire process can cause a nervous breakdown.

A homemade pregnancy test with salt will easily satisfy your curiosity and give you the answers you're searching for in a familiar space — your house.

Things to do before you test pregnancy with salt

You have to wait until the body starts to produce sufficient amounts of the hCG hormone to get accurate results. This will happen for a week after you miss your period. Anything less than a week and wrong results could be obtained.

Precise results will also depend heavily on your urine concentration, meaning you shouldn't drink too much water before taking the test. Too much water can dilute your urine, making it difficult to get the right results. If you want to know how to test your pregnancy with salt, this is a fact to note.

How does this test work?

It's natural to wonder how the whole thing works if this is your first time learning how to test pregnancy with salt. You may be cynical at first, but that's okay, too! The notion that salt— something everyone has at home — will act like a pregnancy test anyway doesn't sound that persuasive. The hCG hormone can respond when it comes into contact with salt, which should let you know if you are pregnant or not.

Things you need for a homemade pregnancy test with salt

The good part is that you don't have to go out and buy anything.  While learning how to test pregnancy with salt, you should have learned that all you need is in your kitchen.

You’ll need:

  • Time to time the duration of the test (your phone timer will do a fine job)!
  • Your first (preferably early morning) urine
  • A clear, transparent cup or jar
  • 2 pinches of salt


Pregnancy Test With SaltWith just two pinches of salt, you can get your pregnancy test done at home

How to test pregnancy with salt – the procedure

  1. 1. Urinate into the clear container or cup (remember that fresh, early morning urine works best)
  2. Add two pinches of salt to the urine sample
  3. Stir the salt-urine combo to mix it well
  4. Set the timer to 5 minutes and wait till the time elapses
  5. Watch for changes
So, are you pregnant or not?

It's a sign that you're pregnant if you notice a milky foam in the mixture. But if the urine remains plain and unformed, you may not be pregnant.

What should you do after you find out you're pregnant?

Learning how to test pregnancy with salt is a fast and inexpensive way to know if you're pregnant. You may still need to get some blood tests to know for sure in the clinic, however. Home testing may be easy, but not foolproof and proven scientifically. To test if you are pregnant revisit a doctor for further verification, it is always best to get a full pregnancy kit.



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