Pregnancy test with sugar is one of the easiest methods to test if you're pregnant from the comfort of your own home. It is a reliable way to detect pregnancy and doesn't require elaborate processes. Things you need, Clean bowl, Three tbsps Sugar, and First-morning urine.
Homemade Pregnancy tests with sugar are popular topics among women these days. You may have heard about it from friends or read it elsewhere, but don't know how to do a pregnancy test with sugar properly.
What has helped this kind of test into vogue is the readily available household materials with which it is carried out. And so can be done in a quick and timely fashion.
Even pregnancy can catch you off guard. But then here you are, busy in the morning with the household chores, treating most of the rising symptoms of pregnancy.  And you want to do a pregnancy test with  some degree of privacy quickly, this method could solve that. 
Pregnancy test with sugar

How to do a pregnancy test with sugar


Pregnancy test with sugar is hassle-free. But before we dive in, what is a sugar pregnancy test?


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 What is a sugar pregnancy test?

The sugar pregnancy test, using two readily available ingredients: sugar  and urine, is a do-it-yourself way to know if you're pregnant. The sugar pregnancy test can detect the presence of a pregnancy hormone known as chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in humans.

What is human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)?

The HCG is Often known as the growth hormone , and it can only be detected ten days after fertilisation.  It shows If you are pregnant or not. Additionally, HCG tells the body to maintain an elevated level of progesterone so you don't have your period and release the fetus.

Do you know the early pregnancy symptoms?  Nausea, exhaustion and tender breasts? The increase in HCG rates is responsible for all the symptoms. The HCG hormones also sustain the baby after birth, through breast milk.

Things you need for a pregnancy test with sugar

  • White sugar
  • A neat, sterilized bowl
  • The first-morning urine of the day

Procedures for doing a pregnancy test with sugar

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Be sure the first urine of the day is what you are about to use. Which plays a significant part in the test. That is because the first urine of the day produces the largest HCG hormone levels.

  • In your clean, sterilized cup, add two or three table cubits of sugar.
  • Urinate the early morning urine inside the sterilized tub, pour directly on the sugar.
  • Wait a minimum of 3-5 minutes before attempting to analyze your tests.

How to interpret the result of a pregnancy test with sugar

The sugar can form into a clump after you pour your urine on it. This suggests that your urine sample contains HCG hormone which means you are pregnant. But if the sugar dissolves, this means that HCG is not present. This means you're not pregnant.

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Factors that can affect your result?


Procedures are strictly followed for a reason. One misstep can affect your results.

  • Make sure that you urinate straight into the sterilized tub. Do not urinate somewhere else until pouring into the cup to prevent contamination.
  • Don't use any time of urine only your first-morning urine and not second or third urine of the day.
  • Don't drink excessive water in the morning that can force you to urinate. Taking water excessively will force out urine in the morning it might temper results. Because the urine becomes too diluted with too much water and little HCG hormone it might result in in-accurate result.
  • The test must be done after you're very sure you have missed your period. Also not too soon after a missed period. Maximum of 10 days after your last menstrual period.

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How accurate is a pregnancy test with sugar?

Pregnancy is a life-changing moment for many women. It's understandable you're curious to learn your pregnancy status, but it's best to opt for a more accurate check.

No actual scientific evidence is available that ascertains whether a pregnancy test with sugar is accurate and effective. In the meantime, you can only take this pregnancy test, so be sure to see your doctor if you get the chance or have any concerns.

Source: Healthline

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