A fungus is the source of the infection known as jock itch. It's a type of ringworm that like to reside on your body in warm, humid areas. 

Another name for it is tinea cruris. It is more likely to affect those who sweat a lot, are overweight, or have eczema, a skin ailment.

Its name comes from the fact that it affects male athletes frequently. However, you don't have to be a guy or play a sport to understand it.

Symptoms of Jock Itch

It usually appears on the anus, inner thighs, or groin. These signs include:

  1. Burning and itching
  2. A circular rash that is red, scaly, and has elevated edges
  3. Skin that is flaking, peeling or cracked.

Diagnosis of Jock Itch

When your doctor examines the skin rash and learns about your symptoms, they might be able to determine what you have. Rarely, a skin sample may be taken so a technician can examine it under microscopy.

Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch

It's time to handle that uncomfortable condition if you're scratchy or moist down there. The best underwear for jock itch must be chosen.

Sometimes picking underwear involves much more than simply your favourite colour or style. Unfortunately, many men choose their boxers or briefs incorrectly. You must be aware of the significance of the right fabric, fit, and what you intend to perform. More than just their level of comfort is involved.

Please don't feel embarrassed; every man experiences a jock itch at some point in his life. Being here is a big step since you'll learn about the best underwear for jock itch prevention as well as what exactly makes underwear prevent jock itch.

The best underwears to prevent jock itch are:

  1. Cotton
  2. Silk
  3. Modal
  4. Bamboo

Because they are:


One of jock itch's biggest friends is moisture. To fast dry out a sweat, you must use a material that is permeable to air.

Cotton and polyester are the ideal fabrics for quick-drying underwear that are breathable. To prevent and treat jock itch, polyester and cotton materials must have micro-mesh patterns.

Reduces Tightness:

Some people wear tights throughout the winter because they feel warm and help with muscular compression, which is good for their workout.

On the other hand, wearing tight underwear could cause the material to brush against your skin, inflaming the area, preventing the sweat from drying, and resulting in a jock itch.

The good news is that the best jock itch underwear on the market has a reliable shape. Since it doesn't brush against your skin, it allows for ample ventilation and mobility while preventing jock itch.


I believe that modal is the ideal material for underwear for jock itch. Bamboo is one of the greatest options, in my opinion. They both dry extremely rapidly and are incredibly soft and breathable.

Synthetic underwear, such as modal or polyester, is intended to be the most breathable for jock itch.

Although it is soft and airy, cotton absorbs sweat, and as we all know, moisture is a significant cause of jock itch.

The following Underwears will help prevent jock itch

1. Danish Endurance Men's bamboo trunks 

5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 1
5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 7


1. 69% bamboo viscose, 30% polyamide, and 1% elastane.

2. These boxers will keep you relaxed, cool, dry, and hassle-free throughout the day, whether you're at work, going about your daily business, or working out.

3. The boxers' no-fly design offers the best support for exercise and an active lifestyle.

4. Eco-friendly, soft, and breathable.

5. They are incredibly soft and absorbent bamboo trunks. You stay cool and fresh thanks to the bamboo's breathability qualities. 

6. High comfort is guaranteed by the softly brushed elastic waistband, which also guards against irritation and unwanted bunching.

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2. ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxers

5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 2
5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 8


1. 94% nylon and 6% spandex.

2. This moisture-wicking, breathable men's boxer shorts are perfect for any occasion that calls for comfort, freshness, or travel.

3. Antimicrobial odour-reducing treatment keeps boxers feeling more refreshed for longer.

4. Improved ventilation and moisture-wicking mesh keep you dry.

5. You can wash, go, and pack fewer thanks to quick-drying fabric that is ready to wear in a matter of hours.

6. A stretchable and shape-retaining waistband provides durability.

3. Clevedaur Men Antimicrobial Lenzing Modal Underwear 

5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 3
5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 9


1. Spandex 8%, Lenzing Micro Modal 92%

2. The Lenzing Company changed the sticker from Lenzing Modal to Tencel, which feels so right for one of the softest and lightest men's underwear brands.

3. Underwear made of breathable, moisture-wicking material keeps you dry and comfortable all day.

4. Men's 3D pouch underwear supports your items.

5. Men's boxer briefs with tagless construction, no side or back seams, and no chafing are more comfortable.

6. Boxer briefs with a fabric crotch that is horizontal make movement more comfortable.

4. Jinshi Men's Bamboo Boxer Briefs

5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 4
5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 10


1. Soft, Breathable Bamboo Fiber, 95% Bamboo Fiber + 5% Spandex

2. Lightweight, Supportive Tagless for quick drying and itch-free comfort.

3. If you do sweat in them, they dry rapidly.

4. The leg cut is just short enough to prevent the riding and bunching of the material.

5. Calvin Klein Men's Microfiber Stretch

5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 5
5 Best Underwear To Prevent Jock Itch 11


  1. 10% Elastane and 90% Polyester
  2. Pull-On fastening
  3. Automatic Wash
  4. Calvin Klein elastic waistband with logo
  5. Boxer brief outline
  6. Comfy silky microfibre material
  7. contour bag

Jock Itch Treatment

Jockey itch might persist for months if you don't address it. However, over-the-counter medications referred to as antifungals can typically resolve it in a few weeks. They come as sprays, powders, and lotions.

 Follow these guidelines to heal more quickly:

  1. Keep the area dry and spotless.
  2. After cleaning it, dry it with a fresh towel.
  3. On the remainder of your body, use a different towel.
  4. Read the medication label before applying, then follow the instructions.
  5. Use it for the full advised duration; if you stop using it sooner, the illness might return.

If you don't feel better after a couple of weeks, consult your doctor. Perhaps you need stronger medication.

Jock Itch Avoidance

Jockey itch can be prevented by adopting healthy habits:

  1. Bathe. Shower or take a bath every day, as well as after exercising or participating in sports.
  1. Keep dry. With a fresh towel, dry the region around your groin. Consult your doctor before using a powder antifungal.
  1. Avoid sharing. Keep your towels and other personal items to yourself.
  1. Put on clean clothing. Sports uniforms or fitness attire should be washed after each use. If you perspire a lot, change your underwear more frequently than once a day. Make sure the cups and athletic supporters are spotless.
  1. Wear loose-fitting clothing and underwear instead. They can chafe and rub your skin, increasing your risk of developing a jock itch. If you wear briefs, think about switching to boxers.
  1. Jockey itch can also be brought on by other fungal infections, such as athlete's foot (tinea pedis), which can travel to your groin.

To prevent that, follow these actions:

  1. Use antifungal athlete's foot medication to treat the infection.
  2. To dry your feet, either uses a different towel or dry your groin first.
  3. So that it doesn't touch your bare feet, put on socks before donning underwear.

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I suggest Danish Endurance Underwear since these boxer briefs are odour-eliminating and moisture-wicking and don't rub against your skin. all you require to avoid jock itch.

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