Igbo Kwenu! Asusu Igbo amaka!

The Igbo people are a majority tribe from the southeastern part of Nigeria. At times, before naming our boy child we all put the events/circumstances surrounding the child’s birth into consideration before naming him. As the Igbo’s are also deeply religious, most Igbo names have a Chi (God) connotation.

There are several different Igbo names for boys that all have the same meaning. Take, for example, a traditional name such as Chinedu has its recent versions as Chidumaga and Chidumeje, but they all mean the same thing!

Nowadays every family and parent are now sceptics to use anyhow baby names because the majority of us want to choose meaningful and special names for our boys because it boosts their self-esteem and restores Glory to the family.

At bornfertilelady.com we've listed 50 special Igbo names for boys that you can choose from

Igbo names for boys

Igbo names for boys

  1. Achebe >>>>>>>>>> To protect.
  2. Kanayochukuw >>>>>>>>>> Let’s keep begging God.
  3. Dumetochukwu >>>>>>>>>> Join me in praising the Lord.
  4. Dike >>>>>>>>>> A brave man.
  5. Obiageli >>>>>>>>>> Someone in the midst of wealth.
  6. Uzoamaka >>>>>>>>>> The journey is good.
  7. Nebeolisa >>>>>>>>>> Look up to God
  8. Ibekwe >>>>>>>>>> If others would allow me.
  9. Osondu >>>>>>>>>> One who’s always on the run.
  10. 10.Gboliwe >>>>>>>>>> Rejoice.
  1. Onochie >>>>>>>>>> A male child who replaces a dead relative
  2. Okwudilichukwu >>>>>>>>>> Leave your fight to God
  3. Azikiwe >>>>>>>>>> Better to be Angry than hateful
  4. Ifesinachi >>>>>>>>>> A gift from God.
  5. chisonari… >>>>>>>>>> God is sweeter
  6. `16. chikamso.. >>>>>>>>>>.Am following God
  7. chinonye… >>>>>>>>>> God be with me
  8. chidubem.. >>>>>>>>>>.God guide me
  9. chigozie.. >>>>>>>>>>. God bless
  10. chidumeje. >>>>>>>>>>..God is leading me
  11. chikaima. >>>>>>>>>>.. only God we know
  12. fesochukwu… >>>>>>>>>> serve God only
  13. naetochukwu.. >>>>>>>>>>. keep praising God
  14. Chikasinma.. >>>>>>>>>>. God is the best
  15. chisomebi… >>>>>>>>>> God dwells with me
  16. chisonari.. >>>>>>>>>>.God is sweeter
  17. chikamso… >>>>>>>>>> Am following God
  18. chinonye.. >>>>>>>>>>.God be with me
  19. chidubem… >>>>>>>>>> God guide me
  20. chigozie.. >>>>>>>>>>. God bless
  21. chidumeje.. >>>>>>>>>>.God is leading me
  22. chikaima… >>>>>>>>>> only God we know
  23. fesochukwu… >>>>>>>>>> serve God only
  24. naetochukwu.. >>>>>>>>>>. keep praising God
  25. Chikasinma… >>>>>>>>>> God is the best
  26. chisomebi… >>>>>>>>>> God dwells with me
  27. Ifechukwu (Ifeh)- >>>>>>>>>> -Light of God/Love of God
  28. Zeluwa (Zel)- >>>>>>>>>> -Be cautious of the world
  29. Raluchukwu (Ral)– >>>>>>>>>> Leave all to God
  30. Iyorachukwu (Yora)– >>>>>>>>>> Ask God for all
  31. Kosidinna/Kosisochukwu)– >>>>>>>>>> – As it pleases the lord.
  32. Tasiobi (Tasie)– >>>>>>>>>> Be strong of heart
  33. Kasiobi (Kassie)– >>>>>>>>>> Strong of heart
  34. Nwakego (Kego)- >>>>>>>>>> -A child is priceless
  35. Nkemdilim (Kemdy)— >>>>>>>>>> Let mine be precious to me
  36. Chidumeje (Dumeje, CJ, Chidum)– >>>>>>>>>> The lord leads me
  37. Kenechukwu (Kenny, KC) >>>>>>>>>> Thank the Lord
  38. Jayamma (Jaya, Jay, Mma)—- >>>>>>>>>> Give praises to God
  39. Zinachi )—- >>>>>>>>>> Show that my God is alive
  40. Jachike >>>>>>>>>>  Give praise to God/ Hail God

Do you find the right Igbo names for boys among the ones we have listed or if you know of any other suitable Igbo boys names let us know? In the comment box below.

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