Here is one of the favourite gadgets of parents: the video baby monitor. Much more popular than their colleagues with audio baby monitors, these devices are increasingly efficient and offer very practical options. What could be more stressful than watching a baby ... For those who want to sweeten these moments, you will not find a better ally than a video baby monitor. The models offered on the market generally have the same functionality, even the designs are very similar. That's why we've created this review to help you choose from a ton of different models, prices, and brands. Let's discover together the eight best video baby monitors of 2021, with of course several different ranges.

Our selection at a glance:

  • The best video baby monitor in any category: Philips Avent SCD833 / 01
  • The best video baby monitor without waves: Babymoov YOO See
  • The best baby monitor video quality/price ratio: GHB
  • The best inexpensive video baby monitoriLifeSmart

  1. Philips Avent SCD833 / 01 - Parents' favourite video baby monitor
  2. Boifun - The video baby monitor with the best features
  3. VTech XL Ourson - The best multifunctional video baby monitor
  4. ieGeek - The best wireless HD video baby monitor   on the market
  5. GHB   - One of the best value for money video baby monitors
  6. iLifeSmart - The best inexpensive video baby monitor
  7. Babymoov YOO See - The best video baby monitor without waves
  8. Hello Baby HB32  - The wireless baby monitor that keeps its promises
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Pregnancyvitamins strives with each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the product best suited to your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No product in our selection is sponsored.

How did we make our selection of the best video baby monitors?

Here are the criteria we took into account to choose the best baby monitors:

  • Portability: we have made sure to find models of baby monitors with a fairly wide range because it is for this reason that we buy these devices. Sufficient portability reaches around 250 meters outdoors, and 50 meters indoors. None of our models are below these numbers.
  • Baby monitor type: we have taken care to meet everyone's needs. You will see, each model meets a specific need, each model is different. That's why we looked for the best products in each category: classic baby monitor, high-end, entry price, WiFi, wireless, without waves, original design… There really is something for everyone and this review is for you. will give a complete picture of the world of video baby monitors.
  • Recognized brands: when we talk about baby products and which in addition may have safety issues, we prefer to rely on trusted brands, because this is a way to be sure of the quality offered. It is easier to obtain information on the technologies used and especially to have a rigorous follow-up in the event of a possible problem.
  • The best video baby monitors without waves: we wanted to highlight models with a minimum of waves emitted. This is why you will not find any video baby monitor that is not equipped with the VOX mode, a very useful tool to save the use of the camera. Indeed, the device will automatically go into standby when your baby does not move and will start filming when your baby wakes up and moves or emits sounds.
  • Interesting features: today, manufacturers are making great efforts to offer you innovative and increasingly practical models. It would be a shame not to take advantage of these functions, especially since we really need help when it comes to taking care of the baby. Indeed, there are models with temperature monitoring, so that baby does not have to suffer from this factor. Others offer cloud services in order to be able to view past moments, without storage limit. As you will have understood, the functions are very carefully designed to offer you the best services.

Philips Avent SCD833 / 01 - Parents' favourite video baby monitor

1. Philips Avent SCD833 / 01 - Parents' favourite video baby monitor

  • Two screen sizes
  • High-quality sound, video
  • Elegant design  
  • Maximum security
  • Does not display the time
  • No light projection

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Boifun - The video baby monitor with the best features

2. Boifun - The video baby monitor with the best features

  • Innovative options
  • Correct price
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Images with clippings
  • Does not display the time

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The Best Video Baby Monitors According to a Mom 43. VTech XL Ourson - The best multifunctional video baby monitor

  • WiFi-friendly
  • Practical alerts
  • 4 more cameras


  • Strong luminosity

ieGeek - The best wireless HD video baby monitor on the market

4. ieGeek - The best wireless HD video baby monitor on the market

  • Long-distance tracking
  • Camera full HD
  • Service cloud
  • Motion detector
  • WiFi security
  • only in English

GHB - One of the best value for money video baby monitors

5. GHB - One of the best value for money video baby monitors

  • Price-quality ratio
  • Various functions
  • Manual in French
  • Lightweight monitor
  • 55 ° angle
  • Design
  • No clamp

6.iLifeSmart - The best inexpensive video baby monitor

6.iLifeSmart - The best inexpensive video baby monitor

  • Little price
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Good quality video and sound
  • Design simple
  • No motion detector

Babymoov YOO See - The best video baby monitor without waves7. Babymoov YOO See - The best video baby monitor without waves

  • Transmission without waves
  • Kit mural
  • Compact
  • Short mains cable
  • Monitor brightness

Hello Baby HB32 - The wireless baby monitor that keeps its promises

8. Hello Baby HB32 - The wireless baby monitor that keeps its promises

  • Secure connection
  • Discreet design
  • Various functions
  • Image and sound quality
  • Time not displayed
  • Drums

Buying guide: How to choose the right video baby monitor


You will need to ask yourself a few simple questions before purchasing a baby monitor. There are a large number of models with different options. Do you need a cloud service or an app? Would you like the camera to be equipped with a motion detector? Is it important for you that there is an economy mode? Would you like an overnight follow-up? A temperature alarm? We have tried to find not only quality models, but also innovative products that will make your life as easy as possible. You will find a lot of interesting options, it's up to you to decide which ones are important to you.


For classic models with cameras and monitors, autonomy is a very important point. You're going to have to think about it all the time. The camera is connected to the mains, but the monitor operates on a rechargeable battery. Our models do not go below 10 hours of autonomy, but there are also more efficient ones. In general, the price follows too ... For overworked parents who would like to constantly follow their baby, recharging their monitor without stopping can be painful and will make you waste time. Better than invest in a model with a strong battery. For parents who know that they will not be using their baby monitor all day long, 10 hours of battery life will be more than enough.

The scope

What good would a baby monitor be if you couldn't get enough distance away? Think about how you will use it. If you are in a medium-sized apartment, then this setting will not give you too much trouble. On the other hand, if you live in a house with a garden, you will have to adapt according to the available surface. If there are too many walls between your monitor and the camera and you are in the back of your garden, even the most efficient video baby monitors will not be able to follow you. To make it easier for you, think about the rooms where you will spend the most time away from baby, this is a good place to start.

What type of baby monitor

There are a bunch of different models on the market, here is the list below:

  • Classic video baby monitors: it consists of a fixed camera and a portable monitor which are linked by radio frequency.
  • WiFi baby monitors: allow you to connect your smartphone to your surveillance camera to be able to follow baby even when you are not at home
  • Baby monitors with motion sensors: We have seen several of them together, and this is a fairly recent feature which, of course, is very popular.

The interface

Be sure to choose an interface that you like and that is easy to use. If it is not intuitive enough for you, you may get lost when using it, when baby cries and you will quickly be overwhelmed. The risk is to invest in a device that can sometimes be very expensive and that you will not use that much in the end. The easier the interface is to understand, the more responsive you will be and be able to meet your baby's needs. In general, manufacturers pay attention to this criterion, but there is also a matter of taste that remains specific to each one and which you should pay attention to before purchasing.

FAQ: All your questions about the video baby monitor

What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a device that allows you to track your baby's activity when you are not in the same room as him or her. It can be audio or video. Audio baby monitors look like walkie-talkies, while video ones have two different units: the first is equipped with a camera, which can be hung either on the crib or on a wall facing it. The models we have selected allow day and night monitoring. The second part looks like a smartphone, it is equipped with a screen that allows you to monitor your baby from a distance.

Audio or video baby monitor?

Both devices are effective, it will all depend on your needs and preferences. Some parents will not be able to imagine leaving the baby's room for a moment without being able to follow it with their eyes. Others will be happy to simply follow the audio alerts.

Audio baby monitors are generally less expensive than video baby monitors. They also have the advantage of having greater portability, the sound being easier to transmit live and over a long distance than the image. They don't emit pulsed radiation, which is healthier for your baby. Video models are certainly more efficient, but they produce a fairly large number of electromagnetic waves near the baby, and this can make some parents reluctant to use them. The autonomy of audio baby monitors is obviously higher, they can last up to 24 hours, while the other category lasts 10 hours in normal mode. The advantage of video baby monitors is of course all the features they offer and today there are models with minimal wave production,

How does a video baby monitor work?

If your baby is crying in his room, the sound and image are transmitted from the camera to the parent monitor who is always with you.

At what age to stop using a video baby monitor?

How long you use your video baby monitor will depend mainly on your child. Some will be more independent than others and will be able to spend quiet nights. A child who has nightmares, sleepwalks, or sleeps poorly might need to be supervised a little longer. The baby monitor will be very practical to calm him down at this time. In any case, you will quickly notice when it is time to stop using it, there is no such thing as a typical age for these things.

What is the best video baby monitor?

The best-selling video baby monitor is the Philips Avent SCD833 / 01. It is a very popular model, thanks to the reputation of Philips, and especially to the security offered by its A-FHSS technology. This question is difficult to answer because it depends a lot on your needs and budget. According to our team of experts, the Boifun baby monitors are the best value for money of our selection.

How much does a video baby monitor cost?

The price varies according to the brand, the quality of transmission and the features offered. The figures range from 50 to over 200 euros, knowing that video baby monitors are much more expensive than audio baby monitors. We have selected models for you with prices that will fit every budget.

Baby monitor: for or against?

Some parents are reluctant to use a baby monitor for several reasons: the first is the fact that a lot of waves are emitted during the transfer of images or sound. However, there are some safety measures that allow you to use a baby monitor in peace. In general, we are poorly informed on this subject. Our team of experts researched the best tips to minimize the impact of waves on your little one:

  • Place the camera at least 3 meters from the baby
  • The longer the range of the device, the more waves will be emitted. For this kind of model, get a baby monitor that has a VOX mode to limit this effect.
  • Favour devices with an automatic standby mode

The second reason that makes parents doubtful when buying a video baby monitor is the safety of the images filmed. Some brands offer cloud services, but parents are reluctant because someone, somewhere could access these images. In absolute terms, this can indeed happen, but brands are aware of it and make the effort to protect your data with encryption systems and pin codes.

Where to place the baby monitor?

You can hang it on the crib if the video baby monitor is equipped with a clip, or on the wall in front of your baby if your baby monitor is delivered with a wall kit. You can also simply put it on a piece of furniture located near the baby's bed.

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