Breast milk is a priceless liquid gold, so every last drop must be used to the utmost extent possible. 

  1. Here are some ideas for what to do with your unused breast milk so you may maximize its use and never throw out a drop again.

Why you might have milk leftovers 

When women produce more milk than they require, it is very common to find people who talk about freezing and reusing breast milk. This begs the question: what could cause this?

Here are a few of the causes of milk that we believe may exist.


1 Oversupply

Some ladies could simply be engorged and have more than they need. Particularly for others Oversupply may also become a problem if you pump in addition to breastfeeding your child.


 2 Too Much Thawing

I am aware that I have done this previously. Perhaps the infant was appearing hungry, but as the milk was thawed, they lost interest, this could be another reason for leftover milk.


3 The bottle that has not been finished

Maybe they simply didn't finish their bottle! In either case, you'll still have some leftovers that you don't know what to do with.


4 Freezer Stock Almost Expiring

You might discover that your freezer supply kept expanding if you were a mother who ultimately ended up pumping more than the infant required! But you might find that part of your milk is spoiling faster than you thought, in which case you'll need to decide what to do with it.


The list of reasons why you might have more milk than you need could go on forever! So, what do you do?

Let's move to what to do with leftover milk

Breast milk

What to do with leftover breast milk

Donate it 

Although giving away any extra breast milk is a wonderful option, you should first do some research to see what other donation options are available to you. 

Your first thought might be to give away any extra breast milk. 

You probably won't be allowed to give your milk to a donation facility unless you have followed the standards set forth by the majority of official breast milk banks to ensure that the milk is safe for usage.

However, you might be able to provide a mother with milk through a private donation or a local milk-sharing program. For additional resources for private-based contribution, explore Facebook or Google for neighborhood milk banks.

Convert it to jewelry.

To put it simply, moms and newborns value breastmilk highly, and rightfully so; many mothers value the role that breast milk has played in their lives. 

It makes sense that women would want to celebrate the power of breastfeeding when you consider what the female body is capable of in terms of developing, giving birth, and feeding an entire human being. Women are keeping their breast milk in jewelry as one method of doing this.

With Love, Made Keepsakes is a company that specializes in producing exquisite jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and breastmilk pendants. 

All you have to do is choose the jewelry you like, wait about 9 to 10 weeks for your keepsake item, then ship in a sample of breastmilk by the instructions.

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Cook using it

Others endorse using breast milk when cooking, therefore there's a good chance you'll feel rather strongly about it. for grownups, say. 

Some breastfeeding mothers even went so far as to experiment with a variety of dishes made with their breast milk, including smoothies, casseroles, and a modern take on the classic Mac-and-Cheese and their feedback has been amazing so far.

Prepare lotion using it.

Why wouldn't breast milk be as beneficial for your skin if it is thought to be extremely nourishing for infants? All you need is a little beeswax and some grape seed oil to turn your leftover liquid gold into free skincare. 

A recipe for breastmilk lotion that can last up to three months can be found on the website. 

But note, for freshness, it is recommended that you store all your raw products and finished products in the fridge.

Nappy Rash

According to a study, breast milk treats diaper rash in infants just as well as hydrocortisone does. 

Simply pat some breast milk into your baby's bottom, wait for it to dry, and then replace their diaper.

Spa Treatments using breast milk

breastfeeding soap

breastfeeding facials

Baths in breast milk

These are all spa treatments you can use left over breast milk for. 

One advantage of a breast milk bath is that it can treat a number of skin issues, including eczema and certain rashes.

For special pictures, mothers also add breast milk to the baby's bath.

Babies' baths in breast milk are a common topic of conversation. You can certainly add some breast milk to your own bath, though.

The ability to take use of the moisturizing properties of some of the fatty acids in breast milk, such as palmitic acid and oleic acid, is made possible by having more breast milk.

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Combine it with solid food.

You can add leftover breast milk to your baby's solid meals.

Homemade purees can contain fruit and vegetables as well as extracted milk. Alternatively, you can use it as the liquid in baby cereals.

Before attempting one of these suggestions, just make sure your kid is completely ready for solid foods.

Soothes sore nipples

 The mother's nipples suffer from breastfeeding and breast pumping. Thankfully, breast milk has been shown to hasten the healing of sore and cracked nipples.

A few droplets of breast milk can be manually expressed and dried by placing them on your nipples.

It can be frozen in popsicle molds to aid in teething.

A teething baby will benefit greatly from breast milk popsicles.

Popsicle molds, breast milk, and optional fruit dice are all you need.

When the popsicles are frozen, you can run them over your child's lips to massage their gums with the icy milk.

Relieve sunburns.

Fill a spray bottle with water and enough breast milk to make a hazy solution.

Spray on the affected part of the face, then allow it to dry.

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Treat ear infections using it.

Breast milk possesses anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial effects in addition to being anti-inflammatory. As a result, it might aid in the treatment of ear infections.

Place a few tiny droplets of breast milk in the ear canal to use it as an ear wash.

Apply it on bug bites.

Breast milk is an excellent remedy for insect bites due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. It can lessen localized edema and calm the bite.

Just dab some milk on the bite, then let it air dry.


In conclusion 

Don't just toss your extra milk away if you're one of the lucky parents that have it! There are a ton of incredible things you can do with your breast milk, even if it has expired and is no longer safe for your kid to ingest

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