You and your spouse may have had several bedroom sessions while trying to conceive.

But now that you're pregnant, your feelings about sex may be more complicated. It's totally reasonable to be concerned about having sex while pregnant, and it's also understandable to have a lot of concerns. Is it secure? Is it possible to do it in peace?

Above everything, is it even worthwhile if you're exhausted and would rather sleep early? Fortunately, there are several restrictions on sex during pregnancy – as well as some great benefits also.

Hence, the topic of Bornfertilelady’s article today is; 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?). When you are expecting a new arrival to your household, you may be concerned about changes in your or your partner's body.

While numerous things should be avoided during gestation, engaging in sexual activity is not generally one of them. We've compiled a summary of 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?).

Read on to discover these 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?).


Sex and Pregnancy

10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy - Bornfertilelady

Because a mother and future father are likely to have a lot on their thoughts, physical intimacy during pregnancy may seem to be a tricky subject. Pregnancy causes several biological changes, among which is an elevation in libido.

A pregnant woman's libido will fluctuate a lot between the first and the third trimester. Regardless, a pregnant woman's main concern seems to be whether sexual intercourse during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus.

It is important to understand that having sex while pregnant is not harmful to either you or the baby's health.

Adapt to your body's changes and engage in sexual intimacy with your spouse since it is incredibly helpful and offers no risk to you or your baby. Indulging in sex while pregnant is very safe, and it has various advantages.

It is understandable that once the kid is born, you may not be physically or emotionally prepared to engage sexually with your spouse.

It may take some time for you to regain your rhythm, so simply follow your sexual desire and engage in some lovemaking while pregnant.

Sex may make a pregnant lady feel better about her body while also strengthening the connection between the expectant couple.

Sex during pregnancy may be a terrific method to guarantee that you and your partner are strong and ready to cope with the next life shift.

Pregnancy sex offers several advantages, both physically and emotionally. It may help you relax and have a good night's sleep.

It may aid in uncomplicated delivery, and specific sperm components can alleviate any unpleasant conditions that may plague pregnant women.

Continue reading to learn about the advantages of intimacy during pregnancy - 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?)


10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?)

10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy - Bornfertilelady

While numerous things should be avoided during gestation, engaging in sexual activity is not generally one of them. We've compiled a summary of 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?).

Read below to discover these 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (is it safe?).

1. Pelvic Floor Muscles are strengthened

One of the most important advantages of intercourse during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester, is that it develops the muscles of the pelvic floor. Regular intercourse throughout pregnancy maintains these muscles' tone and makes them powerful in preparation for the difficult effort of vaginal birth.


2. Aids Blood Supply in the body

The blood supply in the body doubles throughout pregnancy to fulfill the needs of the developing fetus and mother, although poor circulation might impede the process.

One of the numerous advantages of sex during pregnancy is increased circulation. Sex, through releasing hormones, assists in the increased oxygen supply and nourishment to the fetus, which aids in the development and growth.


3. Results in increased satisfaction and better orgasms

The production of estrogen and progesterone, the two primary hormones during pregnancy, aids women's orgasms. Increased estrogen causes increased flow of blood in the pelvic region, stimulating a woman.

Women who have greater sensitivity in the region have greater orgasms. It's one of the greatest long-lasting advantages of pregnant intercourse.


4. Bonding is improved

Sex during pregnancy produces endorphins, which alleviate stress and provide a healthy environment for both the baby and the mother. Aside from that, sex boosts the synthesis of oxytocin, a substance that regulates bonding and love.

This promotes increased closeness and intimacy between lovers. If you have sex with your partner regularly, it may assist to build a strong relationship throughout the pregnancy period and aid in the smooth course of pregnancy and labor.


5. Aids in the Induction of Labor and the Ease of Delivery

Regular intercourse during pregnancy aids with the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and the opening of the cervix.

This aids in vaginal birth since the labor process gets simpler and does not need any external assistance to take the baby out. Some physicians even recommend having sex nearer to your delivery date to stimulate labor.


6. Reduces Blood Pressure

Because of the hormones produced during orgasm, the whole body relaxes, lowering blood pressure. This, nevertheless, does not lessen the likelihood of preeclampsia, so you must visit your doctor if you suspect preeclampsia.


7. Enhances and Boosts Immunity

The immunity of a pregnant woman might typically deteriorate. Doctors advise pregnant women to maintain a good lifestyle and diet to avoid disease, and sexual intercourse plays a vital part in immunity building.

Although this is still being debated, researchers have discovered that sexual activity boosts the number of IgA antibodies, which improves immunity and provides resistance to seasonal flu and colds which are frequent during pregnancy.


8. Enhances Self-Esteem

Sex during pregnancy may significantly boost self-esteem. The variety of physical and emotional changes might be overwhelming - you will most likely not look like your younger self, which might also cause you to feel less beautiful.

It is typical to get the impression of your body not being truly yours. Increased sex desire may boost your confidence and help you establish a good self-image. It will change how you view yourself and how other people see you.


9. Improves Postpartum Recovery

Orgasms during pregnancy sex train the muscles of the pelvic floor for delivery, which speeds up postpartum recovery. If you can't do Kegel exercises to build your pelvic muscles, try some copulation to build them.


10. Better Bladder Control and Fewer Bathroom Leaks

You may see yourself constantly using the restroom, or you may suffer mild leakage when you sneeze or laugh. Sex helps to constrict and strengthen the muscles, which aids in the control of urine flow.

To know more on the 10 health benefits of having sex during pregnancy, watch the video below;


Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

Sex is not harmful to the fetus at any point of a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy. Amniotic fluid, mucus plug, and strong uterine muscles that form around the cervix protect the fetus.

Some individuals think that orgasms or sexual activity might harm the fetus, raise the risk of miscarriage, or cause premature delivery. However, none of these things are true in a healthy pregnancy.

To know more on the concept or issue of whether is it safe to have sex while pregnant, watch the video below;


Can sex cause or induce labor?

Many studies have shown no relationship between vaginal intercourse during pregnancy and a higher likelihood of early labor or early delivery.

If a doctor believes a woman is at high risk, she may advise her to forego sexual activity throughout pregnancy or only in the latter stages.

An orgasm or sexual intercourse might cause Braxton Hicks contractions later in the pregnancy.

Braxton Hicks contractions are light spasms or contractions that some pregnant women experience at the end of their pregnancy. However, since these spasms or contractions do not suggest or initiate labor, they are no reason for alarm.


Best sex positions during pregnancy

People in their latter stages of pregnancy should avoid postures that impose pressure or strain on the pregnant belly, like the missionary position.

The heaviness of the baby may exert additional strain on a woman's major arteries or internal organs if she lays on her back.

A pregnant woman may feel more at ease in situations where she has control over the depth and pace of the penetration.

Comfortable positions for a pregnant woman include being on top of her lover, spooning side by side, or sitting at the bed's edge.


Anal and oral sex

Oral sex is very safe to carry on throughout pregnancy. However, a spouse should resist blowing air into a pregnant woman's vagina since this might result in an air embolism, which occurs when an air bubble plugs a blood artery.

Though uncommon, an air embolism may be fatal for both the mother and the infant. Anal intercourse is not harmful to the baby, although it may be painful if the woman has hemorrhoids from pregnancy.

People should avoid having anal intercourse accompanied by vaginal sex because germs may travel from the rectum towards the vagina and cause illness.


When should you avoid sex during pregnancy?

A doctor or midwife may advise a pregnant woman to stop the sexual activity if she has encountered any of the following:

  • Abnormalities with the cervix which may raise the chances of miscarriages
  • Going into premature labor, especially with twins
  • A background of going into untimely labor
  • Significant loss of blood or unknown vaginal bleeding
  • Leaking or seeping amniotic fluid
  • The waters have split, which may raise the chance of diseases or infections
  • Placenta previa, in which the placenta completely or partially encloses the entry to the cervix
  • Cervical failings, in which the cervix opens up prematurely

A pregnant woman must protect her baby and herself from sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs). This includes utilizing barrier contraception throughout all sexual intercourse with new sexual partners, like condoms or dental dams.


The takeaway

It is completely safe for a woman to continue having sex throughout her pregnancy unless her doctor or midwife has told her otherwise. A pregnant woman’s sex drive may increase at certain stages of the pregnancy, and sex can have some benefits.

As her belly starts to grow bigger, a woman may discover that certain positions are more comfortable for her. Talking openly about sex can help both partners to enjoy sex throughout the pregnancy.

In most cases, sex during pregnancy poses no risk to the mother or baby. Some positions might become more or less comfortable as the pregnancy progresses.

A woman may experience changes in her desire for sex during and after pregnancy. Speaking openly and honestly with sexual partners can help people to continue to have a healthy sex life throughout pregnancy.

In a healthy pregnancy, sex is not associated with any risks to the mother or baby. Whether related to sex or not, if a woman experiences any unusual pain or bleeding during pregnancy, she should contact her doctor right away.

In this article, we have examined safety issues and risks and looked at tips for sex during pregnancy. We have also discussed when to avoid sex, and how sex may change during the second and third trimesters.

So, I hope you have learned what you needed to know.

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