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foods for pregnancy8 Health Benefits of Garden Egg leaves during pregnancy

8 Health Benefits of Garden Egg leaves during pregnancy


Garden egg is known as natural blood pumping vegetable especially when eaten raw. Questions: What are the Benefits of Garden Egg leaves during pregnancy? is garden egg good for a pregnant woman? We will uncover all benefits of this leaves during pregnancy.

Garden Egg

Garden egg. Also known as African eggplant In West Africa, notably in Nigeria where it is found in great quantity, it is called Akwukwo Anyara in Igbo and its seed is also called Mkpuru Anyara, Igba in Yoruba, and Ganyen Gauta in Hausa.

They are considered as curative as well as nutritious diets due to the nutritional contents that serve as medication to certain ailments and substitutes for medical supplements.

Is Garden Egg Leaves Good For A Pregnant Woman?

Yes, it is. Garden egg leaves during pregnancy are beneficial to a pregnant woman and general well-being in several ways. Nutritionists emphasize that garden egg has a lot of fibre and pectin, so eating garden egg during pregnancy help the organism to remove the excess of cholesterol. The leaves contain Vitamin B, C, potassium, and calcium.

Nowadays a healthy lifestyle plays a great role in our lives. You begin to think carefully about what you eat and drink when you understand that a new small life already exists inside you. Future moms try to know what is useful for a baby and what can do harm.

According to the book of American doctors "Pregnancy for Dummies," every expectant mom should eat at least 3 bowls of fresh vegetables every day.

Garden egg and pregnancy

So the main question for us now: is garden egg good for a pregnant woman? What are the benefits of garden egg leaves during pregnancy. We will uncover all benefits of garden eggs during pregnancy.

Garden egg can prevent heart disease and bile stasis, which are caused by excess cholesterol in the body. Copper contributes to haemopoiesis (blood formation), so garden egg in pregnancy is recommended to those who suffer from anaemia.

Garden egg is beneficial for future moms with disease and diabetes.

Here are 8 Health Benefits of Garden Egg leaves during pregnancy.

  1. Garden egg positively helps with heart problems and it helps to make the weight reduction diet more successful.
  2. Garden egg leaves is a healthy vegetable for pregnant women because it contains a good number of vitamins and minerals that are required for an improved health condition during pregnancy.
  3. Acts as a Detoxifier. Our constant exposure to all kinds of toxins in our environment requires that we include foods like garden egg leaves that occasionally help clean and detox our key internal organs like the kidney, liver, pancreas, and colon. Garden Egg leaves is also beneficial in this regard.
  4. Garden egg helps prevent blood clots with the help of vitamin K and bioflavonoid's, which strengthen capillaries.
  5. Garden egg helps in the control of high blood pressure and relieves stress.
  6. Garden egg leaves can serve as a natural blood tonic in an anaemic patient. ( The leaf provides women with micronutrients which help in improving blood level).
  7. Naturally rich in Vitamin B, C, potassium, calcium, and other important nutrients like folic acid. It is best eaten raw or squeezed a little to get all the nutrients.
  8. It helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Garden egg side effect

Despite all above-listed healing qualities, a garden egg is not so harmless – harms and benefits depend on the method of their preparation, as well as the degree of ripeness. It is true that fried garden eggs are useless because during frying fibre is destroyed and the meat of the garden egg becomes impregnated with toxins segregated from oil during frying.

Also, the caloric capacity of a fried garden egg is much high if to compare with boiled or baked garden egg. Such fat food will be especially harmful to people who have digestive tract pathology.


The nutrients in the garden egg leaves are gained when eaten raw or used for culinary purposes, medicinal and curative areas. It is a nutritious vegetable that is commonly known as a blood tonic and its Kidney disease cure effects but the nutritional benefits are not just limited to that as there are a whole lot of benefits which it offers as mentioned above.

Enjoy your garden egg leaves.

Drop your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading through.

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