With the excitement of a baby along the way, it is essential to consume healthy soups during pregnancy. While everything the mother-to-be does is under scrutiny, one of the first things that need attention is the pregnant woman’s diet. Pregnant women often begin to buckle their belts for the nine months of caution up ahead.  This includes your diet and general well being of you and your unborn baby.

6 Delicious and Nutritious Soups for Pregnant Women

It is essential to have a diet that not only suits the mother through those nauseous mornings and sleepless nights but is also healthy for the baby. Soups are nutritious and easy to consume.

Here are 6 soup recipes that you must try during pregnancy:

1. Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is pretty simple to make, and it is a great source of some essential nutrients, including, vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate. Consume tomato juice during pregnancy to reduce hypertension. Tomato soup is a classic, and this one is so easy to make!


▪5 tomatoes, chopped

▪¼ cup of yellow gram

▪½ onion, chopped

▪2 teaspoons sugar (optional)

▪Salt and black pepper to taste


Tomatoes are rich sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and folate. They also contain iron, which helps to keep the mother and the child strong.

Tomato soup during pregnancy is also known to reduce hypertension, and the fibres in the fruit can help with the problem of diarrhoea and constipation.

soups to try during pregnancy

2. Vegetable Soup

A traditional veggie soup is such a healthy soup for pregnancy since it is loaded with various veggies packed in varying nutrients. However, certain veggies are highly beneficial to you and your baby, so try to add these to your next veggie soup.

Spinach is high in crucial nutrients such as calcium and vitamin E. Bell peppers, on the other hand, are loaded with vitamin C that helps in better iron absorption and boosting your immune system. Broccoli has folic acid that helps in supporting the placenta and can prevent several birth defects.

3. Chicken Shorba

A healthy alternative for those who love chicken.


▪500 grams of chicken bones

▪100 grams cut boneless chicken

▪10 cloves chopped garlic

▪1 teaspoon butter

▪1 tablespoon oil

▪1 ½ tablespoon refined flour (maida)

▪Salt and pepper to taste


This soup, apart from being high in protein content, is easily digestible.

4. Cucumber and Mint Soup

A cold soup for those who battle warm weather every day!


▪1 chopped cucumber

▪1 crushed garlic clove

▪300 ml of yoghurt

▪3 tablespoons fresh cream

▪2 tablespoons chopped mint leaves

▪1 tablespoon ground coriander

▪Salt and pepper to taste


This cold soup is excellent for summer days, and it’s really easy to make. It is packed with Vitamin B, C, iron, and zinc that are vital to keeping you strong and healthy during pregnancy.

5. Fish Soup

An essential part of any pregnant woman's diet, fish particularly tuna, and salmon give your healthy omega-3 fatty acids for the proper development of your baby.

If you feel nauseous eating fried fish, then you can try it as soups with other healthy ingredients. Just make sure that you choose a fish that does not have any mercury since it is extremely harmful to your baby.

There’s a wide variety of soup recipes that you can find online posted by popular chefs, but if I will be asked, I must say that no one knows your taste as much as you do (considering your “picky” self during pregnancy) which makes it fair to say that you are the best soup maker.

soups to try during pregnancy

6. Creamy Spinach Soup

This soup is very nutrient-dense. It will fill you up with lots of vitamins and minerals, but the dietary fiber content will help alleviate hypertension and improve your digestive health.


Filled with vitamins, this is a soup that will fill you up. The vitamins, fibre, and other nutrients present in the soup promote digestive health, is low on calories, and reduces hypertension.


While it’s simple and cheap to make a soup out of bones, we can’t deny the fact how it can perk up the health of moms and babies in the long run. That being said, it’s only a must to comply with proper nutrition as it’s essential not only for you but most importantly your baby.

Nausea, mood swings, and joint pains are a few of the many hindrances to maintaining that proper nutrition which makes pregnancy one of the most demanding stages of your life.

However, the soup will become your best friend that will always have your back and is ready to step in whenever these hindrances interfere to ensure that you and your baby are served with what you both deserve.

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