Is Ewedu safe for a pregnant woman to consume? Is it possible for Ewedu to cause miscarriage? Is ewedu leaf beneficial to expectant mothers? What are the health benefits of ewedu? Any side effects? Do you want to know all these? Continue reading this article to find out!

About Ewedu leaf

Nature and God have provided us with Ewedu Leaves, also known as (EWE ABIWERE) meaning "Ewedu leaf" (leaf of Safe delivery).

It is referred to as Jute leaves in the English language, Achingbara in the Igbo language, LALO in the Hausa language, and Corchorus Olitorius in the botanical world. It is true that God has gifted us with plants... "It's just the way nature is."

In Nigeria, it has been noted that pregnant women who consume ewedu soup produced from ewedu leaves typically have a speedy, smooth, and nearly painless birth. This has been seen particularly among the Yoruba-speaking people.

Ewedu used as leaf of safe delivery

Cesarean section (C.S.) births are growing at an alarming pace on a daily basis.

If you remember back in the day, there was a rational, orthodox way that our forefathers and traditional healers employed to safeguard the kids and the mother's life from any difficulties that may arise during childbirth.

In these days and ages, it is quite unusual to see or hear about a woman dying during childbirth or enduring difficult labor.

The contemporary style of life and unhealthy eating habits have altered this, resulting in more than 70% of babies being delivered by surgical techniques, known as C.S. in the twenty-first century, according to current statistics.

Ewedu leaf is used to ensure safe delivery.

Ewedu used for quick delivery

A bunch of draw leaves (Ewedu) should be obtained and squeezed once with the stem before giving it to the expectant lady; this will help to lubricate the system and make the birth more comfortable for both of you. It is also beneficial for prevention starting at 6 months of pregnancy.

This leaf (Ewedu) is unquestionably high in micronutrients, and these micronutrients assist in minimizing the likelihood of disease in the body, particularly in the inner side of the body where the baby is born.

It is a green leafy edible vegetable that is cooked into a tasty slimy soup known as ewedu, which is served hot. Vitamin A, C, and E, riboflavin, niacin (as well as foliate), and foliate are all found in high concentrations in the leaf. The leaf is also high in minerals and vitamins, as well as antioxidants, such as iron, calcium, salt, phosphorus, and potassium.

Health Benefits of Ewedu

Ewedu has a lot of nutrients that aid the body in the fight against sickness and the maintenance of good health which includes the following;

  1. Ewedu contains vitamins that are very important as antioxidants, it will help pregnant women to look fresh, beautiful, and energetic because it will help the loss of wastewater through the skin, which will reduce the wrinkles that are the main cause of pregnant masks. This leaf is very beneficial for both the mother and the baby.
  2. Vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are included in Ewe Abiwere, are essential in shrinking tissue damage that may lead to cancer, as well as increasing the efficacy of antioxidants and lignin, both of which can help to prevent the growth of cancer cells.
  3. The calcium in ewedu assists in the development of a healthy structure and bone formation in the progeny, resulting in a kid with strong teeth and stamina throughout his or her life. Aside from that, it contains beneficial phosphorus that helps to preserve bone density. As a result, bone can help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. As a result, ingesting Ewedu on a daily basis will benefit the bone and teeth of both the mother and the child.
  4. The presence of vitamin E in ewedu can help to alleviate pain for the mother while also increasing stamina. Ewedu has traditionally been used as a treatment for pregnant women who are undergoing lengthy labor.
  5. A cluster of ewedu leaves, pressed together with the stem, may be given to her to consume. It has also been discovered that Ewedu leaves can help lactating mothers by increasing milk secretion.
  6. In the course of and after pregnancy, ewedu helps to increase milk production and secretion.
  7. Ewedu has been shown to improve digestive health and function as a purgative.
  8. Although a lack of appetite is a common concern during pregnancy, ewedu serves as an appetizer.
  9. Traditionally, the leaves were used to relieve pain and piles in Ayurvedic medicine (hemorrhoids).
  10. Ewedu has been shown to minimize asthmatic triggers, particularly during pregnancy.
  11. In pregnancy, it helps to keep blood pressure under control.
  12. Ewedu soup is very beneficial to diabetic pregnant women.
  13. Reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream.
  14. It contains elements that are beneficial to the skin.
  15. Ewedu has significant anti-inflammatory activity.

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to consume Ewedu?


The presence of vitamin E in ewedu can help to alleviate pain for the mother while also increasing stamina. Ewedu has traditionally been used as a treatment for pregnant women who are undergoing lengthy labor. A cluster of ewedu leaves, pressed together with the stem, may be given to her to consume.

Does Ewedu Cause Miscarriage?

Ewedu is absolutely safe in pregnancy and there are no complaints of ewedu causing miscarrige in any research

How to prepare ewedu leaf

ewedu leaves

Photo credit: Organic foods Nigeria

(1). Collect this leaf, ideally a fresh one, and wash it well before using it.

(2). Add a little amount of water, squeeze it well, then strain it to get the juice.

(3). Drink it straight up, with nothing more added.

Preparation using a different method

Those who like the cooked one without adding salt will take half a cup as a dose, but it will not be as effective as the one prepared with water and taken raw will find it to be.

In conclusion

This is not intended for women who are between the ages of 2 and 6 months pregnant. Although the leaf does not have the potential acid to terminate a pregnancy, it may authorize the birth of a child early. It is the most effective, if not the only effective, herb for pregnant women between the ages of 7 and 8 months. Because your kid will continue to develop normally at this point, there is no danger of overdosing at this time.

For the baby who stands abnormally in the womb, such as a bridge, which is one of the factors that contribute to the development of CS, simply prepare water Mellon, blend properly, and obtain water juice, which you can use to squeeze the above-mentioned leaf, which will assist in repositioning your baby to the normal position. People suffering from pelvic tightness, this leaf may be used to make local soap that will open the way for the children.

This herb will not be used more than twice by a woman for uncontrollable bleeding after childbirth before the blood begins to normalize. Truth, without a doubt, matters.

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