Is death during sex possible? Sexual activity provides a wide range of physiological and psychological benefits, some of the most notable of which is the lowering of high blood pressure, the strengthening of the immune system, and the promotion of better sleep. Oxytocin, sometimes known as the "love hormone," is a hormone that is released during sexual activity and orgasm.

Oxytocin plays a crucial role in the development of trust and connection between individuals. On the other hand, there is a dark aspect to it: occasionally people pass away while or immediately after engaging in sexual activity. Thankfully, the incidence is quite low and only accounts for 0.6 percent of all occurrences of sudden death.

Causes of Death During Sexual Activity

Death During Sex

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People experience this for a wide variety of different causes. In the majority of instances, it is caused by either the physical strain of the sexual activity, the use of prescription medicines (for example, drugs to treat erectile dysfunction), or the use of illicit substances like cocaine – or all of these factors together.

As people get older, their chance of dying from a cardiac arrest suddenly increases. A forensic post-mortem investigation carried out in Germany over a period of 33 years and including 32,000 unexpected fatalities indicated that sexual activity was a factor in 0.2 percent of the cases.

The majority of unexpected deaths occurred in males with an average age of 59 years, and the most common cause was a heart attack, which is also referred to as a myocardial infarction.

Death During Consensual Sex

Approximately 0.6 percent of all unexpected fatalities are attributed to deaths that occur during consensual sexual encounters, according to the findings of various studies that were carried out by prominent doctors, medical professionals, and health experts.

It is possible for this to happen during sexual activity that is mutually agreed upon for a number of reasons, the most common of which being the physical strain of the sexual act itself or the peculiar conditions that surround the carnal act.

In conclusion

Additional research demonstrates that males account for the vast majority of cardiovascular-related fatalities that occur during sexual activity. The use of Viagra, which is widely thought to be safe, has been associated with unexpected death from cardiovascular causes that can occur during sexual activity in men who are elderly or otherwise infirm.

Researchers believe that medications that are either prescribed or used recreationally, such as cocaine, may also have a role in unforeseen fatalities that occur during sexual acts that are consented to by both parties.

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