One of the most significant foods in Nigeria is pounded yam. Pounded yam is made from yam. Yams are boiled, and then pounded with a mortar and pestle until they resemble a dough-like consistency. Pounded yam is a popular yam recipe in Africa. However, thanks to technological advancements, you no longer have to pound yam using a mortar and pestle, as pounded instant flour, also known as poundo yam, has been introduced.

Pounded yam is a popular side dish in Nigerian cuisine, especially when served with white soup, egusi, or hearty vegetable soup. In this article, we will find out if Pounded Yam is Safe for Pregnant Women to consume, How to make pounded yam, health benefits, and Side effects of consuming Pounded.

Is Pounded Yam Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pounded yam

Pregnant women should eat yams since they are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to both the mother and the baby. Essential for the central nervous system, Folate can be found in this food supplement.

Pregnant women who suffer from morning sicknesses, such as nausea and vomiting, can alleviate their symptoms by eating yams, which are rich in iron.

A deficiency of red blood cells during pregnancy can lead to a birth abnormality. Yam eating during pregnancy can help prevent this. Pregnant ladies benefit much from calcium's development of the fetus.

Is eating pounded healthy?

Nutrient-dense: Pounded yam is an excellent source. Vitamins and minerals such as potassium and manganese are found in yams and contribute to bone and heart health as well as development and metabolism. Other micronutrients found in these tubers include copper and vitamin C.

Vitamins, minerals, and fiber are all found in pounded yams.

A serving of 136 grams of grated yam contains

  • 158 calories
  • 37 grams of carbs
  • 2-gram serving of protein
  • 0grams of fat
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • Vitamin C - 18% of the daily recommended intake (DV)
  • Vitamin B5-9% of the Daily Value
  • A whopping 22% of the daily value comes from manganese.
  • 6-percent of the daily value for magnesium
  • Potassium: 19% of the daily value
  • 11 percent of the daily value for thiamine is found in this food.
  • Copper accounts for 23% of the total DV.
  • Folate: 6% of the daily value

Health Benefits of Pounded yam

Pounded yam has numerous health benefits which include;

Skin Diseases can be alleviated

There is an active moisture ingredient in yam called Allantoin that is used to treat dry, itchy, rough skin as well as burns, boils, and other skin conditions.

Carbohydrate-heavy food

The Fiber in yams makes it a great source of carbohydrates that offer energy and regulate blood sugar levels.

It improves the efficiency of the brain

Yam's mineral content speeds up the brain's processing speed, promoting optimal cognitive health and performance.

Maintain a Healthy Digestive and Bowel System

The high potassium and fiber content of yams makes it an excellent diet for the digestive system and bowel movement balance.

Skin and respiratory ailments can be alleviated with the aid of pounded yam

Allantoin, a chemical molecule found in yam, is an active moisturizer used to treat scaly, itchy, dry, and rough skin, as well as skin burns, boils, and other skin ailments. Yam includes this compound. Chronic inflammatory disease, tightness in the chest, and shortness of breath can all be alleviated with this extract.

Supplements for Menopause can be beneficial

Women in menopause benefit from enzymes in pounded yams that replenish and balance some hormones that are still active in their bodies.

It aids in Weight loss

Yam's high fiber content aids weight loss by lowering blood sugar levels during digestion.

It is a Good Source of Vitamin B6

In addition to helping the body break down a chemical called Homocysteine, which destroys blood vessel walls and can also lead to heart failure even when your body has low levels of cholesterol, a good source of vitamin B6 in the body helps minimize the chance of developing heart illnesses.

For Menopause, Pounded Yam is a Helpful Supplement

Women who are postmenopausal benefit from the enzymes included in yams, which nourish and balance hormones no longer produced by the body. Vitamin B6 deficiency and hormonal imbalance post-menopause might cause depression.

Yam is recommended for menopausal women since it can help regulate various hormones in the body.

It's a Powerhouse of Antioxidants in Pounded Yam

As yams are rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, it helps the body fight off infections and malignant cells that produce free radicals. Asthma and arthritis sufferers benefit greatly from its consumption.

Maintain a Healthy Digestive and Bowel System

With its potassium and fiber content, Yam is an excellent food for the digestive system, as it aids in the movement of stool and relieves the symptoms of constipation.

How to make pounded yam

Pounded yam

  • Remove the yam's skin by slicing and peeling it.
  • Boil the yam until it is mushy in a medium-sized pot with water. Don't allow the steam water used to boil the yam to dry up. When you're pounding the yam, you'll need the water.
  • The pestle is the ideal tool for pounding up the hot yam. Add some of the water used in steaming to the mortar if the yam becomes too hard to pound.
  • Yam should be pounded until it's flexible and doesn't stick to your fingers.
  • Your pounded yam is now ready to serve.

Does Pounded yam Have Any Side Effects?

As long as you eat yam in moderation, there are no negative side effects. It's possible that eliminating carbohydrates is not the best option because the human body needs carbs for energy, and yams are high in carbs and dietary fiber, both of which can help prevent weight gain and diabetes.

In conclusion

One of the best foods for pregnant women because of its ability to lower blood pressure and ease menstrual discomfort is the pounded yam, which is also an excellent source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

It is also a healthy source of carbohydrates and a good supplement for women going through menopause since it is a strong supply of vitamin B6 and a good source of carbohydrates for brain function and antioxidants.

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