The Safe Days Calculator helps you calculate the safe time or infertile time between your last menstrual cycle or that of your partner. This is to avoid unplanned pregnancy and also to know when to get pregnant. The Safe period calculator Calendar method helps you predict your fertile days by tracking the length of your menstrual cycles over a few months.

Getting pregnant is a matter of proper timing: a woman can only get pregnant when she is ovulated. For all period cycles, the safe days calculator allows you to recognize this moment. Simply enter the latest menstruation date and with a safe period calendar, the fertility calculator will show all fertile and infertile days. However, please do not use this calculator as a safe days calculator alone, but instead, use technical aids as described at the bottom of this page.

Calculator of Safe Days calendar

How to count safe days of women after periods to avoid pregnancy

Day 1-7 of a regular menstrual period of 26 to 32 days is considered as infertile or safe in the Safe Period Method. Taking into account the sperm cell life span of 3-5 days in the female reproductive tract.

Post-ovulatory infertility time determined on the basis of the fact; if ovulation occurs on the 19th day, fertilization can occur up to the 20th day of the cycle, taking into account the egg's short life span. So day 21 is known as safe or infertile days for the rest of the cycle. Since it is a method based on the calendar, the results may vary from woman to woman.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 80% of menstrual cycles range from 26 to 32 days. The calculation method for the safe period reflects these details.

Natural Birth Control Recommendations

Proper use of the Safe Period Calculation method along with the withdrawal method or pull-out method for couples with the self-consciousness of their sexuality is recommended as a sin-free method of birth control. The pull-out method is unrecommended for teens or those with casual sex. Instead, may use condoms during unsafe days is recommended.

Who May Use the Safe days Calculator?

  • If your average duration of the menstrual cycle is 26 to 32 days in the last six months.
  • The variation between the shortest cycle and the lengthiest cycle during this time is seven days or less.
Consult your doctor about the effectiveness of the natural family planning method with your doctor. For this process, the estimated failed usage rate is 3-4 percent annually.

Who Cannot Use the Safe period Calculator?

  • If the average length of your menstrual period is less than 26 days or more than 32 days.
  • This method may not be used if the variation between the shortest cycle and the longest cycle in the past six periods is eight days or more.
  • Soon after birth: before using this method, you have to wait for six regular periods.
  • If you have an irregular pattern of the menstrual cycle, do not use this form.
  •  For teens and those approaching menopause, this method is not recommended.

Note: The safe days calculator calendar method is most effective when you combine it with other fertility awareness methods, like the temperature and cervical mucus methods.

The safe days calculator: calculate the safe period or infertile period

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