Natural vaginal sweating and secretions can make your private parts smell a specific way, which is implied as vaginal odour.

Matured women, in particular, have vaginal secretions that smell slightly musty, which should not raise any reason for worry.

However, the pungency of the odour can increase or decrease at Cairous aspects during the menstrual cycle.

Four common causes of horrible vaginal odour

No matter how happy we are with our bodies, we all possess times where we question how we smell down there. You've possibly thought to yourself at some point, "Do I smell normal?" "And what's normal anyway?"

And while it's totally normal and natural for your vagina to have some sort of scent, some particular vaginal smells can give a sign of something's wrong. Here are the four common causes of horrible vaginal odour, and how they're treated.

  1. Infection

The most popular justification for an unpleasant vaginal odour is an infection named bacterial vaginosis. No one recognizes what causes it; the infectious agent or agents have yet to be known.

Signs that you might have it contain a fishy odour, as well as a thin white or grey discharge and a burning sentiment while urinating or having intercourse. The infection is probable to transmitted sexually and is dealt with with specific antibiotics.

  1. Sweat

A sweaty vagina is certainly a smelly one. When you sweat, particularly while exercising, your sweat glands in your groin secrete an oily fluid that's metabolised by bacteria on your skin. This generates an apparent smell that you can perceive after a vigorous exercise session.

  1. A forgotten tampon

Over time, the buildup of menstrual blood and bacteria can oversee to itching, discomfort, and a strong, unpleasant-smelling release.

If you can’t remove the tampon yourself, we recommend making a trip to your gynaecologist or nearest sexual health clinic to have it removed. Apart from an unpleasant smell, it's also extremely important to get your tampon removed rapidly if you have a high fever or pelvic pain.

  1. Your period

It's not unusual to notice a strong scent when you're menstruating. Since blood has an increased pH level, your vaginal flora can get thrown off slightly during your period.

This kind of smell should settle once menstruation ends though.

10 ways to deal with vaginal odour

vaginal odour

Periodically, you may need a little assistance getting rid of an odour. The following procedures may help you naturally eradicate unusual vaginal odors:

  1. Practice good hygiene

Use a little quantity of mild fragrance-free soap and copious amounts of water to wash your vagina clean during every bath.

Inside of the labia, the region is much more delicate, and soap most of the time burns and irritates. Allowing the water to run over the area is often sufficient to keep the labia around the vagina clean. The vagina itself doesn’t require to be cleaned.

  1. Change your underwear

If you commonly wear silk, satin, or polyester panties, change it to 100 per cent cotton.

Cotton is breathable and performs an excellent job wicking off sweat and fluids from your body. Surplus moisture can upset your natural bacteria grades and lead to infections.

  1. Clean your vagina after sex

As vaginal smell manages to be extremely severe after sexual intercourse, make a tradition of washing the genital area with mild soap and water once you are done.

  1. Always wipe from front to back when cleaning the genital area

Doing this pushes the faecal deposit and further germs away from the vagina rather than towards it.

  1. Follow proper menstrual hygiene

Whenever you are having your period, It is advisable to always change your pads or tampons oftentimes.

  1. Use only exterior deodorizing products

If you want to utilize and perfumes or sprays, only use them on the exterior of the labia, not near the vagina. Don’t insert them. They can annoy your natural chemistry and later lead to massive problems.

  1. Change your clothes immediately after exercising

The decent thing you can do is keep your groin region as dry as possible, and one of the best ways to do that is to change your sweaty clothes instantly.

  1. Eat right

Reduce your intake of polished caffeine, carbohydrates, and sugary drinks, all of which can facilitate yeast generation.

Incorporate yoghurt and other probiotic sources in your day-to-day diet to reclaim the healthy balance of bacteria in the body.

  1. Stay hydrated

Keep proper fluid intake throughout the day to flush out malice and destructive bacteria from the body and, thereby, reduce the threat of odour-causing infections.

  1. Prescription treatments

Prescription treatments can aid to eradicate underlying problems that are partaking in the odor. If your home or OTC treatments aren’t successful, it may be time to talk to your doctor about treatment alternatives.


Home medications usually assist in lessening unusual vaginal odour in about a week. If the odor isn’t gone, or if it comes to be stronger, you should see a doctor.

A strong vaginal odor can be an indication of a bigger problem, one that you may be incapable to treat on your own. It’s reasonable to see a doctor early to dissuade the problem from getting worse.


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