Condoms that are widely come in many shapes and sizes, but not all are made equal. Most of the condom brands tend to have better products than others, in this article we are going to discuss the most popular condom brands and their costs in the Philippines.

What is Condom?

Condom is popularly known for birth control and is also used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases during sexual intercourse: One of the few methods of birth control that simultaneously provides protection against sexually transmitted illnesses, condoms are widely used across the world (STIs).

Types of Condoms

There are wide varieties of condoms to choose from, Condoms come in three primary varieties:

  1. Using an external condom, which fits over the penis, allows you to collect pre-ejaculate and semen.
  2. Using an internal condom is an effective way to keep sperm out of the vagina.
  3. Thin sheets known as dental dams keep a partner's mouth and genitalia or anus safe from one other during intercourse.

Natural rubber, such as latex, is often used in the production of condoms. Those with latex allergies may use polyurethane, nitrile, or lambskin condoms.

Male condoms made of latex are the most effective condoms if you are seeking the most effective condoms.

Condoms may improve sex in addition to avoiding pregnancy and reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Although nonlubricated condoms are also available, the majority of condoms are coated with a lubricant to minimize friction during sex. To make oral sex more enjoyable, condoms may be purchased in a variety of tastes.

Most popular Condom brands in the Philippines

1. Trust

Most popular Condom brands

Photo credit: Shopee Philippines

The Trust brand of condoms is one of the most popular condom brands in the Philippines. In addition to being inexpensive, this technique of contraception is widely accessible.

TRUST condoms are aimed towards young men and women with some discretionary money who are able to acquire a high-quality product at a reasonable price. Pricing for the TRUST variations is determined by how much it costs to maintain sustainability.

Price: P30 - P60

2. Durex

Most popular Condom brands

Photo credit: My Dr & I

Durex is another most popular condom brand in the Philippines. Premature ejaculation is a common issue, but it may be avoided with the use of these condoms. An anatomically formed condom was launched by the UK-based firm, which was the first to employ electronic testing for its condoms. Durex is a company that makes lubricants, rings, and other products in addition to condoms.

Price: P100 - P140

3. Trojan

Shares of Trojan condoms maker Church & Dwight fall on hedge fund report

Photo credit: New York Post

Church & Dwight produces Trojan, one of the most popular condom brands in the Philippines. Additionally, it is one of the most popular condom brands for women. Pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are less likely with Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms, which are made with high-quality natural latex. This is one of the few condoms made with women in mind, which may explain why it is so popular, particularly in the United States and Canada.

Other products made by Trojan include lubricants and vibrating screens. The trojan is one of the most popular condom brands in the Philippines, with more than 30 different types of condoms on the market.

Price: P100 - P730

4. Premiere

Most popular Condom brands

Photo credit: Shopee

Condoms are often criticized right now for reducing sexual satisfaction. That's why manufacturers are always innovating and providing us with new features that answer our concerns. Trust Condoms' high-end division, Premiere. This group is responsible for the creation of unique condom characteristics such as dotted, o-ring, and ultra-thin. Because this is a typical complaint, I was wondering about the ultra-thin kind of condoms this company makes.

The thinness of the material is the condom's greatest asset, in my opinion. This is a material that allows you to use protection without affecting the feel of the material itself. You may be certain that even though it is ultra-thin, it will not shatter easily due to its high-quality material.

Price: P70 - P110

5. Trustex

Trustex assorted flavors latex condoms at Total Access Group

Photo credit: Total Access Group

Trustex condoms are getting popular in the Philippines, made by Line One Labs, are the newest textured condoms on the market. The phthalate-free latex barrier is a major selling point for this California-based business. Other well-known Line One Labs products include Rain and Lixx.

Price: P50 - P100

How to choose the right condom?

It is up to you to choose which condom is best for you. There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a condom, including its size, shape, and material.

Always remember that condom usage is the only method to prevent STIs and, in some situations, pregnancy.


  • Do not re-use any of these products again.
  • A condom that looks to be damaged or expired should be discarded.
  • Following the directions on the box.
  • When necessary, apply lubricant.

In conclusion

Choosing the ideal condom for you is a matter of personal preference, size, and situation. Using several methods of contraception and being tested for STIs on a regular basis, even with the finest condoms, is the best course of action. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your sexual health, see a doctor or other healthcare practitioner.

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