According to Dr Ross, underwear acts as a barrier against some bacteria, fungi, dirt, and other environmental pollutants. This is especially beneficial if you frequently wear bottoms, such as jeans, that are rarely washed and might collect bacteria close to your genitalia.

Why is wearing underwear important?

1. It shields your vulva from harm.

This puts you at risk for injury, bleeding, and even infections while also damaging your skin. Additionally, it hurts. Losing the underwear can minimize or eliminate the risk of chafing or harm, especially if you're wearing loose-fitting clothing.

2. Absorbing bodily secretions to reduce the frequency with which you change your clothing.

People didn't have many garments before the invention of washing machines and weaving machines. They were costly to purchase and difficult to clean. You couldn't afford to constantly allow them to perspire, etc. So the pricey outerwear was safeguarded by being worn below an inexpensive, lightweight, and machine-washable outfit.

3. More obscurity. 

Some outerwear is translucent or constructed of fabric that is so thin that light can pass right through it. Things are concealed by underwear.

4. Self-esteem

Men's underwear is typically only functional, whereas women's is frequently designed to make the wearer feel attractive, feminine, or sensual even when no one else is around. This is what drives up the price.

What occurs if you don't have underpants on?

"The material generates greater friction and irritation, and any friction or irritation can cause microscopic cuts or microabrasions in your skin, and those cuts can result in bacterial infections, which can be uncomfortable, itchy, red, and painful,"

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Should You Wear White Underwear Under White Pants (Trouser)?

No white on white is the first rule that you must keep in mind. You might consider wearing a white underwear with your favourite white summer dress or your ultra-tight white pants to keep it from coming through.

What Colour Of Underwear Should You Wear Under White Pants

1. Nude

The finest alternative to wear under white pants is by far nude underwear, which is also a useful addition to any girl's collection. As long as the flesh tone is close to that of your skin, they don't have to match it exactly. Avoid wearing underwear in any colour because both will show through.

The best option is to wear nude underwear because it will blend in with your skin tone.

If you don't have any, a pair of light grey underpants will do. Also, avoid wearing black or white underwear with white pants since both colours stand out.

2. Beige

Beige is a pale, greyish-yellow colour that is similar to a sand-coloured fawn. It is also a term for light and delicate colours of brown.

Both the crisp coolness of white and the warm hue of brown are present. It is traditional and usually paired with other hues.

3. Pearl Pink

In addition to complementing darker skin tones beautifully, this colour is stunning and will make you want to wear it even when you are not donning white.

What Happens When You Stop Wearing Underwears

1. If you stop wearing underwear during workouts, you may experience a strong smell down there.

If you've decided to forgo wearing underwear every day, you should know that it's generally okay to do so at the gym or on your morning run, though you might smell your lady bits more quickly. "Sweat allows skin microorganisms to generate body odour in hair-bearing areas, including the vaginal area,"

According to Shape, if you're panty-free, there is no barrier between you and your workout shorts or leggings, so sweat directly hits your pants rather than your underwear, making you more aware of that sweaty odour you detest.

2. If you stop wearing underwear at night, you may breathe better down there

Although it's not a strict requirement, getting rid of your underwear before bed could assist give your lady parts a cool rest, especially if you wear underwear during the day. Simply put, says OB-GYN Alyse Kelly-Jones, your vagina occasionally requires fresh air. Like any other part of your body, I think the vulva area should be open to the air, " she said.

As was previously noted, underwear has a tendency to hold moisture, and in a moist environment like that, germs can flourish and lead to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Herta remarked, "Letting that area get some air helps to keep it dry and clean. For a healthy vagina, it may be a good idea to stop wearing underwear at night if you've been wearing cute lace undies all day.

3. You may reduce your risk of experiencing allergic reactions if you stop wearing underwear

A localized rash known as contact dermatitis can occasionally be brought on by panties. According to allergist Tim Mainardi of New York City, this is frequently your skin's response to particular "fabrics, colours, chemicals and preservatives" included in undergarments, such as latex, which is frequently used for the waistband. Wearing typically hypoallergenic latex-free underwear or forgoing underwear entirely are two ways to prevent an allergic reaction, according to Mainardi.

4. If you stop wearing underwear, you may be more susceptible to public bacteria

If you opt to forego wearing underwear during the day, you may introduce your lady parts to some unpleasant company. Bustle stated that, while it's highly unlikely to get pubic lice or crabs, you may be boosting your chances of foreign pathogens contacting your skin if your skirt or dress accidentally lifts up on a public bus or subway seat.

But you don't have to let it stop you from going commando in public - just be sure to keep your skirt down. And if you're at the gym and plan to sit on a workout bench or bike seat, your pants will create the barrier you need to shield you from any "bugs lurking on fitness equipment,"

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Pick nude. The ability of nude tones to mix in with your skin creates a fantastic camouflage effect that will keep your intimates private. Finding a nude that complements your skin tone is crucial when making your decision.

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