Breastfeeding is a journey for you and just your baby , but do you know that in this journey you will need some other things to make it a beautiful one and these items also will  need a bag to contain them ?

Truth be told , every mother needs a bag to help assist in carrying some things while she is moving with the baby and most importantly to make some things within our reach.

And the perfect bag to make this journey memorable is the Nursing basket .

A nursing basket is a basic container that contains a variety of your preferred breastfeeding necessities.

Due to its portability and the fact that all of your breastfeeding necessities are constantly within reach, the nursing basket is incredibly useful.

When getting the house ready for baby and getting ready to breastfeed, it is crucial to put together your own nursing basket for yourself. This article will assist you in choosing the items you'll need for this journey.

Nursing basket

Nursing basket: 24 items that must be included in it.

What is the  ideal basket to use as nursing bag 

You can use whatever bag, tote, container, or basket you have around the house as a nursing basket.

However, contrary to what the name might imply, it doesn't necessarily have to be a basket. 

Rather, it should be something you feel at ease carrying or keeping close to you, something whose contents are easily accessible and within reach whenever you need them.

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List of Items to include in your nursing bag 

The following are list of essential items to include in your nursing bag :

Breast pads

Keeping these in a few places in the house is a wonderful idea, but you must keep them close to where you nurse to put them in your bra to catch any leaking milk, which is why you need them in your nursing basket.


Cooling/Heating Pads

These are excellent for the first few weeks after giving birth when you might need a little heat or cooling to feel comfortable so when next you are stepping out to get a nursing bag, be very sure to include this.


Nutritious snacks 

When a mother is breastfeeding, nothing compares to her appetite! That sudden increase in appetite is always part of the game and to avoid the temptation to eat junk food or be ravenous and agitated, It is advisable as a nursing mother that you always have nutritious, high-protein snacks on hand. Examples of some non-perishable snacks you could go with include some raw almonds,dried Fruit,Nuts,trail mix,popcorn,Chickpea snacks,packets of nut butter,fruit leather, Jerky etc


Bobo’s Bites

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Water Bottle

True breastfeeding comes with excessive thirst because Breast milk contains more than 80% water, especially the first milk that comes with each feed. 

So to stay hydrated, it is advisable to replace water that leaves the body during breastfeeding with drinking water.

And to make this enjoyable you will need a water bottle that opens with simply the push of a button just in case you are breastfeeding at the time you are thirsty you wouldn't require two hands to open your water bottle. 

Also, ensure the bottle is leak-proof regardless of your preferred type so that it wouldn't end up messing up other stuff in the basket.



Remote control is convenient to have close by if you are nursing in a room with a TV. 

The remote control in my basket operates the ceiling fan and light and dims the lights. 

Truth be told, this is so helpful for nighttime feedings so grab your remote, and always don't forget to fix it in your nursing basket.


Burp rags

These are not only for baby burping or catching spilled food from your baby's mouth.

It can also be used to clean up any larger spit-ups or to collect milk during let-down. Note that you can have as much as you want just in case but never fail to keep them clean, ironed, and neat to avoid them harboring bacteria and viruses that may predispose your baby or you to infection.

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Prenatal Vitamins for breastfeeding 

These are usually made entirely from organic sources containing 25+ vitamins and minerals for your health and well-being.

Most mothers because of busyness do forget sometimes that they need to take their vitamins and minerals daily.

Keeping your prenatal vitamins in your basket so you don't forget to take them is a great idea.

Please don't forget to add it to your basket today.


Nursing Cover/Blankets


This is very very necessary and should always be kept handy. 

And the right place is your nursing market in case you need to hide if you receive an unexpected guest.

Also, it helps to keep you and baby warm when it is cold. 


hand sanitizer in

Hand Lotion

Soothie Gel Pads

Diapers | Wipes | Rash Cream 

Lip Balm 


Phone and Charger




A Trash Bag 

Trash bags are always very essential and should be included in your nursing basket for used diapers and wipes.

This promotes good hygiene and prevents the spread of infection.


Breast Milk Bags 

A breast milk bag should be made at the top of the list when it comes to items that should be included in a nursing bag.

This is because apart from removing the breast to feed your baby outside, you can express your milk, put it in a breast milk bag, and ass it to your nursing basket, and guess what they are the least likely to leak so you can rave about them.


A Book 

For mothers who love reading, purchasing a book that talks about breastfeeding and its challenges could help fix the challenges that come with breastfeeding.

Aside from that reading comics, and amazing storylines can help you stay lively and happy.

So don't forget to add your amazing scripts, story books, magazines, journals, etc to your nursing basket.



You never know when an idea will strike!

 Having a paper and pen in your basket helps you to strike down any idea that comes your way without stressing yourself or the baby to get a notepad to do so.


Lactation Massager 

This is an essential tool too in breastfeeding, this Little tool helps increase milk flow while breastfeeding and pumping especially if you have a clogged milk duct.

So for perfect breastfeeding without any stress or pains and to make your baby suckle with satisfaction at every session, always ensure you have your messenger close by in your nursing basket.



If your nipples are tender, you should have some lanolin in your breastfeeding supply.

This should only be necessary in the first few weeks. If you have any leftover lanolin, it works wonders as a hand and lip moisturizer.


Baby Carrier 

 This is very important in a nursing bag because It helps to keep you close to your baby and also permits moving around while nursing your baby. 


Baby diapers

Diaper blowouts are a common occurrence among breastfed infants, to avoid being embarrassed, placing extra diapers in your nursing bag is very essential. 


Baby wipes

This aids in the cleanup of those blowouts,poo,feed spills etc

When getting wipes for your baby, always Look for baby wipes that lack fragrance and alcohol to avoid irritation of the skin and allergies. 

 In conclusion 

Purchasing a nursing bag for a new mum is always fun, especially when getting pretty and amazing items for the child's well-being but do you know that you can also include some items for the mother's use too in the nursing bag?

Here are some of the items I will suggest you purchase for a mother-to-be as part of her nursing bag; Amazon gift card, Lactation cookie mix or a written lactation cookie recipe, Breastfeeding book, Gift card for Instacart or grocery delivery, Magazine, Nursing tank or hoodie, lactation tea, etc.

Have a nice time when next you go shopping for a nursing bag.


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