This is an excellent bath soap that performs like magic. It clears up skin problems, evens skin tone, and leaves your body supple and healthy.

It helps with acne because it deeply cleanses, unclogs pores, and leaves your skin feeling soft and looking smooth.

This Tura medicated soap is unquestionably your last stop if you have been struggling with persistent acne without finding a cure.

People who have body odour can benefit from using this soap. It removes the sweat and musty smell in the groin and armpits. You can finally say goodbye to body odour thanks to this soap.

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Ingredients Used In Tura Medicated Soap:

  1. Aqua
  2.  Malic Acid
  3. Salicylic Acid
  4. Triclosan
  5.  Butylene Glycol
  6. Grape Extract
  7.  Scutellaria Root Extract
  8. Mulberry Root Extract
  9. Disodium EDTA
  10. Sodium Tallowate
  11. Sodium Cocoate
  12. Sodium Chloride
  13. Sodium Metabisulphite
  14. Sodium Sulphite
  15.  CI 74160 and
  16.  Perfume.

Is Tura Medicated Soap A Bleaching Soap? 

No, it is not a bleaching soap.

My experience with Tura Medicated Soap

I had a coursemate who used this soap and her skin was amazing. She got one for me and since then, it has been an amazing journey with this soap. 

After using this soap as my help to resolve skin issues for many years, I ran into a friend who experiences severe heat rashes every summer, and I suggested that she give it a try to see if it will help.

Since then, she has been grateful to me because, in her words, she has visited numerous doctors and tried various medications, soaps, tube creams, and lotions—all to no avail. However, she was successfully treated with Tura germicidal medicated soap.

Others' Experiences with Tura Medicated Soap

Mercy: Battling with skin issues for years drained me emotionally and physically. But since I started using this soap, my skin has changed completely and I get positive reviews from friends.

Mariam: I got the soap for myself, it gave me reactions. However, my sis used it and it gave her a positive result.

A YouTuber:

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Side Effects of Tura Medicated Soap

  1. It may result in swelling.
  2. It might make your skin itch.
  3.  It might irritate your eyes.
  4.  It might irritate the skin.
  5.  It might result in skin eruptions.
  6.  It might make skin more sensitive.
  7.  It might lead to excessive perspiration

How to use Tura Medicated Soap

Apply the soap all over your body after wetting it and lathering it. For a few minutes, let it sit on your skin before washing it off. After that, dry with a fresh towel and follow up by using moisturizer.

How Good Is Tura Medicated Soap

It is a good soap that quickly resolves your skin issues while repairing and restoring them.

Price of Tura Medicated Soap

In markets and cosmetics stores, it costs N250.

Where can I get Tura Medicated Soap?

On Jumia or Konga, you can purchase genuine soap from reputable sellers who sell it online.

Commonly asked questions about  Tura Medicated Soap

1. Is There Mercury in Tura Medicated Soap?

No, It does not contain any mercury.

2. Is there Hydroquinone in Tura Medicated Soap?

No, there isn't any hydroquinone in it.

3. is  Tura Medicated Soap a Bleaching Soap?

No, It is not a bleaching cream.

4. Is  Tura Medicated Soap Good for Fair Skin?

Yes, it is ideal for persons with pale skin.

5. Is  Tura Medicated Soap Safe For People With Chocolate Skin?

Yes, it's suitable for people with dark or chocolate complexion.

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This soap treats eczema and lightens dark spots. It does wonder for getting rid of lice, dandruff, boils, stretch marks, blemishes, pimples, freckles, white patches, blackheads, sunburns, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Aside from the fact that it has a strong smell, it is really effective.

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