With a whole new life growing on the inside of a mum, nutrition decisions can no longer be casual, flippant, or selfish. This is why prenatal nutrition is important to ensure that mummy and baby are optimally nourished in the 40weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of care, control, and self-discipline. Considering that another little human being is depending on you for supplies and to make it to this world. Pregnant women need to ensure that their diet provides enough nutrients and energy for the baby to develop and grow properly. They also need to make sure that her body is healthy enough to deal with the changes that are occurring.

Early pregnancy nausea, food aversions, and fatigue can make "eating for two" a challenge in the first trimester of pregnancy. Between morning sickness, food aversions, and fatigue, chowing down might be a low priority on your to-do list during the first trimester of pregnancy.

In early pregnancy, many moms-to-be find that they have no desire to eat some of the healthy foods they used to love, such as fresh veggies or lean meats (don't worry — for many pregnant women, appetite comes back in the second trimester).

For now, don’t sweat it too much if you’re not in the mood to load up a full plate for every meal. Instead, focus on these good-for-you foods in the first trimester to cover your nutritional bases. A list of Nigerian food to eat during pregnancy is a very serious topic. Making a menu for a pregnant woman is not an easy task.

The food you can eat during pregnancy.

What to eat when pregnant

There are usually a lot of questions about what to eat and what not to eat, it is also a fact that most pregnant women adhere to certain food preferences during pregnancy, but it is important to select these varieties of options ranging from protein, carbohydrates, F&O, vitamins, minerals, and water.

These healthy choices are from nutrition experts on top pregnancy foods.

You may not need to like or eat them all, but you can choose your favourites to give your pregnancy a nutritional boost and your body and baby will thank you for it.

Best Nigerian Food You Should Eat In Your Early Pregnancy.

These foods are specially selected for you to have first-hand knowledge of the best food options to explore during that blessed stage of pregnancy.

  1. Eggs – an excellent source of protein for you and your baby.

In addition to providing you with quality protein necessary for pregnancy eggs also contains over 12 vitamins and mineral. Plus they are cheap, easy to make, and quick. Can’t ask for more!

  1. Non-fat Milk

Your body absorbs roughly twice as much calcium from foods while you’re pregnant, so your daily needs remain the same. But since most of us get too little calcium, to begin with, drinking more nonfat milk is a smart move. Each 8-ounce glass supplies about 30 per cent of the recommended dietary allowance of 1,000 milligrams.

  1. Greek Yogurt — Calcium and protein providers

“Regular non-fat yoghurt has six to eight grams of protein per serving, while Greek yoghurt has 15 to 18 grams per serving,” Allidina says. Greek yoghurt is often strained so most of the liquid is removed. It’s also a good source of calcium — which every woman needs during pregnancy.

  1. Beans – Source of Fiber

During pregnancy, your intestinal tract slows down and thus may result in constipation or haemorrhoids. To avoid this, you should consume tons of fibre. Not only are beans rich in fibre but they are also great sources of iron, zinc, and calcium.

  1. Salmon – Helps increase the level of omega-3 fats in your body.

Omega-3 helps with the development of your baby and can also boost your mood. Rich in high-quality protein and low in amounts of mercury, which can prove harmful for your baby. Salmon is a must-eat during pregnancy!

What to eat when pregnant-2

  1. Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal makes a healthy addition to any diet, but oatmeal is especially beneficial to pregnant women. The American Pregnancy Association reports that oatmeal is a top source of folic acid and iron, which are both crucial nutrients in the prenatal period. Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal keep you satisfied longer, and the oat bran it contains can help lower your cholesterol levels. You can add oats to pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies, etc.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and offer quick energy to fight off pregnancy fatigue. “They’re also easy on your stomach if you’re nauseated,” says O’Rourke. Slice them up into cereal or whip one into a breakfast smoothie with yoghurt, berries, ice, and a splash of orange juice.

  1. Whole-Grain Bread

By swapping your traditional white bread for a whole-grain variety, you can make sure you’re consuming the recommended 20 to 35 daily grams of fibre (scan labels to find a loaf that offers at least 2 grams of fibre per slice). Whole-grain bread also supplies you with a good share of your iron and zinc.

Foods to avoid when pregnant

  1. Coffee and wine contribute to artificial pressure, which is highly undesirable for a pregnant woman.
  2. Alcohol – Hinders growth and development. Alcohol is an absolute no-no during pregnancy. Consume less or more, no level of alcohol consumption is considered safe. Alcohol deprives the cells of nutrients and oxygen thus hindering normal development. It has permanent devastating effects on intellectual abilities and physical growth.
  3. Beer and pickles increase the burden on the kidneys, which during pregnancy work 'overtime'.
  4. Fried, sharp, smoked, and fatty foods overload the liver and gall bladder. These organs during pregnancy can be considerably displaced by a growing uterus, and then they have to work in 'cramped conditions'.


You don't necessarily have to try all the food listed above. You can just go with the one that fits well for you.

Also, remember to avoid anything that has alcohol content.

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